The Xtreme Championship Wrestling (XCW) Tag Team Championship was the tag team championship in Xtreme Championship Wrestling.


Creation of the Championship

In May 2004, Red Fusion created Xtreme Championship Wrestling. At XCW Ruler of the Ring, a TLC Match was held pitting the team of Scorpion and Fallen Angel against the team of Code Red and Johnny T to determine the first champions.

Noteable XCW Tag Teams

Title history

Wrestler: Reign: Date: Show: Notes:
Scorpion and Fallen Angel 1 June 13, 2004 Ruler of the Ring Defeated Code Red and Johnny T in a TLC Match
Elite 1 July 19, 2004 Pyro
Code Red and Johnny T 1 August 14, 2004 World War III
Reckless Jack and Red Fusion 1 August 26, 2004 Revolution
Team Hydraulics 1 September 16, 2004 Revolution
Perfection 1 October 3, 2004 Haunted
Ash and Corporate Avenger 1 October 31, 2004 HellFire
Creeping Death and Rick Mad 1 November 14, 2004 Survivor
Bad Ass Lac-Hydrin and Johnny T 1
The Mercenaries 1 January 30, 2005 Rumble
Mike Nitro and Mr. Superior 1 February 28, 2005
S.E.X. 1
Reckless Jack and Fantastic Joe 1 April 3, 2005 Xtreme Mania
New Breed 1

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