The Xtreme Championship Wrestling (XCW) World Heavyweight Championship was the primary championship in Xtreme Championship Wrestling.


The start of the company

In June 2004, Red Fusion created Xtreme Championship Wrestling. At XCW Ruler of the Ring, a four man tournament was held to determine the first champion. Bad Ass Lac-Hydrin defeated Johnny T and Lone Wolf defeated Hacksaur to advance to the finals, where Hydrin pinned Lone Wolf.


In June 2005, Fusion sold his XCW to the Xtreme Hardcore Federation, where the XCW World Title became part of the XHF X*Crown Championship.

Title history

Wrestler: Reign: Date: Show: Notes:
Bad Ass Lac-Hydrin 1 June 13, 2004 Ruler of the Ring Lac-Hydrin defeated Lone Wolf in the finals of a four man tournament.
Lone Wolf 1 September 12, 2004 Repentance This was an Elimination Chamber Match also involving CoolJ, Alex Jameson, Creeping Death, and Logan
Bad Ass Lac-Hydrin 2 September 13, 2004 Pyro
Rock Steady 1 October 11, 2004 Pyro This was a Triple Threat Match also involving Alex "The Robber" Jameson
Alex Jameson 1 October 24, 2004 Roulette This was a Buried Alive Match
Bad Ass Lac-Hydrin 3 November 14, 2004 Survivor
Creeping Death 1 December 12, 2004 Apocalypse This was an Elimination Chamber Match also involving Johnny T, Lone Wolf, J.W. McCammon, and Rick Mad
Alex Jameson 1 January 30, 2005 Rumble Jameson won the vacant title by winning the 30 man Rumble Match
Johnny T 1 February 20, 2005 Retribution This was a Cage/Ladder Match
Jon Michaels 1
Dark Prophet 1 April 3, 2005 Xtreme Mania
Reckless Jack 1 May 1, 2005 Hardcore Anarchy This was an Anarchy Ladder Match

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