Addiction is a supershow to be held by X-Degeneration, a separatist faction within MFGG Wrestling. It is the first supershow entirely promoted by X-Degeneration.


After XD's relative success at MFGG Civil War 4: XD vs SoS on April 1, 2007, Captain Jeff Silvers announced that X-Degeneration was renewing their war against MFGG Wrestling that began in August 2006 and lasted until October. They once again split from the main MFGG roster and declared themselves a separate group. To this end, Silvers announced the creation of the first ever X-Degeneration-produced event, XD Addiction. The following night, Silvers announced that MFGG referee Samuel Dreamer had defected to XD, and would be serving as the referee for Addiction.


XD Addiction
Promotion X-Degeneration
Date April 8, 2007
Supershow chronology (MFGG)
Civil War 4 Addiction MFGG Unnecessary Force
  • Smans Smansy Rodriguez defeats Papagenu "Lemmy" Sassafrass by pinfall.
  • Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match: X-Degeneration (The Magical Gamer and SuperZero) defeat Teh Darkness (Bolt and The Toadster), Teh Darkness (Mochant and Total Ownage), and X-Degeneration (Captain Jeff Silvers and Dark Yoshi) when SuperZero pins The Toadster. As a result, they will receive a match for the MFGG Tag Team Championship later in the night.
  • MFGG United States Tag Team Championship: The Siblings of Slaughter (Press Start and Zekewars) defeat Julio Cesar F and Masked Mecha © by pinfall to win the titles when Zekewars pins Mecha. Cesar F allowed Zekewars to pin Mecha without interfering (since winning the titles, Cesar F had joined XD, but Mecha was still an MFGGer).
  • MFGG Tag Team Championship: X-Degeneration (The Magical Gamer and SuperZero) defeat The Siblings of Slaughter (CloakBass XIII and Nightwing) © to win the titles when SuperZero forces CloakBass XIII to submit to a sleeperhold.
  • MFGG Internet Championship: Suigi defeats Julio Cesar F © by pinfall to win the title.
  • Extreme Rules Fatal Four-Way Match (MFGG SoVeryHardcore Championship): Über n00ber defeats DarkRecon ©, The Magical Gamer, and SuperZero to win the title when he pins The Magical Gamer. XD referee Samuel Dreamer is initially reluctant to count the pinfall, but eventually relents when he realizes The Magical Gamer is seriously injured.
  • IPW Heavyweight Championship: Nightwing defeats Captain Jeff Silvers © to win the title when Silvers submits to a bearhug.
  • Special Three-Way Grudge Match: Zekewars defeats Masked Mecha and "The Shockmaster" Sasuke when he pins Masked Mecha. As a result of his victory, he wins the managerial services of Pie. Press Start attacks Sasuke, and Nightwing attacks Mecha during this match.
  • Undisputed World Championship: Dark Yoshi © defeats Press Start by pinfall to retain the title. Press Start knocks out XD referee Samuel Dreamer during this match. While Dreamer is unconscious, Nightwing runs to the ring, and the two double team Dark Yoshi. Captain Jeff Silvers runs to the ring and assists Dark Yoshi, then counts his pinfall over Start.

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