Wednesday Night Sin
Federation X-Degeneration
(MFGG Wrestling)
Shown Wednesday
Cast X-Degeneration roster
MFGG Wrestling roster
Run April 11, 2007 - Present
Creator Captain Jeff Silvers
Airs on Mario Fan Games Galaxy message boards
No. of episodes 2 (as of April 19, 2007)

Wednesday Night Sin is the weekly show of X-Degeneration, a splinter faction within MFGG Wrestling. Though X-Degeneration appears regularly on MFGG programming, the need for the group to have their own show led to the creation of Wednesday Night Sin.

The show was announced during a press conference after XD Addiction, the first XD-produced supershow. The show will feature an all-XD crew (Hurricane on commentary, Samuel Dreamer on referee duty), with the exception of The Face, who performs ring announcer duties for both MFGG and XD.

The program is scheduled to feature performers from MFGG and XD, and, aside from the XD-branding and the XD-crew, will be run similarly to its MFGG-counterpart, MFGG Daily Damage.

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