{{Infobox championship |image=WWEworldheavyweightbelt.jpg |caption=The XHCW World Heavyweight Championship belt
(2006- present) |championshipname= XHCW World Heavyweight Championship |currentholder=Xander Chase |won= |aired= |promotion=Xtreme Hardcore Championship Wrestling |brand= |created= |mostreigns=Xander Chase|2 reigns]]) |longestreign= Tomas Montgomery and Nick Kelly (35 days) |shortestreign=Matt Thornhill (7 days) |oldest= |youngest= |heaviest= |lightest= )) The XHCW World Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling championship. The title is the highest ranked championship in the XHCW.


In November 2006, after Greg Anthony split with the NIWF, he created a new federation known as the XHCW and their top title. The XHCW World Heavyweight Championship. The Franchise Killer would win a twelve man tournament to become the first ever XHCW champion.


  • The only superstars that have claimed both the World Heavyweight Championship and another XHCW Championship in their careers are Tomas Montgomery , The Franchise Killer, Nick Kelly, and Ronnie McNeil.
  • Tomas Montgomery was the first man to hold this title at the same time holding a belt in the UHWF.
  • The winner of XHCW's yearly January event, Battle Brawl, earns an immediate shot at the title.

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