The XHF X*Crown Championship is a belt that combines many defunct World Titles. It might be considered the second most prestigious belt or the top, depending on who you talk to in the Xtreme Hardcore Federation.

Current Champion

The current XHF X*Crown Champion is currently being decided as of right now. On May 27, 2007 during End of Days, the X*Crown Championship was vacated due to an injury from then champion Kevin Hardaway. Even that's true, the XHF still recognizes Hardaway as it's champion.

Championship Reign by Time

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost
Rat Bastard March 30, 2003 June 2, 2003
Rage June 2, 2003 June 29, 2003
Lance Storm June 29, 2003 Vacated
Diamond September 5, 2003* November 30, 2003
Gravedigger November 30, 2003 March 28, 2004
Hardcore Harry March 28. 2004 End of Days 2004
Apollyon End of Days 2004 Gastro in October
Death Trap Gastro in October Vacated
Rat Bastard Bonafide Homicide 2004** The following Pyro
James Mueller The following Pyro On a Pyro
Doc On a Pyro Rumble 2005
Charlie Velez Rumble 2005 Retribution 2005
Venom Retribution 2005 April 26, 2005
Cosmo April 26, 2005 September 9, 2005
MGK September 9, 2005 March 26, 2006
AJ Pheonix March 26, 2006 July 9, 2006
Congo The Destroyer July 9, 2006 December 31, 2006
Tara Fenix December 31, 2006 March 25, 2007
Jake "The Ace" Conway March 25, 2007 May 7, 2007
"The Rockstar" Kevin Hardaway May 7, 2007 Current

  • Vacated after Storm is not able to defend the title in a thirty day time span.
    • DT suffered a neck injury and the top two contenders then fought each other to be the next champion.

What is the X*Crown Title Made Of?

The X*Crown is an adaptation created by the minds of the board of directors after noticing how many people on the roster had held retired world championships of dead companies, some of which were purchased by the XHF and some of which were not. The X*Crown Championship is compiled of the following:

  • A Tournament was held for the first four X*Crown Championships
    • BDDWF Ultimate Title: Rat Bastard d. Martyr at Night Of Champions II, 3/30/03
    • RWF World Heavyweight Title: Rat Bastard awards himself championship as owner of the RWF, incorporated into X*Crown at Night of the Champions II, 3/30/03
    • XWA World Heavyweight Title: Rat Bastard d. Martyr after Martyr defeated Prodigy for the title earlier in the night at Night Of Champions II, 3/30/03
    • ZWEF World Heavyweight Title: Rat Bastard d. Mongo The Destroyer at Night Of Champions II, 3/30/03
  • ECF World Heavyweight Title: Rat Bastard d. Gravedigger at Gastro, 5/30/03
  • BWF World Heavyweight Title: Lance Storm d. Kanyon at Gastro, 7/18/03
  • PCW Primetime Championship: Lance Storm d. "Primetime" Chris Sanders at Overheated, 7/27/03
  • CWF World Championship: Hardcore Harry d. Seifer at Gastro, 4/2/04
  • XHR World Title: Hardcore Harry d. Apollyon at a Pyro, 4/12/04
  • BDDWF Ultimate Title #2: Cosmo d. Chris Kanyon at the XHF Birthday Show, 7/9/05
  • XCW World Heavyweight Title: Cosmo d. William Spencer at Xtreme Impact 8/28/05
  • EPW World Heavyweight Title: MGK d AJ Pheonix at Hostile Takeover 11/13/05
  • SEX Championship: Congo the Destroyer d. AJ Pheonix at XHF's 5th Annual Birthday Show, 7/9/06
  • XWF Championship: Congo the Destroyer d. Spike Kane at Breaking Point, 9/24/06
  • CWA Championship: Congo the Destroyer d. Rob Arnold at Bonafide Homicide, 10/30/06
  • WWO Championship: "The Ace" Jake Conway d. Scorpion at Retribution 4/29/07

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