Xtreme Pain Wrestling Alliance
Federation Name Xtreme Pain Wrestling Alliance
Abbreviation XPWA ; The "X"
Slogan The Alliance Of Violence
Shows XPWA Overload
Time Open

2004 - 2009

Head Office Staff Mike Daoussis - CEO
Announcers Howie Cross

Jim Long

Headquarters Los Angeles, California, USA;
Website XPWA [1]

The Xtreme Pain Wrestling Alliance (XPWA) was founded by Michael Daoussis and Bryan Matherson, in December of 2004. The first official show was on January 9th, 2005 in which paved the way for a solid two years' run. This created a new genre of wrestling, where the fans were paid most attention to and innovation never ceased to exist. This allowed many superstars to shine, and in the year of 2006, Andy Gorgadore, Robert Kaine, Luke Meznik and Kris Korps were inducted into the Hall of Fame. The federation had shut down for roughly two years in the year of 2006.


During the fall of 2008, Mike Daoussis announced he would be bringing The "X" back. Within days, multiple wrestlers from various organizations had expressed interest and signed up. After a good month of preparing to kick off, the first show back in 2008 was on October 15th, where Mike Daoussis made a promise to the fans that entertainment was going to be the key to an amazing run for the World Heavyweight Championship.

On November 15, 2008 the X presented Carnage '08. Both vacant titles were on the line in two seperate triple threat matches. Rubeus Darkhov, shedding his previous identity of Inkplot, won the Television title against Nemesis and Jason Talbot, then immediately called out the winner of the World Heavyweight championship match. Later that evening, Jeremy Cundiff survived a Hell in a Cell against Cameron Behringer and 10 Minute Major to win the belt, making him an unofficial double champion.

On December 10, 2008 the XPWA Tag Team titles were reinstated and merged with the "fake" titles Jeremy Cundiff and Ariel Shadows carried around and defended, making Jeremy Cundiff an official double champion.

Then in January 2009, Mike Daoussis decided that he was a giant douchebag, and closed the XPWA for good. Jeremy Cundiff, god bless him, tried to get the fed going again, but a lack of interest made sure that the X was dead and buried for good this time.


10 Minute Major
Ace Andrews
"Arch Angel" Archibald Cain
Ariel Shadows
Bull Ramos
Cameron Behringer
Carnal Sin, The
Cody Mack
Del Vec
Devin Romo
Doctor X
Jason Casey
Jason Sparks
Jason Talbot
Jeremy Cundiff
"The Wolverine" Johnny Rotten
Michael Corvin
Michael Edwards
Mike Furious
"Outlaw" Nicky Mills
Rubeus Darkhov
Seth Koston

Tag Teams/Stables

The Blue Raiders (Koston, Romo, Mack)
The Devil's Advocates (Cundiff, Shadows, Mills)


XPWA World Champion – Jeremy Cundiff
XPWA King of the Deathmatch - "The Wolverine" Johnny Rotten
XPWA World Tag Team Champions – Jeremy Cundiff & Ariel Shadows
XPWA Television Champion – Rubeus Dahrkov

Resigned Titles
United States


Overload - Wednesday nights; weekly show.
XPWA DOOM - Sunday nights; XPWA's most notable pay per view.
XPWA Anniversary Show - Held on January 9th's; XPWA's honorary show for Overload.
Destruction - Sunday nights; former weekly show.
XPWA Hardcore Hell - Sunday nights; pay per view show.
XPWA Genocide - Sunday nights; pay per view show.
XPWA Beach Blast - Sunday nights; pay per view show.
XPWA Carnage - Sunday nights; pay per view show.
XPWA Sacrifice - Sunday nights; pay per view show.
XPWA Apocalypse - Sunday nights; pay per view show.

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