XWA Wrestling
Type Privately held

, limited liability company

Founded October


Headquarters XWAville
Key People

Gregor Magnum, President

Industry Professional wrestling
Sports entertainment
Slogan "We Put the "X" in Xtreme"
Website GrappleJunkies

Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (XWA) is an international professional wrestling promotion founded by British professional wrestling booker and entrepreneur Gregor Magnum and a partner in October of 2005. The partner would split up with and sell his shares to Allen a year later. The current majority share owner in XWA is Allen. The company, which trades as XWA Wrestling, CORP., operates out of an area that has come to being known as XWAville, with shows being held at a different country each month as part of XWA's global image.

Upon its formation, XWA proved to being one of the main wrestling promotions on the planet, with the company's World Title regarded as one of the most prestigious championships in wrestling history. In later years, XWA would develop the Cruiserweight, Xtreme, Pure, and Tag Team titles as well. Currently, the XWA Openweight and Cruiserweight Titles are vacated, with the Xtreme Title being re-activated at the Supremacy PPV on March 9th, 2008 and the Pure Title being re-activated at Gateway To Glory III PPV on May 18th 2008.

Later that year, XWA gained acquisition of COMBAT, a Canada-based wrestling promotion that gained fame as a result of XWA Superstar Genesius Annaya being its initial COMBAT World Heavyweight Champion. XWA formerly promoted 2 brands: Collision and the newly acquired Combat. XWA later scrapped COMBAT in favor of running a single show as a more effective and streamlined show.

XWA suffered several internal business issues in April of 2010 and as a result a major shake up of employees and active roster members occurred. The following month XWA returned to action and held their return television show on June 9th 2010.

Unique features

The "X" In Xtreme

XWA prides itself in providing it's fans with a unique alternative to other wrestling promotions. XWA is uncensored & seemingly unscripted. Also, it came to become known as the most unpredictable show ever. In the past 2 years we've seen wrestlers carried away in ambulances, wrestlers set on fire, hellacious title matches, great comedy, lovely divas & to top it all - technical, pure wrestling. This mix of styles really got everybody's attention and XWA wrestlers became some of the highest-regarded athletes in sports-entertainment.


XWA introduced the XWA World Title soon after it's inception, and the first wrestler to carry the belt was then-XWA wrestler Damien Diablo. Currently, the title was one of the only 2 active titles in the company. Later, XWA introduced the XWA Cruiserweight Title, the XWA Xtreme and Pure Titles, and the XWA Tag Team Titles. The first ever Cruiserweight champion was then-XWA wrestler Charly. The first ever Xtreme Champion was Sparx, who recently retired from wrestling. The first ever Pure Champion was then-XWA wrestler and former Zenith member James Harrier, and the first ever Tag Team Champions was then-XWA stable The Outbreak.

With the introduction of COMBAT as a 2nd brand, a new World Title arrived to XWA in the Combat World Heavyweight Title as well as a mid-card title previously called the Combat Openweight Title (now promoted as the XWA Pure Title).

Following the internal shake up, XWA returned with a smiled down title list including the XWA World Heavyweight Championship, XWA Xtreme Championship and XWA Pure Championship which was soon DEFUNCTED due to lack of members but may still return in the future.

Current champions

Championship Current champion(s) Date won
XWA World Heavyweight Championship Shark Eddie June 29, 2010
XWA Xtreme Championship Jason Connor July 29, 2010
Defunct Titles
Combat World Heavyweight Championship DEFUNCT
XWA Openweight Championship DEFUNCT
XWA Cruiserweight Championship DEFUNCT
XWA Tag Team Championship DEFUNCT
XWA Pure Wrestling Championship

Authority figures

During the "Brand Era" of XWA General Managers were assigned to each brand. The original GM's consisted of Jim Harlem on Collision and Prince Nana on Combat, both of whom reported to XWA President Gergor Magnum. Nana was later replaced by Ric Flair as General Manager of Combat. Following the shake up of 2010, Magnum returned to the XWA presidency and currently Collision is without a General Manager. Jim Harlem has been trying hard to get his spot back.

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