XWA Openweight Championship
Last champion(s) Ramok
Date won August, 2009
Promotion Xtreme Wrestling Alliance
Date created August 2008
Most reigns Chaos/Lucas Lewis/Ramok (1 reign)
First champion Chaos
Longest reign Chaos (12 Months)
Shortest reign Ramok (5 days)
Oldest champion Chaos (21 years)
Youngest champion Lucas Lewis (19 years)
Heaviest champion Ramok (244 lbs.)
Lightest champion Lucas Lewis (175 lbs.)

The Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (XWA) Openweight Championship was a hardcore wrestling championship defended in Xtreme Wrestling Alliance under Openweight rules.

Openweight rules

1. Pick Your Poison: When contending for the Openweight Title, each COMBATant picks a weapon which he would use in the match. The choices are:

    • Steel Chair
    • Brass Knuckles
    • Kendo Stick
    • Nunchucks
    • Rattan/Bamboo Stick
    • Shillelagh
    • Yawara
    • Police baton
    • Sledgehammer
    • Meteor Hammer
    • Mace

2. Countout & Disqualification: As long as the fighting remains around the ring, there are no countouts. Once the wrestlers cross the barricade or leave to the backstage area, a 20 count begins. If the wrestlers are unable to make it to the ring by the 20 count, the match is ruled a No Contest.

Unlike other "hardcore" or "extreme" championships, the Openweight Title does not have the anarchaic atmosphere that those titles bring. It is possible to be disqualified from an Openweight match by using a weapon which isn't yours. There are no weapons under the COMBAT ring. A wrestler may only use the weapon he had chosen earlier (Pick Your Poison). Using any other weapon would result in a disqualification. If the weapon was broken/discarded, the wrestler has the ability to replace it with another of the same kind. If the second one is lost, he would have to fight unarmed. In case both wrestlers lose their weapons, a steel cage would be lowered for the fighting to resume inside.

3. Specialty Matches: Almost all of the Openweight Matches are held under the above Openweight rules, or a steel cage in case weapons are lost. However, there are other specific match stipulations in which an Openweight Match may go underway. These are:

    • 4 Sided Spike Match (Ropes replaced by Barbed Wire)
    • First Blood Match
    • Taipei Death Match

Note: Other matches can be made as an exception upon the Administration's discretion. Gimmick matches fit in this criteria.

4. Victories: Openweight Matches are won by either pinfall, submission, knockout, or by "dishonour". At any moment in the match, a wrestler may take a microphone from ringside and utter the words "I Quit", resulting in a dishonorable loss. Titles change hands in all victory methods except for disqualifications.


The Openweight devision was introduced to COMBAT back in April of 2008 when the board of directors and then commissioner; Commissioner Bob decided against starting a hardcore devision on COMBAT wanting to maintain COMBAT's technical wrestling style. However, a more toned down version of the hardcore devision was created and the devision and title was named the "COMBAT Openweight Devision/Championship," not all matches in the Openweight devision are contested under the Openweight rules, most devision matches are basic singles/triple-threat/fatal-four-way and only the big money matches are contested under the Openweight rules. After COMBAT folded and then began it's invasion of XWA the title was again introduced by then commissioner; Prince Nana and the first Openweight match in XWA was held at Blood Red Summer 2008 between COMBATant Chaos and XWA wrestler Rick Awesome. Chaos remained the only title holder until August of 2009, where at Land of the Rising Stars Lucas Lewis cashed in on his Openweight Contract and defeated Chaos after a flash pinfall. Lewis would however soon lose the Title to Ramok, who vacated the Openweight Championship and declared himself Pure Champion in it's place. The belt has been deactivated ever since.

Last Champion

Ramok was the last champion beating Lucas Lewis on Collision in August 2009.

Championship History

This is a chronological list of wrestlers that have been XWA Openweight Champion.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:


1 August 2008 XWA Arena Defeated Rick Awesome in the first ever Openweight rules match at Blood Red Summer 2008
Lucas Lewis 1 August 2009 XWA Arena Cashed in on his Openweight Contract.

Ramok 1 August 2009 XWA Arena
Vacated N/A September 2009 XWA Arena Belt deactivated and replaced by the returning XWA Pure Championship.

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