XWA Pure Championship
Current champion(s) Slade Mortis
Date reactivated February 28, 2010
Promotion Xtreme Wrestling Alliance
Date created October 2005
Most reigns Jason Artemius (4 reigns)
First champion James Harrier
Longest reign Jason Artemius (126 days)
Shortest reign Dal (20 days)
Oldest champion AKIRA Inoshi (36 years, 193 days)
Youngest champion Agent Leo (19 Years)
Heaviest champion Jason Artemius (288 lbs.)
Lightest champion Lucas Lewis (175 lbs)

The Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (XWA) Pure Championship is a technical wrestling championship defended in Xtreme Wrestling Alliance under a specific set of "Pure Rules". It is one of two secondary titles on the show, along with the Xtreme Title and regarded as one of XWA's main attractions.

Pure rules

  • Three rope breaks, Each wrestler has three rope breaks to stop submission holds and pinfalls during the match. After a wrestler exhausts his rope breaks, submission and pin attempts under the ropes are considered legal.
  • No closed-fist punches, meaning that no closed-fist punches to the face are allowed in a Pure match, only open-handed slaps or chops to the face are allowed. Punches to other parts of the body (save for low-blows) are permitted. .
  • Ring out 20 count, meaning that a wrestler is subject to a twenty count by the referee if the wrestler goes to the floor. There will always be a referee in the ring and one out of the ring. This is to make sure there are no cheap ref bumps and to ensure no cheating (weapons use, low blows, etc) is possible.
  • Champion loses title if DQ'ed, meaning that The Pure Championship belt will change hands in the event of a disqualification on the part of the champion. In the event of the challenger incurring a disqualification the current champion will retain his title.


The XWA Pure Championship was brought into the XWA as a contrasting title to the "hardcore" Xtreme Title. The first ever Pure Wrestling Champion was then-XWA wrestler James Harrier who was also the leader of then-XWA stable, Zenith. The title was defended under Pure rules, and participants were usually highly technical grapplers. After XWA went out of business in 2007, all the titles were vacated until the revival that took place later that year. However, the Pure Title was deactivated again towards the end of 2008. It was brought back in place of the Openweight Championship in September of 2009.

Current Champion

Slade Mortis is the current XWA Pure Champion having defeated Zodiac member Agent Leo at XWA Supremacy in a Pure Rules match.

Championship History

This is a chronological list of wrestlers that have been XWA Xtreme Champion, sorted by ring name. There have been a total of 12 recognized champions who have had a combined 16 official reigns.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
James Harrier 1 January


XWA Arena Defeated Shane McCool in the first ever Pure Rules Match to become the first XWA Pure Wrestling Champion.
Dal 1 April


XWA Arena Defeated James Harrier on Collision to score the upset victory.
Jamie Starrsplash 1 May


Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia Defeated Dal at Gateway To Glory I to claim the title.
Jason Artemius 1 June


XWA Arena Defeated Starrsplash at the King of the Deathmatch PPV, sending him on a 2-month leave of absense from the XWA.
Shane McCool 1 August


XWA Arena Defeated Jason Artemius at XWA Blood Red Summer.
Jamie Starrsplash 2 October


XWA Arena Defeated McCool at XWA Pick Your Poison in a Knockout Match.
Leveticius Dalton 1 February


XWA Arena Defeated Jamie Starrsplash in a huge upset on Collision.
Vacated April


Unknown Vacated due to Leveticius Dalton leaving the XWA.
Jason Artemius 2 April


XWA Arena Defeated JT Walters for the title at Self Sacrifice.
Dominic Grenith 1 May


XWA Arena Defeated Artemius on Collision after interference by Mike Aryce.
Vacated June


Unknown Vacated due to XWA going out of business.
Jason Artemius 3 May 18, 2008 Madison Square Garden In a 30 Minute Ironman Match, Artemius defeated Chaos in the finals of the Pure Title tournament at Gatway to Glory III to re-activate the Pure Title.
AKIRA Inoshi 1 September 20, 2008 Sydney, Australia COMBAT Original AKIRA Inoshi defeated Jason Artemius in a Knockout Match to end his 6+ week winning streak
Jason Artemius 4 November 30, 2008 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Jason Artemius defeated AKIRA Inoshi in a British Rules match at the XWA Pick Your Poisson pay-per-view.
Vacated December


Unknown Vacated due to the kayfabe suspension of Jason Artemius.
Ramok 1 September 2009 Canada XWA Pure Title is reborn out of the now DEFUNCT XWA Openweight Championship. Ramok defeats Lucas Lewis to become the new Pure Champion.

Agent Aries 1 November 16, 2009 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Agent Aries defeats Ramok in a Pure Rules match at Pick Your Poison via Mountain Climber off the top rope to become the new XWA Pure Champion.
Agent Leo 1 January 2010 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Lewis won a 2/3 Falls Match at King of Kings.

Slade Mortis 1 February 2010 Mexico City, Mexico Slade Mortis defeated Agent Leo at XWA Supremacy in a traditional Pure Rules Match.

Vacated June 9


Unknown Following the shake up of 2010, all titles were vacated.

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