The XWA Tag Team Championship only Tag Team related title in XWA, Xtreme Wrestling Alliance.

XWA Tag Team Championships
Acronym XWA Tag Titles
Established N/A
Style Tag Team
Current Champion(s) Kin Zan Dant & AJ Styles
Times Held 1 Time champion(s)

Current Champion

Kin Zan Dant and AJ Styles are the current XWA Tag Team Champions, they beat Arsene Lupin and Shane McCool at the Land of the Rising Stars PPV event.

Championship History

  • Arsene Lupin & Shane McCool
  • Kayo & Wilhelm Jaeger
  • Zenith (James Harrier, Jason Artemius, Joe Roberts)
  • The Outbreak (Master Cobbler and Damien Diablo)

Freebird Rule

The XWA Tag Titles follow the "Freebird Rule" which states that any member of a stable can defend said title, even if not the original person to win it.

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