XWA World Heavyweight Championship
Current champion(s) Shark Eddie
Date won June 29, 2010
Promotion Xtreme Wrestling Alliance
Date created October 2005
Most reigns Sparx (4 reigns)
First champion Damien Diablo
Longest reign Jamie Starrsplash (455 Days)
Shortest reign Jason Artemius (1 day)
Oldest champion The Ruiner (29 years, 116 days)
Youngest champion Genesius Annaya (21 years, 245 days)
Heaviest champion Exile (319 lbs.)
Lightest champion Irish Virus (180 lbs.)

The XWA World Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling world championship in Xtreme Wrestling Alliance. It is the highest ranked title in the promotion and is defended on its weekly show Collision.


In October 2005, after XWA was created, a tournament was held to crown the first ever XWA World Heavyweight Champion. The winner of the tournament was then-XWA wrestler Damien Diablo who was the first of 10 wrestlers to ever win the title.

Current Champion

Following the shake up of 2010, the former champion The Ruiner was no longer a member of the XWA roster. As a result the XWA World Heavyweight Championship was vacated. A tournament for the title began on the return episode of XWA and Shark Eddie defeated Judge Knightly in the finals, then proceeding to spraypaint a swastika on the world title.

Championship History

This is a chronological list of wrestlers that have been XWA World Heavyweight Champion. There have been a total of 10 recognized champions who have had a combined 17 official reigns.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Damien Diablo 1 October


XWA Arena Won the XWA World Title tournament to determine the first ever champion by defeating Jason Artemius in the finals.
Jason Artemius 1 December


XWA Arena Defeated Damien Diablo in a Last Man Standing match inside Hell in a Cell.
Sparx 1 February


XWA Arena Defeated Jason Artemius at Self Sacrifice.

Jason Artemius 2 April


Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia Defeated Sparx and Damien Diablo at Gateway To Glory I to become the first man to hold the title twice.
Sparx 2 April


XWA Arena Utilized his rematch clause to defeat Artemius and regain the title just one night after Gateway to Glory.
Genesius Annaya 1 June


XWA Arena Defeated Sparx in a Ladder Match at the King of the Deathmatch Pay-Per-View. Youngest World Champion in history.
Vacated October


Unknown Genesius Annaya left XWA on bad terms after political and backstage disputes. The title was vacated as a result.
Havik 1 October


XWA Arena Havik won a tournament to determine the new champion.
Irish Virus 1 December


Tokyo, Japan Virus defeated Havik. He would carry the belt all the way until Gateway To Glory II. Was the last XWA World Heavyweight Champion of 2006.
Jamie Starrsplash 1 April


Wembley Stadium, London, UK Defeated Irish Virus at Gateway To Glory II.
Vacated June


Unknown Vacated due to XWA going out of business.
Exile 2 Ocrober


XWA Arena Won a tournament to determine the new XWA World Heavyweight Champion. Exile has won the title once before as Havik
Vacated January


Unknown Exile left the XWA, and the World Heavyweight Title became vacated once again.
Sparx 3 February 11, 2008 XWA Arena Defeated Harold Francis Delaney in the finals of the XWA World Title tournament to become the only man to win the title thrice.
Mikey Ratings 1 May 18, 2008 Madison Square Garden Defeated Sparx at Gateway to Glory III
Genesius Annaya 2 July 13, 2008 XWA Arena Defeated Mikey Ratings at King of the Deathmatch 2008 in a Last Man Standing Match despite having gone through a Triple Threat Razorwire TLC Match and a Scaffold Cage of Death Match earlier during the night!
Sparx 4 November 10, 2008 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Regained the XWA World Title for a record fourth time to bring it back to Collision after Genesius Annaya was drafted to Combat. This alo marked the first time Sparx has defeated Annaya.
Jamie Starrsplash 2 November 30, 2008 Toronto, Canada

Defeated Sparx at XWA Pick Your Poison in a Steel Cage Match chosen by the fans.

The Ruiner 1 February 28, 2010 Mexico City, Mexico

Defeted Jamie Starrsplash at XWA Supremacy after cashing in his Lethal Invitational world title match contract. The title match took place following an XWA World Tag Team Championship match won by Canadian Sushi (Starrsplash and AKIRA Inoshi.

Vacated June 9


Unknown Following the shake up of 2010, all titles were vacated. A World Heavyweight Championship tournament began on the return of XWA Collsion.

Shark Eddie June 29, 2010 Oslo, Norway Shark Eddie defeated Judge Knightly in the finals on the world title tournament to become new XWA's first world champion after some interference from his brother Clyde Barton and his manager J.T. Fairaday. Shark then proceeded to spraypaint a swastika on the world title in victory.

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