XWA Xtreme Championship
Current champion(s) Jason Connor
Date won July 29, 2009
Promotion Xtreme Wrestling Alliance
Date created October 2005
Most reigns Jay Foley (2 reigns), Master Cobbler (2 reigns)
First champion Sparx
Longest reign Genesius Annaya (266 days)
Shortest reign Havik (18 days)
Oldest champion Jason Artemius (29 years, 248 days)
Youngest champion Black Majik (18 years, ??? days)
Heaviest champion Havik (319 lbs.)
Lightest champion Black Majik (171 lbs.)

The Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (XWA) Xtreme Championship is a hardcore wrestling championship defended in Xtreme Wrestling Alliance under hardcore (or "Xtreme" as referred to by XWA) rules. It was previously one of two secondary titles on the show, along with the Pure Title and has always been regarded as one of XWA's main attractions.

Xtreme rules

  • No Disqualifications, meaning all weapons and interference are legal.
  • Falls Count Anywhere, meaning that pinfalls and submissions do not have to take place in the ring.
  • No Holds Barred, meaning that the referee will allow anything and will only end the match with a pinfall or submission.


The XWA Xtreme Championship was the first championship to be defended in the XWA. On the premiere broadcast of the show, Sparx defeated then-XWA wrestler Jay Foley to become the first ever Xtreme Champion. The title was defended in a multitude of hardcore-style matches, from Ladder Matches to Deathmatches, to First Blood, to basically any professional wrestling match-up with weapons. After XWA went out of business in 2007, all the titles were vacated until the revival that took place later that year. However, the Xtreme and Pure titles were not re-activated.

Fast forward 9 months, XWA held it's return PPV: Supremacy. Earlier, the returning Lee Fall came out and brought back the Xtreme Title, challenging anyone for a match at the PPV. The challenge was answered by Genesius Annaya who would go on to defeat Lee Fall in a Ladder Match at the PPV and re-activate the title. Eight months later, Annaya would drop the title to pursue a career in the WWE.

Current Champion

The current champion is Jason Connor who defeated H.F.D. in an Inferno Match the finals of the Xtreme Title Tournament with the help of the Bartons to win the vacant Xtreme Title.

Championship History

This is a chronological list of wrestlers that have been XWA Xtreme Champion, sorted by ring name. There have been a total of 19 recognized champions who have had a combined 22 official reigns.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Sparx 1 October


XWA Arena Defeated Jay Foley in the first ever Xtreme Rules Match to become the first XWA Xtreme Champion.
Jay Foley 1 December


XWA Arena Defeated Sparx and Mike Aryce in a Triple Threat Ladder Match at Violent Vendetta.
Master Cobbler 1 February


XWA Arena Defeated Jay Foley in a barbed wire match at Violence On V'Day to become the first Xtreme Champion of 2006.
Havik 1 March


XWA Arena Defeated Master Cobbler in a Steel Cage Match match at Self Sacrifice.
Vacated March


Unknown Havik left the XWA for personal reasons. The title was, as a result, vacated.
Jay Foley 2 April


Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia A tournament was held earlier on Collision, and Jay Foley defeated Master Cobbler at Gateway To Glory I in the finals to reclaim the title.
Kid Dollar 1 June


XWA Arena Defeated Jay Foley in a Falls Count Anywhere Match on Collision.
Master Cobbler 2 August


XWA Arena Defeated Kid Dollar in a Dog Collar Match at Blood Red Summer.
Exodius Dalton 1 October


XWA Arena Defeated Master Cobbler in a 2 out of 3 Falls Tables Match on Collision.
Mark Simmons 1 January


XWA Arena Defeated Exodius Dalton in an Xtreme Rules Match.
Mike Aryce 1 February


XWA Arena Defeated Mark Simmons in a Ladder Match.
Jason Artemius 1 April


Wembley Stadium, London, UK Defeated Mike Aryce for the title at Gateway to Glory II in a Strap Match where Artemius' Pure title was also on the line.
Vacated June


Vacated due to XWA going out of business.
Genesius Annaya 1 March 9, 2008 XWA Arena Defeated Lee Fall in a Ladder Match at Supremacy to become the youngest ever XWA Xtreme Champion.
Vacated November 30, 2008 Unknown Vacated due to Genesius Annaya leaving XWA.
Doug Picel 1 January, 2009 XWA Arena Defeated Klutz in a Xtreme Rules match where both men have to be bleeding before a pin is attempted on Combat to win the vacant XWA Xtreme Championship.
Klutz 1 January 25, 2009 XWA Arena Defeated Doug Picel in a Big Top Playground match at XWA King Of Kings to win his first XWA title.
The Ruiner 1 April 5, 2009 Toronto, Canada Won the Lethal Invitation at Gateway To Glory IV which included then-champion Klutz, Joe Taylor, Slade Mortis and the returning Jay Money.
Vacated 29 May, 2009

The Ruiner quit the company during the King of the Deathmatch tournament.

Black Majik 1 29 May, 2009 Unknown Won the vacant belt at King of the Deathmatch in a Razorwire Ladder Match.
Vacated Collision, January 2010 Black Majik successfully defends his title, but the match ended in a three way pin. Jim Harlem, the Collision GM, came out and demanded there be a tournament to crown a new champion for the vacated title.
Brian Church 1 February, 2010 Unknown Brian Church beat Clyde Barton in the finals of the Xtreme Title Tournament.

Vacated February, 2010 Brian Church is suspended after having a massive fight backstage with fellow XWA wrestler Bearded Dragon. The Xtreme Title is once again up for grabs.

Dark Majik 2 March 2, 2010 Mexico City, Mexico Dark Majik defeated Miles Stokes at XWA Supremacy to win the vacant XWA Xtreme Title

Vacated June 9


Unknown Following the shake up of 2010, all titles were vacated.

Jason Connor July 29, 2010 Madrid, Spain Jason Connor defeated H.F.D. in an inferno match after blatant interference from the Bartons to win new XWA's first Xtreme Title.

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