XWE (Xtreme Wrestling Enterprize)

XWE Histroy: XWE was started in July of 2003 by Stephan Johnson, also known as Psyko Steve Johnson. It was a long journey for the fed to begin, but after it did, nothing could stop it. It was growing like a wild forest fire, and nothing was going to put it out. As time grew on, so did the owner. He became of age to serve in the Army, and decided to close it down in 2005 and join with Elite World Wrestling. Once more it opened again in 2007, and is looking to expand like it did the first go around. XWe and EWW formed a partnership to trade and use superstars and also have interpromotion ppv's.

Current Champions: XWE Universal Champion - Cid Pheonix

XWE Internet Champion - N-Zane

XWE Tag Champions - VACANT

retired and last champion: XWE World Championship 2003-2005 - D double M

No limits championship 2005- Wasted Youth ( This title was recreated in EWW)

North American Championship-2005- Teo Night ( This title was recreated in EWW)

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