Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment

Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment(formerly Xtreme Wrestling Federation) or more commonly known as XWE, is an online YouTube efed, using the Xbox 360 version of the SmackDown! series most recently: SmackDown! vs Raw 2007. It was created by YouTube member themaindirectorofxwf or TMD. TMD is a boy currently living in Northern Ireland called Frankie, who is the President or Chairman of XWE and has a partner called Sammy who is Vice President (Note: As the company is called XWE, XWF is still in the name to prevent confusion) The official site can be located at: [1]. The show is split into 3 brands: XWE REVENGE, XWE WHACKDOWN! and XWE NO HOLDS BARRED or just NO HOLDS BARRED.

History of The XWE

XWE apparently all began back in 1999, then under the name of WXW when they used WWF Attitude and WWF Warzone. They had recorded them using the VCR and a camcorder to record them to tape and they showed them at school and among other friends. Obviously not on the internet as, YouTube was not created until 2005. It was originally created by 5 members but has now lowered to 2. Back then they used friends and some family members to do voiceovers for some of the created characters to make it a bit better. WXW continued successfully until December 2004 when the 5 original members decided to close after a 3-2 vote. Eventually after months of debating all 5 decided to close and not make any videos until an Internet uploading site appeared or if not, they would not create videos for a further 5 years.

Arrival of XWF

During late 2005 and during 2006 there was a widespread rumour on YouTube and MySpace stating that WXW and 'TheMainDirectors' return and also that the videos would be uploaded. But nothing happened. The rest of 2005 and throughout 2006 fans were eagerly awaiting the return of WXW and TMD but nothing happened. Then on 25th December 2006, Christmas Day an account was created on YouTube called: themaindirectorofxwf, with a video called 'The Fall of WXW, The Rise of XWF. People instantly thought he was back. The video showed some of the classic moments in WXW and what was to happen in the future, but not in WXW but in XWF. The video also said at the end: 'Where It All Begins Again With XWF On June 10th 2007. Frankie released a bulletin stating that yes it was indeed him again but with a new company and it was better than ever. This account and video has since been deleted and a new account has took its place but it is still the same person, as he revealed on June 10th.

Teaser Trailer

Around 4-5pm GMT, on June 30th 2007 a video was released via YouTube[2] saying at the beginning: 'Something's Coming', then it said 'Things Are About To Get Xtreme'. It then finished saying: 'Coming August 2007'. This indicated the arrival of XWF and that the first episode would appear on YouTube sometime in August. As of late the first episode is yet to appear.


On August 22nd Frankie stated that to avoid copyright issues he was changing XWF to XWE and that XWF would not be mentioned from then on. They sported a new logo and new brands the same day.

Draft Lottery

On August 22nd when Frankie said that XWF was changing to XWE and that a Draft Lottery would be taking place on August 24th, at 2:00 GMT. This went forward as planned and saw the superstars being drafted.

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