XWF or Xtreme Wrestling Federation by it's full name is a YouTube efed Wrestling Company using the Xbox 360 version of Smackdown! vs RAW 2007 and is owned by two boys in Northern Ireland, using the account name of 'TheMainDirectorOfXWF' although he has revealed that his real name is 'Frankie' and there is one more person who works with him called 'Sammy'. It has been operational since June 10th but have yet to broadcast an episode, due to technical difficulties. The show is split into three brands: XWF WAR, XWF LOCKDOWN and XWF XCW. They currently have a FanSite[1] and a OFFICIAL SITE[2].

Before XWF

The XWF was started during the directors break from making videos when they thought they needed a new Wrestling Company and wanted to make improvements to the previous videos they had made. The previous company was called World Xtreme Wrestling or WXW. 'TheMainDirector' or TMD as he is called stated on June 11th when a fan of WXW from his hometown asked him via YouTube about making videos again and changing the Company's name he answered: 'I understand we let our fans down by stopping our video productions but we simply couldn't handle it all at the time, so we took a break and during the last 2 years me and Sammy were discussing how we could make the WXW better, I realised after a time the name needed changed.' Before being able to upload them to the web they created them at home and recorded them to a tape and showed them at school. They soon realised that they had became tremendously popular as they were 'brilliant' storylines and the 'so-called' celebrities were eventaully killed off for apparently 'infecting the WXW'. On the Offial Website [3] it says they took a year's break but TMD revealed on June 12th that they had took a 2 and a half year's break.

Return Of 'The Main Director', Departure Of WXW And Arrival Of XWF

During late 2005 (the year they stopped making videos) and during 2006 there was a widespread rumour on YouTube and MySpace stating that WXW and 'TheMainDirectors' return and also that the videos would be uploaded. But nothing happened. The rest of 2005 and throughout 2006 fans were eagerly awaiting the return of WXW and TMD but nothing happened. Then on 25th December 2006, Christmas Day an account was created on YouTube called: themaindirectorofxwf, with a video called 'The Fall of WXW, The Rise of XWF. People instantly thought he was back. The video showed some of the classic moments in WXW and what was to happen in the future, but not in WXW but in XWF. The video also said at the end: 'Where It All Begins Again With XWF On June 10th 2007. Frankie released a bulletin stating that yes it was indeed him again but with a new company and it was better than ever. This account and video has since been deleted and a new account has took its place but it is still the same person, as he revealed on June 10th.

Announcement of Introducing New Brands

As WXW they had broadcasted the shows with only one Brand, simply called WAR with a Pay-Per-View every 2-3 months. But on June 10th 2007, Frankie announced the Induction of 2 new Brands, XWF XCW and XWF LOCKDOWN. As in WWE Superstars will be drafted to a Brand and will wrestle only on that brand until traded or drafted. This will also be the same for Pay-Per-Views. (They will only appear on their Brands PPV'S.) He also stated that every month will have 2-3 shows of each brand and will have either1 or 2 PPV'S depending on his decision. Also SIX Cross-Branded PPV'S have been announced(names unknown), one has only been announced to take place during the month of October. The first show of each brand will be longer than normal, featuring 5 matches. The very first show WAR will be broadcasted on Wednesday, 4th July 2007.

General Managers

On Wednesday, June 27th 2007, Frankie released a bulletin announcing the General Managers of each Brand.

Triple H- WAR

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield- LOCKDOWN

Rob Van Dam- XCW

Show Postponement

The first ever XWF Show, WAR, was supposed to be broadcasted on June 12th 2007 but early on June 12th, Frankie stated that they were experiencing some technical difficulties but hoped they would be sorted out by next week. However 2 weeks later on June 27th Frankie stated again that they had gotten worse and would not be solved for another 'good few' weeks. This now looks to be nearly resolved as on 29th June 2007 Frankie released a video stating this. These difficulties are now resolved and the first show is now to be broadcasted on 4th July.

Released Teaser Trailer

Around 4-5pm GMT, on June 30th 2007 a video was released via YouTube[4] saying at the beginning: 'Something's Coming', then it said 'Things Are About To Get Xtreme' which obviously means XWF. It then finished saying: 'Coming August 2007'. This proved to be wrong as several days later the problem was resolved and the first show will be WAR and will be broadcasted on July 4th. There will be no Draft Lottery as this has already taken place.

Resolvement of Difficulties and The Broadcast of The First Show

On the 1st July, 2007, a bulletin was released by Frankie saying the the difficulties were all completely resolved and the first show will be WAR and it will be released on 4th July.

Draft Lottery And Brand Extension

Early on July 2nd 2007, Frankie stated that the Draft Lottery will not be taken place via live over YouTube using the live video capture streaming capability of YouTube. But the 3 operators would do it themselves and post the results on the Website.[5] The rules were that each brand's '1st', 'FIRST' and only pick would be manual. Meaning each show would get to choose the Superstar of their choice for their first pick. 'WAR' went first, followed by 'LOCKDOWN' and lastly 'XCW'. Each Superstar was given a number and were then chosen at random by a 'lottery type' machine. The representitive of each show picked a ball at random and the number on it corresponded to a Superstar, and the Superstar with that number was then drafted to that brand. The results were 'astounding' according to Frankie. WAR has one more Superstar than LOCKDOWN and XCW


Shawn Michaels, Viscera, Mick Foley, Candice Michelle, Lita, Kid Kash, Trish Stratus, Kane, Dave Taylor, Super Crazy, The Great Khali, William Regal, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jillian Hall, Paul Burchill, Chris Masters, John Cena, Finlay, Frankie, Samuel, Shane McMahon, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar.


Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Brian Kendrick, King Booker, Joey Mercury, Randy Orton, Torrie Wilson, Melina, Mark Henry, Ric Flair, Goldberg, Mickie James, Andrew Lashley, Jim Neidhart, Chavo Guerrero, Undertaker, Paul London, Johnny Nitro, Rey Mysterio, Gregory Helms, Shelton Benjamin, Jeff Hardy.


Batista, The Rock, Hardcore Holly, Kenny Dykstra, SGB???, Carlito, Edge, Marcus Cor Von, Big Show, Chris Benoit, Bobby Lashley, The Boogeyman, Umaga, Snitsky, Adolf Hitler, Michael Jackson, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Mr. Kennedy, Daivari, Eugene, Vito.


On 22nd of August 2007, Frankie revealed that the XWF had been used in the past by other companies and did not want do endure copyright lawsuits. He then went on to reveal that it would reach new heights with XWE

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