The Hangman's Arrival

The Hangman's arrival in the XWF left many in bewilderment of this strange and unknown individual. No one knew exactly who this guy was but a 6'7, 245lbs man in long dark cloaks and his signature noose in his hand. Even The Powers That Be who still remains anonymous and mysterious to this day as the XWF head honcho didn't know what to make of this guy. No previous records of this man showed as TPTB(The Powers That Be) couldn't find a single thing about this mysterious new member, lurking in the shadows of the backstage area. But soon Hangman let everyone know who he was and what he was all about quickly.

On November 11th, 2006, Vegas was having a bout with XWF's legend and now Xtreme Mid-Week Massacre GM, Kurt Angle which was lead in by a series of previous very violent altercations. The two faced off in a Taser Tipped Cage match which saw Vegas win after strobe lights started flickering in the arena. The fans didn't know what was happening but the words, "The Hangman" showed across the Titantron and 4 men in long black cloaks pushed out a gallow, lightning striking it catching it on fire. This cost Angle the victory as Vinnie Vegas shocked Angle with the two tasers and then shocked him while he squirmed violently on the ground. Then the next week in the XWF Survival of the Fittest Semi-Finals Championship match between Sting, current XWF Xtreme Champion, Cody E, and Violent Vinnie Vegas on the November 13th 2006 edition of Bloodbath, Sting was eliminated first. Just as it seemed the ball was rolling towards Cody's court and he set up Vegas for his devastating finisher move, The Flying Phoenix, another Hangman vignette played over the titantron, costing another loss for one of Vegas's opponents! Then that very next week, The Hangman got his debut win over Danny Diamond! The Hangman already won over alot of fans, by tossing him over the ropes and hanging him with the noose. Then unsuspectingly, Vegas ran out to have a stare down with the cloaked mystery man, known as Hangman. But then the two doubled team Diamond, forming a well known faction called, 'Capital Punishment.' Capital Punishment didn't last long tho after competing in XWF's first ever Tag team match with Ignition's current Xtreme Champion, Cody E, and current World Heavyweight Champion, Timebomb. The team came to an end when Hangman's long gone mother made an appearance, catching Hangman's attention and throwing him off track. Then Hangman hired an assassin to take out his opponents but this assassin was revealed as Hangman's older brother. Hangman who was shocked, turned on his mother with his brother, "Crow"

At the Initiation mainevent, Vegas fought Timebomb for the World Championship and the crowning of XWF's first champion would be at Initiation, XWF's first PPV. Vegas won as the next week the first XWF tag match was revealed as the blockbuster mainevent between Ignition's Cody and Timebomb vs Capital Punishment's Hangman and Vegas. This was Vegas's first XWF loss as that night, Captain Charisma, Christian Cage assaulted Hangman and Vegas, making a name for himself. The next week was scheduled for Cage vs Vegas in the first ever, First Blood Cage Match in the December 6th, 2006 Bloodbath mainevent! Cage's debut didn't go as planned and Vegas won and his tag partner The Hangman came out to give him a friendly hug and celebrate but Vegas shocked the whole world when he turned on The Hangman, taking him out with the World Championship. To add even more fuel to the fire, Hangman challenged Vegas to a match the next week on Bloodbath. Unfortunately for Hangman, Vegas won and attacked his former partner, hanging Hangman upside down by his feet from a gallow and bloodied Hangman with a steel chair.

Hangman claims that night changed his life from here on out to become a "Newer and Better Hangman."

Hangman has been involved in XWF's first ever Tag team match, and XWF's first ever Buried Alive match with Cody E! But leading into that brutal Buried Alive match was Hangman vs Cody in the first ever XWF Money in the Bank Qualifying match on the November 11th, 2006 episode of Bloodbath. The match saw back and forth action between the two but Cody came out ontop after slamming Hangman off the ladder through the table in between the two ladders on the second step of the ladders. Cody winning triggered Hangman to redeem himself on December 23rd, 2006, XWF's 2nd ever PPV X-mas Execution and Cody announced the stip as a Buried Alive match! Hangman entered this match with exciting and edgy funeral home promos and graveyard promos. He even made an entrance from coming outta the grave hole in his introduction! Hangman had everything won but came up short in a "draw" as Jimmy Jive with a new attitude, interfered in the match, burying both men along with the ref! then on the first day of a new year in XWF, January 1st, 2007 on Bloodbath, Ignition took over Bloodbath after giving Bloodbath GM, Bret Hart a vacation. It was announced that Hangman challenged Jimmy Jive in TLC match! This match was brutal and the "turning point in Hangman's XWF career" Hangman stated. Hangman dug deep in Jive's past and dug out person information in front of the world, telling the story of Jive as a kid with a scar on his neck from being hung in a "past life" and Jive told the true story of his life, his father being hung by a man in a church parking lot and that Hangman reminded him of nothing but just a gimmick behind dark cloaks, and of the two men who robbed his house and stole his TV and VCR set. This was one of Hangman's most bitter rivalries and it's believed to this very day that the heat still long lasts between Jive who is now an Criminal Intent member with Hangman's former partner, Vegas. Jive won the brutal but memorial bout.

A little on down the road in the turn of Hangman's career and his start of a winning streak, a new odd group of individuals known as Hecate Enthroned came into the XWF as "Hangman Worshipers." Hangman took the group by his hand and rose them to new highs and one of XWF's most odd and strange tag teams. The team consisted of Moorbeea, WitchQueen, Cristfire, HeadHunter, and Hangman's older brother Crow. The team all of a sudden started going in a down spiral, after Hangman went in overpower and the team split.Hangman then came across another new XWF signer, the self proclaimed, "New Phenomenon" of the XWF as he was "The Creature." Hangman and Creature fought in an Infernal match at XWF Valentine Vendetta on February 26th, 2007. The Hecate Enthroned rebelled against Hangman that night as they marched around the ring, not returning to the back as Hangman said. Creature lost by shoving Hangman off the turnbuckles through a flaming table and the dancing flames shot up catching Creature on fire as he fell to the outside. Hangman also got another victory over Creature in a Mangling Match on the debut of Kurt Angle's new weekly show, XWF Xtreme Mid-Week Massacre on March 7th. The match was about being connected on the same chain as your opponent attached to spiked dog collars and there were four flaming tables, one one each side of the ring surrounding it. Then there were 10 chains 13ft above the ring and you bloodied your opponent first, and unattached their dog collar chain, hanging them above by one of the chains. Hangman's newly formed group, The DarkCircus were hidden up in the rafters with Hangman and they quickly ended the match, taunting Creature to climb up there with them as they man handled him and hung him, then unattached the chain as he fell that 13ft feet ontop of worried and gasping ring officials. From that moment, Hangman has lead the DarkCircus to the right direction. Dark Circus's have so far gotten a 1-0-0 record defeating HIP's ICP(J and Shaggy 2 Dope) on their debut match. They have performed voodoo recently, each doll with a member of Ignition's name on it, meaning that they are soon coming after Ignition and their gold.

Another one of Hangman's signature ways of challenging people are carving their names into Tombstones.

Hangman just recently lost an 8 Mile Chain Match on the 3rd episode of Mid-Week Massacre.

Closer Look Into Who Hangman Is

No one really knows what this mysterious cloaked individual's past was really like but Hangman himself. To keep a long story short, he was adopted after not being wanted by his parents and kept on being sent from foster parent to foster parent because evil and devious things occurred when the baby was born and was near a family. After being laid on the side of a street at age of 8, a woman picked him up and decided to raise him. That woman officially became his mom as from that day, Hangman was a run-away, and sent to a prison for 5 years after supposedly "Hanging his brothers" but one, and that one was Crow. Crow bailed Hangman or "Nick" out as they ran off from home at age of 18 to set on a journey of becoming a wrestler.

Hangman's Top Feuds

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Hangman's Factions

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