XX Wrestling
XX Wrestling2
Federation Name XX Wrestling
Time open March 2008 - Present
Owner Matthew Winter
Commentators Hayden Clark & Braydon Walmsley
Pay-per-views 1-3 months

XX Wrestling is a wrestling federation which opened in March 2008, created and run by Matthew Winter. It has a pay-per-veiw event each 1-3 months, consisting of 5-10 matches.


XX Wrestling opened in early March of 2008 by Matthew Winter and began recruiting members in late March. The promotion based its style around hardcore wrestling with most of their matches having some sort of match type. Their first pay-per-view, In Your House:XX, will be held on the May 17 and 18, 2008.

Championships and accomplishments


Class Championship Current Champion(s)
First Class XX Championship Matthew Winter
XX World Heavyweight Championship Vacant*
Second Class XX Tag Team Championship Matthew Walmsley & Dylan Catzikiris
XX Intercontinental Championship Matthew Walmsley
Third Class XX Hardcore Championship Dylan Catzikiris
XX Cruiserweight Championship Braydon Walmsley

Major Accomplishments

Accomplishment Latest Winner
EBBR (Extreme Bash Battle Royal) N/A
King Of The Ring N/A
Stairway to Hell N/A

Pay-Per-Veiws - In Your House


Month Pay-Per-Veiw
January Not Opened
Febuary Not Opened
March Not Opened
April Not Opened
May In Your House: Poker Tour
June In Your House: Mayhem
June In Your House: King of the Ring
August In Your House: XX
September In Your House: Lockdown
October In Your House: War Zone
November In Your House: Day of Reckoning
December In Your House: Devastating End



  • James Campbell
  • "Cowboy" Hayden Clark - "Commentator"
  • Jake Hourn
  • Scott Joy
  • Samuel Reddie
  • Alex Thwaite-Wright
  • Ben Waters
  • "Bushy" Braydon Walmsley - "Commentator"
  • Matthew Walmsley
  • Matthew Winter


  • The Lolipops - Matthew Walmsley & James Campbell
  • BX - Hayden Clark & Braydon Walmsley

XX Wrestling Awards

XX Wrestling Awards

The XX Wrestling Awards will be held in late December. The Awards will be as follows:

  • Wrestler of the Year
  • Tag Team of the Year
  • Match of the Year
  • Feud of the Year

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