Xander Azula, better known to fans and wrestlers alike as Legion, is an American-born professional wrestler born in Long Beach, CA, on April 15, 1987. Legion currently wrestles for the T.F.W.F., and is well known for his involvement with The Experts.

Wrestler's History

World Class Wrestling Federation (2007-2008)

Xander Azula made his professional wrestling debut in late June of 2007, wrestling as Legion for the World Class Wrestling Federation (WCWF). His debut was a loss to Keith Smith, in a three-way that also involved Wishmaster. The manager of Wishmaster, "Sinister" Steven Marks, eliminated his charge and began attacking Legion verbally because of his (Legion's) religious beliefs. This sparked a feud that lasted for over two months, and involved two major matches: the Apocalypse Match--which Legion created himself, and went on to win, also winning the INTV Title-- and the Parking Lot Brawl--which Marks won, winning the title from Legion. The feud escalated further when Marks began going after Legion's girlfriend, Misty Evans; this led to a restraining order Legion has filed against Marks which is enforced to this day.

After Azula's loss to Marks, he decided to scrap the Legion "gimmick" in favor of the "Extrovert Christian Witness"; that is, attempting to "glorify God's name through his wrestling abilities." At this time, he was scheduled to face Jester and then-champ Tucker Matthews for the United States Title. A loss when Jester tapped out to Tucker Matthews would send Legion reeling back to the INTV division the remainder of his WCWF career. Legion would make a couple of brief returns to his "stomping grounds" such as British Brawl 2008, losing an Apocaylpse Match to Dhamon Shadowhawk, and WrestleWar 2008 when he returned under the guise of "The Arbiter" X to join Project X, working with Roxxxie and Phluxx for a short time.

Rotten Apple Wrestling (2007)

In August of 2007, Legion was invited to join a promotion called Rotten Apple Wrestling, where he met such stars as James "Black Death" Wallace and Arkia Fisk. During his fairly short tenure in the company (August-October 2007), Legion would win the Illegal Division Championship and the Tag Team Championships with Black Death.

The Experts - Extreme Tournament 2007

It was around this time that Legion became involved with the interfed known as The Experts, wrestling in the 2007 Extreme Tournament representing RAW. He would advance as far as the semi-finals before losing to Jason Blade, who went on to face Sewaside in a losing effort.

Rival Factions 2007/X-Treme Wrestling Federation (2007-2008, 2009)

After the closure of RAW in October (shortly after the Extreme Tournament, in fact), Legion found himself without a federation to call home. By November of that year, one of the major stories surrounding The Experts event Rival Factions was the negotiations between Legion and a few of the promotions under the Experts umbrella. That night, Legion made his official announcement of joining the XWF in a moment that saw the return of the XWF owner Jonathyn Brown, who had gone missing from XWF programming for some time prior to the event, which in turn was broadcast via satellite at the XWF program "Wednesday Night Insanity." Legion's first order of business was to exact revenge on a man he had issues with in RAW, Chad. He would go on to defeat Chad in an Apocalypse Match at X-Mas X-Treme 2007 in December.

During Legion's first tenure in the XWF, he would win the X-Treme Title from "Big Tyme" Zach Rizza via the 24/7 rule, defending it at Snow Job 2008 in January against Trent Gein before losing via the 24/7 rule to Hawaiian Hardhead. He would later go under the "Extrovert Christian Witness" moniker once more, losing to Hardhead and Dewayne Carter in an effort to win the Hart Title at Bad Medicine 2008.

Legion would return one more time to the XWF, winning the X-Treme Title from James Raven via the 24/7 rule and, in a very controversial move, winning the belt in the middle of a match he himself was refereeing, pinning a homeless man on the streets of downtown Long Beach where a special edition of Anarchy was held. Around this time he was also competing for Pro Wrestling Evolution (PWE), where he was a part of the (Un)Stable with The Lunatic, Hawaiian Hardhead, and Tomoko Hanahara.

The Experts - Extreme Tournament 2008

Legion entered the 2008 Extreme Tournament in July as a member of the WCF, winning in the first round before losing to Reaver in a very controversial second round decision. He would later go on to face Lost Soul in an Apocalypse Match, winning the bout.

The TFWF/James Onlee (2008-2009)

After months of finding himself floundering in other promotions, Legion finally made his way to the T.F.W.F., where he debuted the night after Hard Steel 2008 in August as the hopeful tag partner of his then-friend Black Death. After a failure of the Wellness Policy led to Black Death's release, Legion teamed up with Allen "Portal" Bartsch and James Matthews to face the Patriots of Wrestling and Ian Credible at Ice Storm 2008 in December, in a losing effort. Shortly after, he went under the tutelage of the Reverend James Onlee. Through the teachings of his mentor, Legion pulled off one of the biggest wins of his career when he defeated Sean "Torch" Smythe on Monday Night Mayhem, easily impressing the Reverend with his knowledge of technical and submission-based wrestling. Legion and Onlee would then go on to defeat the Hall of Famer Samson at Death or Glory 2009 in June, in a handicap match, but Samson would powerbomb Onlee through the ring and presumably out of TFWF existence. The loss of his mentor hit Legion hard, and after a disastrous showing at Dependence Day X in July Legion would go into exile to find his way again.

The Experts/The Collective - Rival Factions 2008/Extreme Tournament 2009

Around November 2008, Legion began promising revenge against Jesse Gunn, owner of The Experts, after the events of what is now known as "Crimson's Quest" in April. His plot revenge came to a head at Rival Factions 2008, when after losing to Jesse Gunn he announced the formation of The Collective, an interfed meant to compete with The Experts from a truly underground level. Signing several promotions into the interfed, including now Experts mainstays SCW and G-2, Legion looked to take Gunn down once and for all. The Collective, however, would only last a short time before folding in April 2009, with Level-One as its sole Unum Champion. As True Expert at the time, the belts would be unified shortly thereafter.

Legion entered the 2009 Extreme Tournament in June, representing the TFWF in a first round loss to Georgie Nickles, who would go on to win the tournament and become the True Expert.

Phoenix Wrestling Revolution/War with the TFWF (2009)

Shortly after his TFWF release, Legion signed with PWR and immediately made a statement by taking out Axel the Shark with a vicious curb stomp onto the entry way. Legion seemed to many an unstable man during this time, as he quickly joined the war against the TFWF at Hard Steel: Revolution Rising in August 2009, losing in an effort against Team TFWF. Shorly afterward Legion would be forced to leave the PWR with injuries, but not before Cory Hatred ran rampant on him going so far as to topple over his stretcher as he was on his way out.

Return to The TFWF/One Ring Circus (2010-2011)

At the beginning of 2010, Legion returned at the whim of his returning mentor James Onlee to assist in Onlee's plan to steal Sebastian Cross' family and his Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. By this time Legion had lost enough weight to contend for the Light Heavyweight Championship, and as a part of the great "church vs. state" argument would face The Masked Marvel in two matches for the belt. At Saturday Night Slam in May, Legion won the belt; at Death or Glory in June, Marvel would regain it. The end of Death or Glory saw the departure of James Onlee, and Legion was offered a spot in the One Ring Circus by Ornery Hillman which Legion accepted.

The Experts - Extreme Tournament 2010

Legion entered the 2010 Extreme Tournament in June as a member of the TFWF once more, as well as a member of the One Ring Circus for the first time before losing to Domingo Cruz in the first round. This tournament is notable for being held in the Siberian Prison for the first time.

TFWF - Tag Team Championship/Mind Games (2011-present)

Though he did not win at Dependence Day 11, Legion proved to be a valuable asset to the ORC in his assistance at Autumn Annihilation 11 in November before he and Rick Rampage defeated the Old School Style at Ice Storm 2010 to win the Tag Team Championships. Though they lost the belt to Osman Sankoh and Masked Marvel at Night of the Revolution 11 when the Old School Style were pinned, Legion would go on to play mind games with then Intercontinental Champion Chester Addison. Bringing Addison's girlfriend Katie into the mix, Legion would transform her into a Sister In Need before taking the belt from Addison at Highlight Night 2011, running Addison out of the TFWF in the process. Legion then lost the belt to Jack Hondo at Thursday Torcher, and would pursue Hondo until Death or Glory 2011 when he failed to defeat him once more.

Legion is currently scheduled to compete against Joel "Crazyman" Bryant for the TFWF Hardcore Championship at Dependence Day 12, as part of the ORC's attempt to regain the championships they have lost over the past two months.

Extreme Tournament 2011

Legion entered the 2011 Extreme Tournament in June once again representing both the TFWF and the One Ring Circus, becoming embroiled in a major feud with wrestlers from New Edge Wrestling and those who have been undefeated in the tournament (known by fans as "The New Experts").

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Fusion (katahajime/camel clutch combination): 2007-present
    • X-Acto (leaping ace cutter): 2007-2010; used as a signature from 2010 to the present
  • Signature moves
    • Fusionplex (katahajime suplex): 2007-present
    • Painful Reminder (crucifix powerbomb): 2007-2009
  • Nicknames
    • "The Man of Many" (2007-2009)
    • "Extrovert Christian Witness" (2008)
    • "The Witness" (2009-present)
    • "The Pastor" (2010-present)
  • Managers
    • Misty Evans/Mysti: 2007-present
  • Entrance themes
    • "Papercut" by Linkin Park (WCWF debut)
    • "Ordinary" by Thousand Foot Krutch (WCWF, RAW, XWF)
    • "Wake Up" by KJ-52 (WCWF/XWF, during Extrovert Christian Witness days)
    • "Ppr:kut" by Linkin Park (WCWF)
    • "Fire Storm" by The Greenery (WCF)
    • "Emer-gent-cy" by The Greenery (TFWF debut)
    • "Emer-gent-cy" (Church Remix) (TFWF, under James Onlee)
    • "Cry Little Sister" by Gerald McMann (TFWF, current)

Championships and accomplishments

  • Rotten Apple Wrestling (RAW)
    • RAW Illegal Division Championship
    • RAW Tag Team Championship (with Black Death)
    • TFWF Light Heavyweight Championship
    • TFWF Tag Team Championship (with Rick Rampage)
    • TFWF Intercontinental Championship
  • World Class Wrestling Federation (WCWF)
    • WCWF International Television Championship
  • X-Treme Wrestling Federation (XWF)
    • XWF X-Treme Championship (3 times)

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