Xander King is the result of a US Government experiment to create a better soldier. The Government implanted an artificial gland into Xander's brain allowing him the ability to excrete quicksilver, covering Xander's body, clothing, and any object he may be holding. The quicksilver bends the light around Xander rendering him invisible to the naked eye. However, the quicksilver gives off an extremely cold external temperature, making it easy to find under normal temperature conditions.

The Government kept a failsafe with Xander in the fact that he must receive period injections of a counter agent or his gland will become unstable after so many excretions. Without this counter agent serum, Xander will go into a state of insanity labeled "Quicksilver Madness".

The Madness comes in several stages. In stage one, Xander's body temperature slightly rises, as does his irritability. Stage 2 has Xander's eyes becoming bloodshot as well as Xander experiencing migrain headaches and slight convulsions due to reactions between the buildup of quicksilver in his neverous system. During Stage 3, Xander experiences great paranoia as well as a delusion of persecution. Stage 4 will see Xander losing all inhibitions against amoral behavior as well as gaining self-destructive tendencies. The final stage, Stage 5, has Xander's eyes becoming silver due to quicksilver being released through his tear ducts. Stage 5 will have the Xander believing himself to be invulnerable and infallible. If Stage 5 is not reversed within a couple days, it will become irreversable.

A snake tattoo on the bottom of Xander's wrist changes colors accordingly with the amount of quicksilver he can use before another dose of counteragent is needed.

Xander escaped from the Government facility where he was held for 18 months with the help of a doctor who felt sorry for his condition. With several vials of counteragent, Xander left the states and fled to Austrailia. Why has he joined Professional Wrestling? Nobody knows. We only know that he's good at it.

During his time in Australia, Xander has made many friends, most of which now members of the stable he helped to organize, the League of Extraordinary Wrestlers. After evading many attempts by Agent Merrick to return him to "The Agency", Xander is still strong and has accomplished several title reigns.

The threat of Merrick is long gone. All of Xander's allies have left him alone in the Outback. A former ally, Chloe Barnes, has now become the foe he hates more than any other. Despite attempts to change her, she retains her new 'evil' outlook.

With Chloe's departure from OWL, Xander looks upon his past. After much reflection, he has left the SWA, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

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