Xavier Cross
[[Image:|1985 (Age 22)px|Image of Xavier Cross]]
Real name Xavier Cross
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Height 6’3”
Weight 230lbs
Date of birth March 23,
Place of birth Atlanta, Georgia
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Various Places. (US, Puerto Rico, Canada)
Billed from Atlanta, Georgia
Trainer Self
Global Wrestling CoalitionClassic Wrestling Organization
Handled by Rob B.
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Debut March 2007
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Xavier Cross, born in Atlanta, Georiga, is an American-born, professional wrestler currently wrestling for the New Championship Wrestling.



Xavier Cross was born to Charles Cross (32) and Samantha Martinez-Cross (28), on March 23, 1985. He was the second of three children. He has one older brother and one younger sister. He was born in Atlanta City Hospital, and raised in East Point Atlanta, Xavier was always hanging in the streets. His mother was attending night school to become a doctor, while his father worked most of his young life as a paralegal.

Growing up a white boy in a mostly african american neighborhood was hard. Especially due to the fact that Xavier was what you would call a wonderbread white boy. But he dove into the culture that surrounded him and became a descent rapper, but was still sold short because he was white.

Gang Life

Before turning 13 Xavier was already hanging with the wrong crowd, he joined the East 5 Point Bloodz by the age of 10, and was now it was a big part of his life. Being one of the rare white boys in the bloodz gang he was givin alot of shit and his family was targeted by the cross town rival, the Forest Park Crips. One day his father was shot during a drive by shooting of the Cross Family residents.

Xavier eventually, fed up with the spoiled, silver spoon treatment ran away from home. He was taken in by a older woman who ran a seedy apartment complex. He grew up quickly, running the streets with his 'homies'. They had a corner of one of the fastest moving drug markets in inner city Atlanta.

In his time on the streets, Xavier met a girl named Elaine, who was the grand-daughter of the woman he had been staying with. The two had a budding romance, and at the age of 13, Xavier became a father to a son named Jaden. Xavier now felt a sense of responciblity and duty. At the age of 13 he realized responcibilites had came knocking.

In a twist of fate, things blew up. Local gangs including other Blood families turned on each other, and the East 5 Point Bloodz were at the epicenter of the wars. Many friends, guys Xavier had known like brothers had died in these street wars. Until the point where it was down to five guys remaining.

They took the streets for one last offensive, but no one knew that out of the five one was a traitor.

Charles Cross was put in intense care, but surivived with only a minor scar showing what had happened. This rocked Xavier's life. His family moved into a more white neighborhood and Xavier's connections to gang life, even though had taken there toll on the family were over now. Xavier re-entered highschool and was exploring sports.

Basketball Career

As a sophmore in highschool, Xavier found a love for basketball, he was starting to grow into an atheltic figure, he was just pure muscle anymore he was starting to lengthen out. He was starting point-guard for his basketball team, he was voted to second all district up to his senior year, until when going for a rebound he injured his left leg to the point where he could never play basketball at 100%. So with something in his life that he cared about was over, he entered the second half of his senior year on drugs...

Drug Months

Two months following his accident, he was in a leg cast and rolling around in a wheel chair. His parents noticed his grades were dropping, his brother had just joined the military and his sister was now entering highschool. With so much stress building in him Xavier turned to cocaine. After overdosing towards the end of March a few days after his birthday his parents finally opened their eyes and realized what was wrong. Xavier failed his senior year because he was in rehab.

A 19 year out without a dream

While in rehab he met many interesting people, one of which was a local wrestler. He told Xavier of what it took to be a wrestler, why Xavier told the man of his basketball dream, that was ended in a tragic on the court accident. The man gave Xavier a card and told him if he ever wanted to give it a shot to call him. Xavier returned for a second shot to graduate, he majored in Atheltic Training and Drama, two large aspects on being a wrestler. He then called the man up, after graduating from highschool and was a jobber for a local federation.

Wrestling Career

Entering the Pros

Xavier Cross stuck with three gimmicks, White Rapper, underdog, and local street thug. Gimmicks that the local Atlanta Crowd seemed to eat up. He slowly rose from the ranks of lowly jobber to main event star. With unique moves such as a Cross Out (Reverse Shining Wizard) and Cracka Flip (Paul Burchill's C4), moves that capture the audience. He became one of the most suicidal wrestlers doing things such as 720 flips to the outside of the ring. Insane matches, he was known to either bleed or make someone bleed during every match. Finally Xavier hit it up with the big time by getting a small contract to GWC (Global Wrestling Coalition)


Xavier Cross has turned Fan Favorite Rising Star, to Television Champ, then to Bad Boy THUG member, feuding with EPW's Zak Warner (The Disciple). After losing his title a second time for Xavier, he erased himself out of the division, blaming Danny Vice for his problems, he attack Vice in a hospital room. Xavier has had his ups and downs, from being a key player in the Dark Crusade match, to a key part of GWC counter to EPW's invasion, and then main eventing Viva La GWC in an Ultimate X match for the GWC World Title. Cross, pushed himself to the limit to come up short, as fellow GWC star and friend T-Money picked up the win. Where will this take Xavier...?

Championships and Accomplishments

  • 2 Time TV Champion

Rivalries & Feuds

Entrance Music

Xavier has had two theme songs in his history, a third will come about after Viva La GWC

  • "Metalligus" by Alter Bridge (Current)
  • "Make It Rain" by Fat Joe feat Lil Wayne (Heel)
  • "Bring Em Out" by T.I. feat Jay Z (face/debut)


  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Cracka Flip (Paul Burchill‘s C4)
  • Kiss The Cross (Top Rope Crucifix Powerbomb )
  • Underachiever (Spinning Cobra Clutch Slam)
  • Crossified (Sharpshooter)
  • Reasonable Doubt (Top Rope Fall Away Slam)
  • Face The Facts (Reverse Side Slam)
  • X-Flip (Whisper in the Wind)
  • Cross Out (Reverse Shining Wizard)
  • Cross Word Puzzle (Spring 720 Senton)
  • Dawgy Style (Flying Reverse Neck breaker)
  • 5 Star Flip (Spinning Reverse Death Valley Driver)

  • Regular moves
  • Magnum Driver
  • Spinebuster
  • Tiger Mask
  • Tigerbomb
  • Texas Cloverleaf
  • DropKick Moonsault
  • Springboard Reverse DDT
  • Enzuigiri
  • Corner Splash
  • Octopus Stretch
  • Cobra Clutch
  • Springboard Hurricanrana
  • FameAsser
  • Top Rope FameAsser
  • Multiply Powerbombs
  • Release Germen Suplex
  • Vertical Spinning Suplex
  • Northern Lights Suplex
  • Fisherman’s Suplex

Championship Succession

GWC Television Championship
Preceded by:
Jamal Carter
Succeeded by:
Zak Warner
GWC Television Title Reign 2
Preceded by:
Zak Warner
Succeeded by:
Zak Warner

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