Xtraction is the January Pay-Per-View for the Xtreme Hardcore Federation. During XHF's illustrious history it has developed into a very important show in terms of deciding various stable wars as part of, among other things, the annual Ten-Person Elimination Match taking place here.


Promotion Xtreme Hardcore Federation
Date January 28th, 2007
Venue XHF Arena
City Minneapolis, MN
Attendance 100,000
Pay-per-view chronology
Xtreme X-Mas Xtraction Rumble
Xtraction chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} Xtraction {{{nextevent2}}}
  • "The Undisputed Icon" MGK (c) def. Rob Arnold via Disqualification to win the XHF World Heavyweight Championship.
    • During/after the match "JFK" James Franklin Karn made a brief appearance to make intentions known against MGK.
  • Team NWS (Reckless Jack, James Mueller, Death Trap, Magnus, Joe Everyman) def. Team Brotherhood (Snake, Spike Kane, Dave Holland, Milo Holland, Ishnari) to win the annual Ten-Man Elimination Match.
  • Tara Fenix def. Deathtrain to retain the XHF X*Crown Championship.
  • Dirty Deal (c) def. Platinum and Decoy to retain the XHF Tag Team Championship.
  • "The Boyhood Dream" Doc def. AJ Pheonix.
  • Mongo the Destroyer and Chief Flaming Arrow fought to a No Content following outside interference from the returning Mr. X.
  • Chase Helton def. Kole Kaos.
  • Uncultured Youth def. Rated GNI as a Result of Forfeit.

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