Federation Name The Xtreme Wrestling Federation
Abbreviation XWF
Shows Monday Night BloodBath & Xtreme Mid-Week Massacre
Date opened Oct. 18, 2006 - Present
Owner The Powers That Be
General Managers B.H. (BloodBath) & K.A. (Xtreme Mid-Week Massacre)
Federation type Roleplay Based
Pay-per-views Monthly
Website Click here

The Xtreme Wrestling Federation (aka XWF)

The Beginning

The Xtreme Wrestling Federation (XWF) was opened for business in October of 2006 and is over seen by an anonymous person who is only known to the XWF members as "The Powers That Be" or the TPTB for short. Upon the opening of the XWF, TPTB made it his duty to round up as much talent as possible to ensure that the XWF gives the fans their money's worth and then some, and the debut of XWF's flagship show, Monday Night BloodBath, set the pace for the eventual rise of the XWF!

The Debut of Monday Night BloodBath

XWF made it's television debut with the first episode of it's flagship program, Monday Night BloodBath and it did so with a bang! Held on October 23, 2006, The debut of BloodBath will forever be etched into stone as what sparked the rise of the XWF. With the announcement that shocked the wrestling world, none other than Hart was named as BloodBath's general manager. With relatively unknown talent signed, such as Violent Vinnie Vegas, Jimmy Jive, Cody E. & TimeBomb as well as wrestling legend, Angle, the debut of XWF's BloodBath cemented it's place in the wrestling history books.

The match card for the debut featured the very first PRISON CELL BRAWL between XWF original, Violent Vinnie Vegas & Angle with special outside enforcer TimeBomb overseeing the action. This match was held inside a ring surrounded by prison cell bars and still to this day, remains as one of the most brutal matches in XWF history. The match ended in controversy when both participants we deemed unable to continue. The match may have been declared a draw, but this single match set forth a chain of events that would eventually help raise the XWF to the top of the wrestling world.


PPV History

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Current XWF Title Holders

More XWF on eWE

Official XWF Website

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