The Xtreme Chaos Wrestling (XCW) Championship was the primary championship in Xtreme Chaos Wrestling and was later a secondary championship in United Wrestling Fusion.


Xtreme Chaos Wrestling

In April 2002, XCW opened its doors and at its first Pay-Per-View, Xtreme Chaos, Demon defeated Virtue in a Hell in a Cell Match to become the first champion.

XCW was not open for long, however the championship would survive when the federation merged with the Empire Wrestling Federation to become United Wrestling Fusion.

United Wrestling Fusion

As UWF had its own World Title, the XCW World Title became known simply as the XCW Title and was vacated. At Cold Fusion Metalhead Matt Marauder defeated Undertow in a Buried Alive Match to win the vacant title.

Title history

Wrestler: Reign: Date: Show: Notes:
Demon 1 April 21, 2002 Xtreme Chaos Defeated Virtue in a Hell in a Cell Match
Bad Ass Lac-Hydrin 1 June 23, 2002 Avalanche
CoolJ 1 August 4, 2002 Beatdown This was a Fatal Fourway also involving Anarchist and Demon
Vacant November 25, 2002 Title vacated when XCW became part of UWF
Metalhead Matt Marauder 1 December 15, 2002 Cold Fusion Defeated Undertow in a Buried Alive Match
Vegeta 1 January 21, 2003 Obliteration
Metalhead Matt Marauder 2 February 23, 2003 Eternal Vendettas
Hydrogen 1 March 30, 2003 Global Disaster This was a Triple Cage Match
Phoenix Down 1 April 27, 2003 Dire Straits This was a Fatal Fourway also involving Triple M and Vegeta
Red Fusion 1 June 3, 2003 Obliteration
Unified July 18, 2003 Avarice Title unified with EWF Title and became UWF Global Championship

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