Xtreme Hardcore Federation
Abbreviation XHF
Weekly show Gastro
Time open July 2001-
Owner Mongo the Destroyer
Commissioner GQ Money
Promotion Size Global
Based On... Roleplays
Pay-per-views Monthly +1
Website Click Here

The Xtreme Hardcore Federation also known as the XHF, is a wrestling e-fed that was created on July 9th, 2001. Through its illustrious history, it's crowned many different champions and taken over many other e-fed companies. The company is full of people using characters that they have either created, or borrowed from the real wrestling world.

The XHF is a community of wrestling fans who roleplay as their characters to win matches and advance storylines. There are weekly shows, Pyro every Monday and Gastro every Friday. The last Sunday of every month is when that month's Pay Per View is held, and a pre-show is held the Wednesday before. The XHF has thirteen PPVs a year, one at the end of every month, and one on July 9th to celebrate the XHF's Birthday.

XHF History

Creation/Early Days of the XHF

Current XHF Owner Mongo the Destroyer has been known to have one of the most illustrious careers in wrestling, as well as the quickest rise to power ever recorded. He himself first joined the Xtreme Hardcore Federation in the Summer of 2001 as it was just starting up in an original incarnation. He and fellow competitor Bongo the Destroyer were the first XHF tag-team. Mongo went on to also have a long fued with Cobra for the XHF World Heavyweight Championship, never actually attaining the gold just yet, but getting very noticable fan support the entire time. Soon however, the XHF's owner at the time, Plutonic Killer (Now known as Hanz), became bankrupt and was forced to put the XHF up for sale. Word came to Mongo that the XHF's hiatus would not end and that Plutonic Killer had put it on the market for good. Mongo used his massive amounts of money, and purchased it live on a special broadcast, however it would be a while before the XHF resurfaced on it's own at all.

After a few months had passed, Mongo was seen in The Avenger's federation elsewhere known as "Nobel". Shortly thereafter Mongo decided to get the XHF's name out there once again, and began calling in contracts in the process. Soon the former XHF superstars, including Plutonic Killer, were running amuck in "Nobel", causing trouble for its owner The Avenger. Mongo had many heated battles with The Avenger, however, the night before Mongo was going to finally get his hands on The Avenger in Nobel's first, and most promising Pay Per View event, a sudden fire destroyed everything related to the federation. Saddened and dispondent over this shocking turn of events, The Avenger was forced to shut down "Nobel" altogether.

After Nobel's fall, Mongo tried to start the XHF up and running on it's own yet again, but this time discovered that the superstars he once fought beside, no longer wanted to wrestle.

While Mongo was vacationing a while later in Hawaii, Mongo receved word that The Avenger had picked up the pieces of his life and with newfound funds, he had started the Without Remorse Wrestling Federation. Mongo pounced on this, knowing that it was time for him to finish what he started. He moved into the WRWF claiming that The XHF (Currently Mongo and Bongo) would run the WRWF out of business. Rage and Hellraiser were the first WRWFers to jump ship to the XHF and were awarded with titles as a result by Mongo. The Avenger changed his persona as Mongo pushed him to the brink of insanity and became Tommy Bedlam. Again, the night before the WRWF's first Pay Per View, a fire of all things gutted the arena and Tommy Bedlam was not seen again for quite some time afterwards. Several of the WRWF's superstars were being looked at for arson charges over this incident, but the main suspect has never been found.

The day Mongo was then pulling his trailer out of the WRWF's parking lot, he was stopped by a young man who owned the arena itself, his name was Brain Doggy Dog, and the fire had made way for his federation the Brain Doggy Dog Wrestling Federation, to once again make a run at national stardom in it's own right. He had been watching Mongo in the WRWF and contracted him immediately. Soon, Brain Doggy Dog discovered that this was the biggest mistake he had ever made. The Mongo-led XHF movement again was taking control within BDDWF, however, it was raking in many fans and much money for the BDDWF, and led to several great matches. BDD ended up taking an unannounced absence a short while later, and Mongo capitalized on XHF's behalf. When BDD did eventually return, he was so angry at the poor control that had been used on the XHF that he signed the BDDWF's papers into Mongo's ownership permanently, and thus the full corporate entity of XHF as we know it today was formally born.


Shortly after the XHF took over the BDDWF, the XHF itself was invaded by the RWF, led by the owner, Rat Bastard. The war raged on for months with RWF even aqcuiring some XHF main stays on their side. But eventually, the XHF team won a match for supremacy at the Xtraction PPV.

Mongo Corp.

Shortly after, Mongo decided to take things into his own hands and make sure XHF wouldn't be invaded again. To do so, he joined forces with his arch nemesis Rat Bastard and created his own faction to monitor and control the XHF. Bringing in Mr. X and putting Platinum, Venom, and Charlie Velez on the map. He brought in young fresh talent to challenge the legends he was afraid would rise up. Eventually, it turned out to be the young wrestlers he should have been worried about.

The Young Guns

August 29th, 2004 marked the beginning of the Young Guns era. That day Charlie Velez announced that he would throw his hat into the XHF Tag Team Championship tournament, a month long tournament leading up to a tag team championship match. He then announced his partner to be Venom, whom came to his side and acknowledged Velez's statements. The two have held the Tag Team Championships twice with two different partners, each before, but never had they teamed up together to form a tag team of championship caliber.

The two continued to go through the XHF's tournament of tag teams, taking a tag team down one by one until they finally made it to the finals at XHF Breaking Point, August 2004. Facing the other finalists, Xtreme Limit, which was composed of AJ Pheonix and Cosmo. The Young Guns were heavily favored as the winners were decided if the Young Guns won once, or lost twice in the match. Young Guns won the tag team championships for the third time (both individually). Meanwhile in the same night, James Mueller defeated Rage for the contendership of the XHF X*Crown.

The following Gastro, Rage was to sign over the X*Crown Contendership to James Mueller, but Rage and Mueller were interrupted by Charlie Velez. James Mueller seemed upset over Charlie Velez getting involved, but then the two attacked Rage after Venom distracted Rage. The ambush proved successful, as James Mueller got his contract signed and the Young Guns were officially a stable.

The Young Guns are known for being cocky as what almost every young superstar is known for. Their cockiness would sometimes get the best of them, but it's what made them unique. Charlie Velez was known for his more artistic approach in his promos, often using love for his wife as an angle. Venom was known for his mouth, being able to talk himself out of or into any situation, often using the psychological approach and getting his opponents out of a sensible state of mind. James Mueller was known for his mastermind plans to make the competition easier for himself. All three were also known to range through different promo genres and styles, and that's what probably made them so special from the rest. The ability to go from drama to serious to comedy and back again in any order threw off many opponents.

What made the Young Guns so remarkable as a stable was their ability to win championships not only individually but as a team as well. The following is a list of the championships won under the Young Guns stable during their time together (as well as associates*):

World Championship:

Venom (11/28/04 - 04/25/05)

James Mueller (1/29/06 - 3/26/06)

X*Crown Championship:

James Mueller (11/04/04 - Jan. 05)

Charlie Velez (Feb. 05 - 04/25/05)

Venom (04/25/05 - 06/26/05)

European Championship:

Rat Bastard (11/28/04 - Jan. 05)*

James Mueller (03/27/05 - 04/24/05)

United States Championship:

Platinum (Jan. 05 - Feb. 05)

James Mueller (Feb. 05 - March 05)

Tag Team Championship:

Venom/Velez (9/26/04 - Feb. 05)

Venom/Velez (Apr. 05 - June 05)

Venom/Mueller (09/21/05 - 01/20/06)

Junior Heavyweight Championship:

Charlie Velez (2004)

Tara Fenix (2005)

James Mueller (10/30/05 - 11/27/05)

Notable Victories:

The Young Guns have also been victorious in one of the XHF's "annual specials". At XHF Xtraction 2005, The Young Guns featuring Venom, Charlie Velez, James Mueller, Rat Bastard, and Platinum took on Mongo Corp. in a 5 vs 5 Elimination Tag Team Match. The Young Guns were victorious as Venom and James Mueller were left standing after Venom pinned Mr. X.

The New Wave

The New Wave was not a small group of people, but an entire generation of superstars, future champions, future legends and the very people who would shake the foundations of the XHF.

The Dawning of this New Wave started with the likes of Overdrive, a faction including members: MGK, AJ Phoenix and Cosmo. This group of carefree youngsters would be the first set of new blood to open the doors for the rest. Overdrive has split up and rejoined many a time, under different names, and always the key figures have been AJ Phoenix and MGK, once upon a time they took another new XHF superstar under their wing, that being Spike Kane.

Overdrive is seen as the focus of the New Wave because of what it spawned, through association Spike Kane gained recognition and soon enough MGK and Spike turned on AJ Phoenix to bring about one of the most dominant factions the XHF has ever seen, fuelled by the New Wave, Darkside.

Darkside consisted of joint leaders, MGK and Spike Kane, The Brothers Holland (Milo and Dave) Abyss, Michael Storm, and Deathtrain. Whilst short lived the group enjoyed an amazing run of success, only one man failing to capture gold. Michael Storm claimed the XHF Hardcore Championship, Deathtrain took a claim to the XHF European Championship, whilst Dave Holland was not only the tag team champion with his brother Milo, but also the XHF Pheonix Champion. MGK on the other hand had become the XHF X*Crown Champion and soon went on for the longest X*Crown Championship reign in history. Spike Kane, had lost the United States Championship, and after repeated attempts failed to reclaim it. This led to him splitting, and soon after the entire faction collapsed.

Soon enough this would eventually lead to a cash-in on the "New Wave" as the then XHF Champion Spike Kane, the then X*Crown Champion AJ Phoenix and Kevin Hardaway would join forces under the name "The New Blood" this short lived faction however, didn't capture the minds of the XHF fans and within a month was dead. With AJ Phoenix turning on his partners to reform Overdrive with MGK.

So with the New Wave era over and both new and old mixing together, a few names stand out, MGK, AJ Phoenix, The Brothers Holland, Spike Kane and Kevin Hardaway. It's clear to tell we haven't seen the last of these men, and with a constant influx of talent in the XHF, how long is it before these superstars battle an even newer wave?

Kanyon Enterprise

Chris Kanyon having always been on the rise in XHF had never got his shot at the top. Until he banded together a wild card group known as Kanyon Enterprise, with his lackeys GQ Money and Obsidian, as well as rednecks Ron Gibson and Matt Hicks, his insane brother Curtis, a drug addict name Pillman, and a vicious young upstart named Jason Anderson. The groups formation was focused on getting Chris Kanyon a world title shot. Within a month, Kanyon had obtained his dream becoming the world champion, Ron and Matt gained the tag titles, Pillman held the U.S. title, and Jason Anderson captured the Phoenix title. Kanyon Enterprise ruled the XHF landscape for nearly six months before losing the world title to MGK.

The "Revival" vs. The "New Wave"

Charlie Velez returned to the XHF after a hiatus with a new goal and a new stable, the Revival. Contaning many of the people he thought to be the recent greats in the industry, in Doc, Venom, and more. However, this time, the new young wrestlers stood up to these former young rebels and called themselves the New Wave. Mongo tried to bring back the Corp with legends of the XHF. A faction war came about, that didn't end until Charlie Velez lost his X*Crown to Mr. X, a man who stood out from all the factions, only fighting for himself.

The End

When reigning XHF World Champ, Tara Fenix was severly injured, Mongo chose to suspend the title. For months, wrestlers competed to try and show their worth for the title to return. However, Mongo was busy fending off would be corporate take overs in his time of weakness. James Mueller successfully gained enough power to take away XHF's television priveledges before Mongo could strip him of power. However, the damage was too much and Mongo decided to cut his losses while he could and Night of Champions VII was deemed XHF's final show, at which Mongo finally officially retired the XHF World Title after winning it in a match with his last arch-rival left trying to destroy the XHF legacy, Mr. X.

A New Beginning

Charlie Velez became a big time corporate head honcho and created his own television station, VTV. He then made a deal with Mongo and brought back the XHF just in time for Night of Champions VIII. With the new TV deal, XHF was back in business. Though all the former titles were kept retired except for the X*Crown, and a title brought in by a side internet federation run by Mongo's best friend Bongo, the No Mercy title.

XHF Legends

  • Mongo the Destroyer
    • Current Owner of the XHF
    • Former, Final and First ever Four-Time XHF World Heavyweight Champion.
    • Former XHF North American Champion
  • Brain Doggy Dog
    • Former Owner of BDDWF
  • Hardcore Harry
    • Former XHF World Heavyweight Champion
    • Former XHF X*Crown Champion
    • Former XHF Ultimate Champion
    • Former XHF North American Champion
    • Former Ten-Time XHF Hardcore Champion
  • Millennium
    • Former BDDWF Ultimate Champion
    • Former XHF North American Champion
    • Former XHF Commissioner
  • Rhein the Killa
    • Former XHF World Heavyweight Champion
    • Former XHF United States Champion
    • Former XHF Commissioner
  • Rage
    • Former Two-Time BDDWF/XHF Ultimate Champion
    • Former XHF X*Crown Champion
    • Inaugural winner of the XHF Rumble (then known as BDDWF's "Rumble in the Jungle") in December 2001.
    • Former Two-Time XHF United States Champion and inaugural holder of this title (originally awarded to him by Owner Mongo the Destroyer on 11/14/01).
  • Destruction
    • Former Two-Time XHF World Heavyweight Champion
    • Former XHF United States Champion
    • Former XHF North American Champion
    • Former XHF Commissioner
  • Reeshi
    • Former Two-Time XHF World Heavyweight Champion
    • Longest reigning XHF World Heavyweight Champion with two seven month runs.
    • Former XHF United States Champion
  • Scorpion
    • Former XHF World Heavyweight Champion
    • Former XHF United States Champion
    • Former/Final Holder of the XHF North American Title.
    • Former XHF Commissioner
  • Rat Bastard
    • Former XHF World Heavyweight Champion
    • Former Two-Time XHF X*Crown Champion
    • Grand Slam Winner
    • Former XHF United States Champion
    • Former XHF North American Champion
  • Spike Kane
    • Former Two-Time XHF Champion
    • Former United States Champion
    • Former Hardcore Champion
    • Only King of the Hill
    • 2006 Rumble Winner
  • Chris Kanyon
    • Former XHF World Heavyweight Champion
    • Former X*Crown Champion, longest reigning
    • Former Two-Time XHF United States Champion
    • Former Two-Time XHF European Champion
    • Former Two Time XHF Tag Team Champion
    • Former Two Time XHF Phoenix Champion
    • Former BDDWF Champion
  • Venom
    • Former XHF World Heavyweight Champion
    • Former XHF X*Crown Champion
    • First Junior Heavyweight to win the XHF World Heavyweight Championship.
  • Charlie Velez
    • Former XHF X*Crown Champion
    • Three-Time XHF Tag Team Champion
    • Former XHF Phoenix Champion
    • Former XHF Junior Heavyweight Champion
    • Former BDDWF Tag Team Champion
  • M.G.K
    • Former XHF World Heavyweight Champion (x2)
    • Former X*Crown Champion
    • Former XHF United States Champion
    • Former XHF Hardcore Champion
    • XHF Tag Team Champion
  • Mr. X
    • Former X*Crown Champion
    • Former XHF United States Champion
    • Former XHF Tag Team Champion (x2)
    • Former XHF Hardcore Champion

Current Champions

Championship Retired Mongo last to hold Held since
XHF World Heavyweight Champion Retired Mongo last to hold March 30, 2008
XHF X*Crown Champion Reeshi July 9, 2009
XHF No Mercy Champion Harold Campbell July 9, 2009
XHF United States Champion Retired Steve Awesome last to hold August 26, 2007
XHF European Champion Retired Scorpion last to hold March 30, 2008
XHF Tag Team Champions Retired Venom and Velez last to hold February 29, 2008
XHF Junior Heavyweight Champion Retired Obsidian last to hold December 30, 2007
XHF Phoenix Champion Retired Bongo last to hold. March 25, 2007
XHF Hardcore Champion Retired Jayson Matthews last to hold November 25, 2007

Retired Championships

XHF Ultimate Submission Title History - This Championship was adapted from the fallen XCW and never took off as a solid Championship in the XHF and therefore was retired.

XHF Ultimate Title History - The Championship from the XHF's former Sister company the BDDWF was taken in with the XHF when it took over the BDDWF and was later merged into what is now the XHF X*Crown Championship. The Ultimate Title was though recently taken from the X*Crown and defended, but was remerged with the X*Crown.

XHF Women's Title History - Although Women's wrestling has never been frowned upon in the XHF, the division never seems to take off. Therefore this belt has been suspended and unsuspended several times but is currently back in retirement. The last holder of the belt was Tanya Byrd.

XHF Hardcore Tag Team Title History - These Tag Team Belts are much like the Ultimate title as they were the tag belts that came from the BDDWF when the XHF took it over. Shortly after the XHF became the sole owner of the BDDWF and the BDDWF name was dropped all together the BDDWF tag titles were turned into the Hardcore Tag Titles and later became merged with the XHF Tag Team Titles.

XHF North American Title History - The history of the North American title was vast considering it's short time in the company and was held by many owners who later became XHF Champions. The belt though was suspended by then Commish Rat Bastard to have one of his own RWF members be forever considered the last North American Champion

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