Stephen Murdock (Born October 3, 1987 in Clarksville, TN) is a professional wrestler, retired promoter, and retired actor currently wrestling for the Radical Wrestling Cartel (RWC) and is most commonly known for his appearances in Brutality Wrestling Federation (BWF) and the ownership of Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW).

Xtreme Steve
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Xtreme Steve]]
Real name Stephen Murdock
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Height 5 foot 9 inches
Weight 209 lbs
Date of birth October 3, 1987
Place of birth Clarksville, Tennessee
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Clarksville, Tennessee
Billed from Clarksville, Tennessee
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Debut Pro Wrestling Debut - March 2000
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Early Years

Born into a then family of 4 (but now family of 6) Stephen Murdock was born and raised in the small county of Montgomery County in a Small city called Clarksville, Tennessee. Growing up, Steve played football for his Northeast High Team alongside his brother Eric "Lil' Knoxville" Murdock in his freshman year. Not filling it as his sport, Steve decided to watch his grandfaher, Deadly D. Murdock, wrestle for promotions such as NWA Main Event, CMLL, and many others around the world as well as his father run and wrestle for the original ICW which then stood for Integrated Championship Wrestling, promoting a non-racial promotion. After his freshman season of football, Steve learned that Eric too wanted to be a wrestler, so the two went under the training of their father and Steve later went under training of his late grandfather in Deadly D. Murdock.

Integrated Championship Wrestling

In late March of 2000, Steve began his wrestling career by teaming with life time friend Eddy White in a "Special Partner" tag team title match, where Eddy brought Steve in for a title match as "Baby Boy" Murdock against the then ICW Tag Champions, Hurricane Adam and Johnny Dollar. The match went to a 15 minute time limit draw, but it would be a match that would set Steve up for true big time wrestling.

In the 4th week of April, Steve and his brother Eric were both signed to the Brutality Wrestling Federation with a two year contract.

Brutality Wrestling Federation

BWF Dark Matches

In the months of April to June in 2000, Steve began to work dark matches for the BWF under the name Mr. Xtreme. His first BWF rivalry, in Dark Matches, would come about when Steve began facing Fighter X in 5 matches over the course of 3 months, winning only two of those five.

Main Show

Impressing the BWF Owner, Colin Percy, Steve was bumped up to Night Opener for the BWF and placed in the Cruiserweight Division where he quickly began rivaling against the third Cruiserweight Champion from the day he first appeared on BWF Monday Night Showdown to his first departure from the BWF.

In this long time rival, he would go into his first love angle by coming to the aid of Josie, who would then leave him for The Great One.

Steve's greatest success in BWF, perhaps, might come from the first ever Soul Survivor Match where Steve eliminated a record of 3 people in 5 minutes before being eliminated himself by his own brother in Lil' Knoxville.

Before leaving the BWF, Steve began to have problems with Owner Colin Percy as the owner began talks of an incest storyline, this would lead to a contract adolishment of both Steve and Eric. Steve's last BWF Match was in a Ladder Match for the Cruiserweight Championship, which he ended up losing to his rival in Speed.

Double Contracts (2002)

In the Spring of 2002, Both Steve and Knoxville received contracts to the Ruthless Wrestling Entertainment and the NonStop Wrestling Alliance. Bounded by a non-can't sign to other promotion contract, Steve decided to give both promotions a shot. In three weeks, he was a champion in both promotions, working 3 nights a week... Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays... Sometimes even twice on Sundays.

In the RWE, Steve became the RWE Champion while his brother was World Champion. This clash of Showstoppers running RWE sparked competition for him.

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