Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment
Acronym XWE
Industry Professional Wrestling
Headquarters New York City
Brands See Shows
Show(s) Monday Night Impact
Friday Night Nitro
Schedule PPV
Website Coming Soon
Established June 2004
October 2013
CEO Jayden Murphy
Founder(s) Jayden Murphy
Key people See Roster
Owner Jayden Murphy
President Maxine Vargas
Booker(s) Jayden Murphy
Writer(s) Jayden Murphy & Maxine Vargas

Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment. (doing business as XWE Inc.) is an American publicly traded, privately controlled entertainment company dealing primarily in professional wrestling, with major revenue sources also coming from film, music, product licensing, and direct product sales. It is currently one of the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world, reaching 20 million viewers in the U.S. and broadcasting its shows in 30 languages to more than 145 countries.

Jayden Murphy is the majority owner through his Murphy Sports Inc Company, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of the company. Together with Maxine Vargas, and Chase Owens (Former Vice President Of XWE and Current Wrestler), they hold approximately 90% of XWE's economic interest and 96% of the voting power in the company. The company's headquarters are located in New York City, New York with offices in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago , Tokyo, London, and Calgary.

XWE Currently runs on a PPV only schedule, Which has been ground breaking in reinventing the dying sport of professional Wrestling, producing more publicity and pay per view revenue for the sport.

History Of XWE

Ruthless Beginnings 2004

On June 5, 2004, Jayden Murphy a former member of the board at Pro Wrestling X, founded Murphy Sports, Inc. and on June 12, 2004, purchased Pro Wrestling X Ltd. from Alex Jones and other stock holders (Jackson Banks, Jason Arum , and Tyson Mitchell Sr). Alex Jones had long since established the PWX as one of the most vibrant members of the WWWA. Against his best friend's wishes, Murphy began an expansion process that fundamentally changed the industry.

The XWE was not the only promotion to have broken ranks with the WWWA; the Allstar Wrestling Association (ASWA) had long ago ceased being an official WWWA member (although like the XWE, they seldom left their own territory). However, neither of the defecting members attempted to undermine the territory system that had been the foundation of the industry for more than half a century.

Other promoters were furious when Murphy began syndicating XWE television shows to television stations across the United States, in areas outside of the XWE's traditional California stronghold. Murphy also began selling videotapes of XWE events outside the California Area through his X Sports Video distribution company. He effectively broke the unwritten law of regionalism around which the entire industry had been based. To make matters worse, Murphy used the income generated by advertising, television deals, and tape sales to poach talent from rival promoters. Wrestling promoters nationwide were now in direct competition with the XWE.

Jack Mercer, due to his appearance in Movies, had a national recognition that few other wrestlers could offer, which is what led Murphy to sign him.Chase Owens was brought in, as well as Bo Baker (although Baker rarely wrestled in the XWE at that point due to Injuries that caused his retirement, moving to the commentator booth alongside TJ Tyler) Impact Kid, Jr Souless, Kane Mitchell, Alan Rogue, Shaun Holly, The Great Milenko, and Bullet Runnels rounded out the roster. Mercer was clearly Murphy's biggest star, causing some people to debate whether the XWE could have achieved national success without him.

The XWE would tour nationally in a venture that required huge capital investment; one that placed the XWE on the verge of financial collapse. The future of not just Murphy's experiment, but also the XWE, the WWWA, and the whole industry came down to the success or failure of Murphy's groundbreaking concept, War Games. WarGames was a pay-per-view extravaganza, Murphy's vision was to make the XWE and the industry itself mainstream, targeting more of the general television audience by exploiting the entertainment side of the industry. With the inaugural War Games the XWE initiated a joint-promotional campaign with HBO, which featured a great deal of XWE coverage and programming. The mainstream media attention brought on by celebrities including Oscar De La Hoya, P.Diddy, and Mike Tyson at the event helped propel War Games to become a staple in popular culture.

The original War Games, held in 2004, was a resounding success. This event is sometimes credited as the debut of what Murphy called "The Ultimate Blood Sport entertainment". The XWE did incredible business on the shoulders of Murphy and his all-American babyface hero, Jack Mercer, for the next Year, creating what some observers dubbed a second golden age for professional wrestling.

Fall From Grace 2004-2005

HWL, XWE's main Rival at the time countered XWE's rating dominance in Late 2004 with its own Monday night program, HWL Monday Anarchy, broadcast in the same time slot as Impact The two programs would trade wins in the ensuing ratings competition known as the famous Monday Night Wars until mid-2005. At this point, HWL began a nearly year long domination that was largely fueled by the introduction of the Wolfpac , a stable led by former XWE Wrestlers Bullet Runnels, Shad Stewart and Kip Owens.

Attitude Era

In late 2005 XWE introduced it's Attitude Era, Fueled by the Arrival of such New Superstars as Sean Mendez, Kane Mitchell,Vazer Vialpondo, Matt Hart, AJ Spears, Evan Jones and Marcus Jackson. During this time XWE Began to push a more over the top and edgy style of wrestling.

The LAX Saga Part One 2006


Rise Of The Dark Knights 2007


Murder City Dominance 2008


The LAX Saga Part Two 2008


This Is a Womens World 2009


Fall Of An Icon 2009


The LAX Saga Part Three 2009


The Great War 2009-2011


LAX Own XWE 2010-2011


Killing A Legacy 2011


Upcoming XWE Pay-Per-View Events

Date Event Venue City
March 2014 Seek and Destroy I Melbourne Cricket Ground Australia
April 2014 War Games I May Day Stadium Pyongyang, North Korea
May 2014 Clash Of The Titans I Salt Lake Stadium India
June 2014 Dangerous Intentions I The Great Strahov Stadium Prague, Czech Republic
July 2014 Scars and Stripes I Camp Nou Spain
August 2014 Heat Wave I San Siro Milan, Italy
September 2014 Ground Zero I Croke Park Ireland
October 2014 Saints and Sinners I Wembley Stadium London, England
November 2014 Road To Prestige I Ibrox Stadium Glasgow Scotland
December 2014 Pain and Glory I Michigan Stadium Michigan

XWE Championships

Championship Current champion(s) Date Won Event Previous champion(s) Notes
XWE World Heavyweight Championship Vazer Vialpando May 25, 2014 Clash Of The Titans I Cody Taylor Defeated Kaylen Knight after Cody Taylor Vacated The Title.
XWE Championship Vacant N/A N/A N/A Jesus Vialpando vacated the Championship, after he had to take time away from the Company
XWE Universal Championship Sean Mendez May 25, 2014 Clash Of The Titans I N/A Defeated Kane Mitchell in a Last man standing match.
XWE Vixens Championship Carmella Vialpando March 30, 2014 Seek and Destroy I N/A Defeated Latoya Runnels in a Hell In a Call
XWE No Limit Championship Romeo Mendez March 30, 2014 Seek and Destroy I N/A Defeated Kayden Fletcher In a Street fight
XWE Womens Championship Catelyn Vaine May 25, 2014 Clash Of The Titans I Kayleigh Murphy Defeated Kayleigh Murphy
XWE Tag Team Championships Stefan Raab and Kane Crosby May 25, 2014 Clash Of The Titans I N/A Defeated Kayden Fletcher and Brendan Maddox

Other accomplishments

Accomplishment Latest Winner Date Won Event
XWE Triple Crown Championship N/A N/A N/A
XWE Grand Slam Championship N/A N/A N/A
King Of The Throne N/A N/A N/A
War Games Cup N/A N/A N/A


XWE Stars

Ring name Real name Notes
Anthony Guerrero Anthony Guerrero
Carmella Vialpando Carmella Vialpando Vixens Champion
Chase Owens Chase Calloway
Catelyn Vaine Catelyn Vaine Manadtory Womens Contender
Cody Taylor Cody Taylor World Heavyweight Champion
Evan Jones Evan Jones
Jack Mercer Jack Mercer
Jemma Valentine Jemma Valentine
Jesus Vialpando Jesus Vialpando XWE Champion
Kane Crosby Kane Crosby
Kayden Fletcher Kayden Fletcher Mandatory No Limits Contender
Kayleigh Murphy Kayleigh Murphy Womens Champion
Kaylen Knight Kaylen Knight Mandatory World Contender
Matt Hart Matt Hart Mandatory No Limits Contender
Natalie Kane Natalie Kane Mandatory Vixens Contender
Neva Salazar Neva Salazar
Romeo Mendez Romeo Mendez No Limit Champion
Salinas Mendez Salinas Mendez
Sean Mendez Sean Mendez
Vazer Vialpondo Vazer Vialpondo

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