Xtreme Wrestling Federation
Federation Name Xtreme Wrestling Federation
Abbreviation XWF
Shows Thursday Night Havoc & Friday Rampage
Time open June 2008
Owner Michael Nelson
Based in St. Louis, Missouri
Federation type Roleplay Based
Pay-per-views Monthly
Roster Count 30

Xtreme Wrestling Federation (XWF) is an male & female wrestling e-federation which launched in 2004. XWF has been running since then, with a scandal or two in between, and looks to embark on 2008 with a full head of steam. The company's wrestlers are great at what they do. The aim of company is to combine both scandal and drama with American wrestling.

Every week, XWF's flagship show Thursday Night Havoc provides hard-hitting matches combined with backstage antics to get everybody talking. Every month there is a pay-per-view, with the most prestigious PPV being "Extreme Innovation ", which celebrates the birth of the company. The company has five major titles and an ever-changing list of mysterious and fun divas.

Recently, XWF brought in a second show called Friday Rampage and split the roster in half, the second show debuts July 11, 2008

We offer GREAT results from both cards, fair treatment and a family, the owner gets in on the action as we are one big happy family. If you are a good roleplayer or someone just getting start, XWF Wrestling is the place to check out!

We have a money system going on, a LIVE radio show EVERY Sunday, a video game coming out VERY soon, and lets not forgot some of the best roleplayers on the net today! Come check us out and see if you can hang with the family!

XwF Staff

  • XwF Chairman & Founder: Michael Nelson
  • President: James Michaels
  • Vice President: Eric Telfor
  • Havoc General Manager: Eric Telfor
  • Rampage General Manager: Victor Vegas
  • Director of Talent Relations: Casey Willis
  • Talent Relations (scout): John Carter
  • Head Writers: Mike Nelson & Eric Telfor
  • Writers: Mike Nelson, Victor Vegas, Eric Telfor


  • Alex Falcon
  • Alexander Ayers
  • American Justice
  • Blackwell
  • Chris Knight (HOF)
  • Christopher Freedman
  • Crimson
  • Daniel Tomlinson
  • Dante
  • DJ
  • Doug Wiser
  • Drake Phoenix
  • Hell's Guardian
  • HoneySuckle Rose
  • Icon
  • Jacob Morgan
  • Johnny Craven
  • Kenny Haze
  • Matt Rodrigeuz
  • Mizery (HOF)
  • Night Blade
  • Night Train
  • Nosferatu
  • Ryan Reppert (HOF)
  • Sean Rage
  • Shaggy
  • Shane Grimson
  • Seth Drabble
  • T-Bird
  • The Body
  • Wilf Fire
  • Wolfbane
  • Xander

Current Roster

Thursday Night Havoc

Wrestler Manager
Chris Extreme
Mihael Hellas Christina
Marcus Cage Candy
Dynamite Candy
CJ Extreme
Lionheart Nicole
Joker Lucy
Drake Demarco Katrina Sinclair
Takashi Inmetsu
Deshaun Smith
Morbid Rev. Jacob Anderson
Stoney LaRue
Santa Santa's Hoe Hoe Hoe's

Friday Night Rampage

Wrestler Manager
Tommy Smith Navona
Mr. Sanders
Alex Storm
Flex Johnson
Shane Michaels
Rusty Nailz
The X-Man Geoffrey "Low G" Jackson
Axle Vengeance
Jason Pilaco

Current Title Holders

Championship Current champion(s) Won from
XWF World Champion Spice One Drake Demarco
World Champion Spice One Tournament
XWF Tevevison Vacant N/A
XWF Ironman Vacant N/A
XWF No Limits Champion Alex Storm Lionheart
XWF United States Champion Iceman n/a
XWF Tag Team Champions Shock N Awe Team Extreme
Tag Team Champions Vacant N/A

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Pay Per View

  • January: Total Carnage
  • February: Indecent Xposure --Our Wrestlemania--
  • March: Massacre
  • April: X-Rated
  • May: Genocide
  • June: Revenge
  • July: Red, White & Blood
  • August: Beach Brawl
  • September: Unpredictable --Cyber Sunday Type Event--
  • October: Cursed
  • November: Xtreme Rumble --Royal Rumble Type Match--
  • December: Christmas Chaos

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