Xtreme Wrestling Federation
Federation Name Xtreme Wrestling Federation
Abbreviation XWF
Shows Rebellion Friday
Time open 2007-Present
Owner(s) Jamez Hardy
Based in United States
Federation type Roleplay Writing
Pay-per-views 12 per year
Website Click here


Jamez Hardy

Background info

Xtreme Wrestling Federation (XWF for short) was created in June of 2007 an is a match RP based federation. XWF allows anyone to Roleplay with very few restrictions. XWF has a very active roster with several titles, storylines, and even some NPC interference. The first match card ever was Fusion Monday our very first which took place on Monday. XWF Fusion Monday and XWF Rebellion Friday would be the two names of the weekly match cards. Many would hold XWF's top Championship with the likes of RVD, Virus, Cyclone, and Jade Malakai. The XWF also boasted a great Tag Team divison where teams like Dynamic Duo and Insane Clown Posse (ICP for short) would each make an impact in the tag division. The Lightweights would not be left out as some XWF superstars like Cruzer, Razor Backlash, and more would hold also make an impact in the X Division. XWF proudly boasts the 24/7 Championship, which can be challenged for at anytime by anyone as long as their is a ref in site. Countless superstars had the thrill of Rp'ing for this great fed every night as much as possible. XWF continues to grow as it enters it's first month in buisness.

Current Roster

Jamez Hardy (XWF owner), Anti Hero Zel, Jade "Jagged" Malakai (c), Suicide, Suicidal Maniac, Virus (c), Rob Van Dam (c), Viloent J (c), Cruzer Callahan Shaggy 2 Dope (c), Razor Backlash, Christian Chaos, Damon Batista, Nemesis, Cyclone (c), Ace Lightning, Human Tornado, Apocolypse Jonny Jones Shipster

Current Champions

XWF X Division Champion - Virus

XWF Genocidal Tag Champions - Insane Clown Posse (Shaggy 2 Dope & Viloent J)

XWF US Champion - Rob Van Dam

XWF Hardcore Champion - Cyclone

XWF 24/7 Champion - Jade "Jagged" Malakai

XWF World Heavyweight Champion - Vacant

Current XWF PPV Schedule

January - eXistenZ (XWF's Version of the Royal Rumble)

Feburary - Chaos Theory

March - CyberStryke

April - Jokers Revenge

May - Redemption

June - Blackout

July - Xtraction

August - Ground Zero

September - Adrenaline Rush

October - InsurrXtion

November - Breaking Point

December - Rebirth

External Links

Official Site

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