Xtreme Wrestling Organization
Founded February 2006
Defunct May 2011
Abbreviation xWo
Brands Monday Night Revenge
Wednesday Night Anarchy
Friday Night MeltDown!
Thursday Night Affliction
Founders Shane Ransom (Jon)
James Anarchy (Zach)
Owners Leo Ames (Alex Uno)
James Anarchy (Zach)
Christian Stevens (Chris')

Xtreme Wrestling Organization (xWo) was a efederation, that ran from February 2006 until May 2011. The federation did actually consist of two shows, Monday Night Revenge and Friday Night Meltdown, however a third brand was later brought in called Wednesday Night Anarchy. They would later go back to only two shows before the introduction of Thursday Night Affliction where they merged both Revenge and Meltdown together. The Federation all in all, had various General Managers and Authority figures and was very successful up until it's closure in May 2011.


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Championships and programming

ChampionshipLast holderDate createdRetiredPrevious champion(s)
xWo Championship John James February 2006 2009 Mariusz Pudzianowski
World Heavyweight Championship Andre Bolea February 2006 2011 Vincent Jericho
xWo Undisputed Championship Romeo Valentine April 2009 2011 Mephisto
xWo Revenge Championship Colby Henderson February 2006 2011 Daniel Nobodi
xWo Meltdown Championship Lex Marsters February 2006 2011 Vacant
xWo International Championship Ripper September 2010 May 2011 Zack Lifer
xWo Madness Championship Ripper April 2007 May 2011 Ryan Henderson
xWo X-Division Championship Ryan Henderson February 2006 August 2010 Vacant
xWo Tag Team Championship Bryan Matthews/Mike Styles February 2006 May 2011 Vacant
xWo Women's Championship Jemma Sterling February 2006 May 2011 Vacant
xWo Television Championship Hell's Guardian February 2006 June 2010 Marauder
xWo North American Championship Unknown February 2006 Unknown Unknown
xWo Million Dollar Championship Ryan Henderson Unknown 2011 Vacant

Television Programming

Programming Notes
Monday Night Revenge (2006–2010)
Friday Night Meltdown (2006–2010)
Wednesday Night Anarchy (2007–2008)
Thursday Night Affliction (2010–2011)

Pay Per View Events

Event Month Year's active
New Year's Massacre January 2006–2011
Redemption February 2006–2011
Night of Infamy March 2006–2011
Chained In April 2006–2011
Battlegrounds May 2006–2011
Resurrection June 2006–2011
Vendetta July 2006–2011
SummerClash August 2006–2011
Fall From Grace September 2006–2011
Cyber Sunday September 2006–2010
Ground Zero October 2010–2011
Last Rights November 2006–2011
Final Days December 2006–2011
Do or Die Unknown 2006

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