Xtreme X-Mas is the December Pay-Per-View for the Xtreme Hardcore Federation. During XHF's illustrious history it has developed into a very important show in terms of setting the stage each year for the upcoming Decimation event with, among other things, the annual End of Days Tournament which takes place here. Specifically the winner of this multi-person tournament automatically earns the right to move on and face the reigning holder of the XHF X*Crown Championship in the upper card portion of each Decimation Pay-Per-View.


Xtreme X-Mas
Promotion Xtreme Hardcore Federation
Date December 31st, 2006
Venue Olympic Stadium
City Montréal, Québec
Attendance 65,255
Pay-per-view chronology
Supremacy Xtreme X-Mas Xtraction
Xtreme X-Mas chronology
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  • In an "Annihilation Complex" Match featuring "The Undisputed Icon" MGK ©, Congo the Destroyer ©, "The New Main Event" Snake, "Diamond" Dave Holland, Reckless Jack, "The True Innovator" Rob Arnold, "The Frozen Phoenix" Tara Fenix & Chris "MVP" Kanyon two separate falls took place for the XHF X*Crown Championship & XHF World Heavyweight Championship respectively, with the results being as follows:
  • "The Flaming Dragon" AJ Pheonix (c) def. "The Career Killer" Jason Anderson to retain the XHF United States Championship in a "No Disqualification" Match.
    • "The Boyhood Dream" Doc returned following this match to make intentions known against AJ Pheonix.
  • Dirty Deal (Curtis Kanyon/Ron Gibson) (c) def. Hope Never Dies (Kevin Hardaway/Jay Williams) to retain the XHF Tag Team Championship in a "Death Row" Match.
  • "Joe Everyman (c) def. CK Owens to retain the XHF Phoenix Championship.
  • "The Highlight of the Night" Chris Mercury def. Mike Carnage in an End of Days Tournament Quarterfinals Match.