Xtremo the Clown
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Height Undisclosed
Weight Undisclosed
Date of birth Unknown
Place of birth Unknown
Date of death Repeating Occurances
Place of death A Back Alley near the CWF Studio
Resides Deceased
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Trainer Barbarian, Kaiser Soze
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Xtremo the Clown, (Uknown- April 22, 2007), was a professional wrestler for CWF Ignition. He was found raped and dead in a back alley during a CWF House Show.

Xtremo's murder quicly became the subject of little contraversy, the police decided not to peruse the criminal because they found the case "boring" and figured "no one would care." They cited the fact that the victim was a "retarded clown... thing...." as the chief reason behind the lack of further investigation into the murder.

This rose a great deal of heat from the Clown community who threatened to "sue them in England" should they not retract the anti-retarded clown sentiment. However, no action came as no Lawyer wished to work for clowns, no one cared what the "cClownCommunity' thought.

One lawyer claims that he was contacted by Xtremo's former trainer, Barbarian who had this to say: "DAAAAAAAH!!!!!!". The trainer then stepped on the phone and raised his arms in the air.

Xtremo was diognosed as being retarded in 2007 shortly after shooting promo in which he ingested animal feces.

CWF Career

Shortly after The Janitor began appearing on CWF, seeking to ride his affectionately fan loved character, Barbarian trained Xtremo to become CWF's "next big joke". What the pair failed to realize how ever was that the reason janitor was over was due to his lovable underdog character in combination with his antics, and that simply performing random "funny" acts would not lead to a successful character.

Shortly after gettign involved in Janitor's feud with Patrick Hunter, Xtremo shot a promo (as previously mentioned) about eating feces. Shortly there after he was defeated by the Janitor in his first CWF match Xtremo at this point had lost once already, and recieved his second to the debuting custodian, after being cracked over the head with a Mop, and subsequently Mop Dropped onto the mat before being pinned.

Xtremo launched on a tirade, convinced his promo about eating animal maneur was 'funnier" than janitor's promo (which featured a Hulk hogan impersonation followed by an impassioned speech about other legends of Wrestling) and insisted that the Janitor had cheated to win.

Xtremo demanded that if the match was not over turned he would quit the company. Ten minutes after making this declaration, Xtremo was fired before callously stating he quits, evidently unaware that he had alread been removed from the company.

Xtremo was not heard from again until a house show later that month, shortly before CWF's first pay per view, Blind Justice, following a Janitor promo. Ironically, a few minutes after his former rival's promo ended, Xtremo was 'attacked by wolves until he was subsquentally raped and mugged by a local thug.'

Despite his apparent death, Xtremo appeared in a Janitor promo shortly before the No Man's Land, but shortly there after was killed (again) by a falling light fixture above the stage. (As The Janitor noted "Oh my god, they killed Xtremo!" )

Other Facts

Theme Music: "Circus Music"


  • Clown Around - Circus Antics
  • Hard End Drop - Xtremo sits down
  • Soreasser - (Middle rope Fameasser)

Championships and accomplishments

  • Lost to The Janitor in the custodian's CWF debut
  • Appeared in the Power 15 once.
  • Died on three separate occasions.


  • Xtremo the clown was notoriously resented backstage for NEVER dropping character outside of his matches. Constantly ending his sentences with "AHAHAHA!!" for no explicable reason. Eventually his trainer, Barbarian mysteriously picked up this practice as well.
  • Xtremo was voted the Best CWF Roster Member in the March CWF Awards. His nomination for this award and subsequentally winning it is considered by many to be an in-joke by CWF's management staff. The second place runner up (and seen by many as the actual winner) was Mental Jack.
  • Xtremo may or may not be dead. The clip aired after the janitor's promo mentioned above is considered by many to be a work and any hold fast to the possibility that everyone's (least) favourite Clown may be alive and well.
  • Xtremo reappeared at No Man's Land where he died once again, increasing the liklihood that it was indeed a work.
  • Xtremo was parodied in a CWF promo by VND, where Xtremo was part of a triad gang but was subsequently beaten to death by VND. It was also noted that this "Xtremo" believed the CWF was gay bar.
  • CWF signed a superstar who goes by The Clown who bares a striking ressemblance to Xtremo n both apperance and mannerisms. Any connection is at this point unknown.
  • Towards the tail end of 2007, a figure identifying itself as ?tremo was active on CWF's official fan forum, using certain mannerisms of the clown's. Some fans speculated that this indicated Xtremo's not long-awaited return. In fact ?tremo turned out to be BaY-B Dogg.
  • Xtremo was overwhelmingly anticipated to be the first inductee into any potential CWF Hall of Shame. On 9th January 2008, exactly that happened, The Clown finally earning the place in CWF history he so deserved.

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