The YPW Pure Championship is the second highest championship in Yggdrasil Pro Wrestling. It is contested under the same rules as the realtime Ring of Honor Pure Championship, being that there are three rope breaks allowed per match, touching the referee or using closed fists results in an instant disqualification, and there are twenty second count outs.


Ever since the YPW Pure Championship was created, the title was a major player in the following matches...

  • Skyler Striker and "The Valkyrie" Lind participate in an instant classic at YPW Clash.

  • Kid Hollywood pulls off the upset over Striker at YPW Kingdom Come for the Pure Title.

Even after Yggdrasil Pro closed down, the YPW Pure Title was still active with Kid Hollywood still holding the title.


However, after Skyler Striker defeated Kid Hollywood at PWX Breakdown II to win back the title, Skyler (knowing that Yggdrasil Pro was gone forever) chose to get rid of the belt, throwing it down on the ground. When the remaining members YPW Management heard of this, an emergency meeting was held. Due to Skyler Striker throwing down the belt and vacating it, the committee decided to award the title to "The Valkyrie" Lind. Even though they are claims that Skyler Striker has the true YPW Pure Title belt, the official YPW Pure Champion is Lind. Once the new year began, the title was vacated.

Current Champion(s)

The remnants of YPW Management resurrected the title and pronounced it vacant on January 1, 2007.

Championship Reign by Time

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost
Skyler Striker August 3, 2006 September 25, 2006
Kid Hollywood September 25, 2006 November 13, 2006
Skyler Striker November 13, 2006 Vacated November 13, 2006
"The Valkyrie" Lind November 14, 2006 Vacated January 1, 2007
None January 1, 2007 present

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