Yaminocho Tang (D.O.B Unknown) better known simply as Tang is a professional wrestling announcer best known for being part of the three person announce team on Pro Wrestling R4GE events along with Aaron Jacobs and Sara Fielding.

Tang supposedly arrived to R4GE as part of a deal with a Japanese company which was sponsoring Pro Wrestling R4GE in it's early days. He appears to know very little about wrestling and instead makes random comments about wrestlers and sexual innuendo toward fellow commentator Sara Fielding. Tang is one of the most popular non-wrestling characters in Pro Wrestling R4GE for his humours comments and his 'Tangs Wang' catchphrase.


  • Tang didn't appear on the first few episode of TNT, which started with a two person commentary team.
  • He was once knocked out by Ivan Petrov.
  • His early trade mark was shouting his name randomly during R4GE broadcasts.
  • Tang was also employed by 2PW and 4CW albeit briefly.

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