New Yggdrasil Pro Wrestling (NYPW) is an American professional wrestling federation. It was known for some of its mystical characters and the many wrestlers who participate in major federations elsewhere in the past. And now, Yggdrasil Pro has turned from a full-fleged federation into an annual tournament with the Bedford Remington Memorial Trophy for the tournament champion.

Yggdrasil Pro Wrestling
Debut Date July 27, 2006
Relaunch Date Spring, 2007
Headquarters Valkyrie Hall, New York City, NY, USA.
Commissioner David Alastair
Operated By NYPW Management

Television Shows

YPW has one show each week, named "Thursday Night Warzone". Warzone debuted on the 27th of July, 2006.

YPW Clash, which is the Yggdrasil Pro Supershow, premiered August 17, 2006. The main event featured a three-way Ultimate X Match between Reckless Jack, Lance Ryan, and Jon Michaels. Reckless Jack won the vacant YPW World Title after a hard-fought match.


Yggdrasil Pro's first Pay-Per-View, "Kingdom Come", took place on the 24th of September. On this PPV, David Alastair defeated Ricky Crush, Kid Hollywood defeated Skyler Striker for the YPW Pure Championship, and Reckless Jack returned and was placed in the main event: a 2-of-3 falls match involving "The Valkyrie" Lind and Jon Michaels. In the main event, Reckless Jack defeated Lind for the first pinfall and Jon Michaels for the second pinfall, making Reckless Jack the first and only Yggdrasil Pro World Champion.

Closing of the original Yggdrasil Pro

Even after a successful Pay-Per-View, Yggdrasil Pro had to close its doors due to management issues with the WrestleView Wrestling Federation. The remaining strap, YPW World Title, is held by Reckless Jack.

Y-Pro Cup

Although the original Yggdrasil Pro has been closed down, the YPW Management has been considering relaunching in the near future in the form of the Y-Pro Cup Tournament. The tournament will certainly take new applications in order to prepare for the first show, comprised of opening round matches.



  • David Alastair ("The Commish")
  • Ryan Andrews (Head Commentator)
  • Mister D. Evil (Color Commentator)
  • Athena (Interviewer)
  • Harleen Quinzel (Interviewer)
  • Snickers (Y-Pro's pet raccoon)

Championships and accomplishments

Promotion Championship
or accomplishment
Current champion(s) Held since
New Yggdrasil Pro Wrestling
Y-Pro Cup Champion vacant

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