Name - Zachary

Nicknames - The Eliminator, The Uncrowned World Champ, Mr. Mid-Card, The Face of Carnage

Age - 23 (15/6/85)

Weight - 256 lbs

Height - 6 ft. 2 in.

Entrance Music - Always by Saliva

Birth Place - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Hometown - Melbourne, Victoria

Finishers - Total Elimination (F-5 With DDT Landing), One Shot Kill (Gore), Sharpshooter

Moveset - Powerbomb, Elimination DDT (evenflow DDT), German Suplex, Dragon Suplex, Snap Suplex, Belly-to-Belly Suplex, Belly-to-Back Suplex, Delayed Brainbuster, Straight-Edge Chop (knife-edge chop), Moonsalt, Drop Toe Hold into various leg submissions, Spinning STO, Big Boot, Flying Clothesline, Shin/Knee Breaker

Gimmick - Wrestling Machine Destined For Greatness

Title History

1x CGS American Champion

1x ROG X-Rated Champion

1x ROG FallOut Champion

1x ROG Fusion Champion

1x CGS Carnage World Champion


Last CGS American Champion

Unified the ROG X-Rated and FallOut Championships to Create the ROG Fusion Championship

Last ROG Fusion Champion

1st Ever CGS Carnage World Champion

Win Loss Record

W-6, L-1, D-2

Total Sexthyness def. Alcatraz & Black Dagger.

Tables Match, Zachary def. Black Dagger

Zachary def. Black Dagger & Alcatraz

Total Sexthyness def. Kenny Orton & Massimo

Zachary def. C-Mak

Zachary def. Black Dagger

Eric Logan & Tya def. Zachary & Aesha

Zachary vs Black Dagger w/ Eric Logan as special guest referee, No Contest

Canage World Title Match, Zachary def. Eric Logan

Zachary vs Ghost, No contest


Bourne in Melbounre where he lived and grew up for 20 years. As a child Zachary was a major wrestling fan, his child hood dream was to become a professional wrestler. As he grew up Zach got more involved with wrestling, he would attend local shows and at a young age started working with the ring crew. Zach was setting up wrestling rings at the age of 15. When he was old enough Zach attended a local wrestling academy, he graduated at the age of 18. He spent the next 3 years honing his craft, wrestling in Australia and occasionally Japan. When he has saved a small fortune he moved to the US and wrestled for local promotions waiting for his big break.

At the age of 22 Zachary was signed to the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, CGS. He had a succesful career during his first run with the company, enjoying a reign as the CGS American Champion and being highlighted in the main event of the Livewire brand. Zachary fueded with some well known CGS wrestlers at the time, The Storme Stable, Black Dagger, Baz and others. When CGS went out of business Zach was forced to take a job in other promotions.

Zach debuted in ROG and at the start of his long run there did not do so well. Zachary was losing to most of the Meltdown roster for the first few months. In a desperate attempt to get some wins in ROG he started teaming with Tristian "Rampage" Artist. They lost for a majority of the time but did eventually get their act together and challange the tag team champions at the time. But Zachary turned on his partner and started his ROG legacy. Zachary turned from loser to credable competitor. His hard work and sacrifice, his dues paid off when he defeted Jose for the ROG X-Rated Title. Zach went even further than that, he defeted the FallOut Champion and unified the two titles to create the ROG Fusion Championship. But soon ROG was bankrupt and Zach was back on the job hunt.

During this time Zach made some appearances with other promotions, appearing for a feew shows. Out of these odd appearances Zach was notably wrestling in Takedown where he wrestled on various occasions. Zach was signed to the Dungeon Takedown's training facility where he teamed with "The Ultimate Tapout" Christian Genisis as the team known as the Submission Experiance. They were succesful in their first match as a team and got multiple title shots but soon both men faded out of Takedown. It is rumored that Zachary still gets contract offers from Takedown but turnes them down everytime.

Now Zach is back in the new CGS fed, EXILE. He started out his 2nd run with the company but defeating Black Dagger on numerous occasions. He them teamed with Cody Sexthy for a couple of matches. He was in the main event and had won a chance to compete for the World Championship, but Zach was drafted to the newest CGS brand Carnage. Zach then started work on his campaine to win a world championship, gaining multiple wins over various wrestlers. He went undefeted for weeks until he was pinned by Eric Logan in a tag team match. Zach and Logan were named number 1 contenders for the vacant Carnage World Championship. Zachary defeted Eric Logan at the first ever Carnage Pay-Per-View and became the first ever Carnage World Champion. Zachary realised a life long dream in doing so. On the next eddition of Carnage Zach was set to face off with the Continential Champion Ghost but before the match could begin Ghost was fired.


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