Zachriel Donahue, better known by his ring name Darkside, is a well known, and respected superstar in the efed world. He gained recognition from his first mainstream federation by the name of Explosive Wrestling Action (EWA) where he ran unbeaten throughout his six months at the company. Since he has been involved in numerous storylines and feuds, winning many championships and making many others face their deepest fear. He currently wrestles in the Supreme Championship Wrestling (SCW), where he is in contention of winning yet another championship belt.

Zachriel Donahue
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Ring Names Darkside, The Dark One, The Dark Rider
Height 6'8"
Weight 312 lbs.
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Place of birth United Kingdom
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Handled by Kel Laihal
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Debut December 10th 2005
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Early Life

Zachriel was a normal child - part of a normal family consisting of a mother, father and their only child. The same environment as yours or mine where we’ve been children, having a father figure to play with us and look up to, a mother figure that looks after us – letting us appreciate her more. On the odd occasion the parents had some exchange of views and although they tried to keep their shouting and arguments down to a level in front of Zachriel, there were always one or two moments when he would experience it. But I don't believe that is anything special, I mean come on, how many times have you seen your own parents fighting, arguing and bickering? Has it turned you into a dark, insane force that has the ability to do the unexpected, and think in the most unorthodox manner? I don't think so. Like always, there has to be a moment which changed everything, and that was the case in Zachriel's family. His father, a well paid business director was made redundant in his role at a leading organisation - an unwillingness to drop to a lesser salary, opting to take a redundancy package instead. Soon he was recruited by a multi-national organisation meaning he was out of the house majority of the time on business trips. This was the moment everything changed, as an increase in demand meant more meetings and time at the office, leading to little time at home spent with Zachriel and his mother.
So while his father was away, his mother was just another single woman who had her own needs…

No matter who you are, seeing the following scenes would always make you feel sick from the pit of your stomach. Something you’d never imagine, you’d dare dream of seeing, but a reality Zachriel Donahue come about at the age of four. It’s safe to say he never had an ideal upbringing, and it wasn’t long till he got familiar with life alone, independent. The orphanage had many just like Zachriel, but he was different. With many more negative experiences, Darkside finally left the orphanage to make a life for himself.

The Consequence

He watched the other children play in the park on a bright sunny summer's day. The heat dying out his strawberry blond hair, there was no sign of any shade or and clouds to reduce the heat wave. The beautiful young hazel eyes are locked onto the children taking turns to go down a slide, and swing away on the swings, laughing and playing with each other. He wishes he could take part, waiting for that call from the others for him to come and play, waiting for that invitation, that acceptance.

Standing by his mother who speaks to another lady, patiently, unable to understand what they are speaking off, the he watches on eagerly, trying to make any kind of eye contact with his adolescent peers. Every now and then his mother and the lady laughed which caught the child's eye, but this time his mothers face went a funny red colour, he was young but he knew what was coming next as she turned around toward him, frowns and shoos him away...

“Go and play, this is not for your ears...”

It never was, but there were times he heard it all anyway. He was a young child, but he was never considered, and never felt accepted by anyone - never by his mother, singled out by the children in the park, always left to think and protect himself from the world around. Having no one to hold his hand, having no breast to rest upon, with the occasional suggestion by his mother that, "you've got to start mixing in with the other children." Always experiencing life independently... Was that his own decision? Was there an alternative?

Back at home now, the mother leaves the child to play in his room. A brightly decorated room with cartoons on every corner, a box of toys in the far left corner. Its child proofed to keep the child from hurting himself or anything hurting from him – made to keep him occupied for hours. His mother was always with a different stranger, and even today she was with another man watching on by the door. It doesn't look anything like father; father was tall, handsome - always wearing a three piece suit, clean shaven and short black hair brushed to one side with a side parting. He always had this distinct smell of his aftershave that he could smell from afar. None of these men looked or smelt like father, and father always played with him when he was at home – Christmas and thanksgiving couldn’t come quick enough for the child, the opportunity to just play with his father, spend the quality time that he missed all year round.

This other man, was nothing like father, he had little hair on his head, and was wearing trousers and a shirt, nothing like father, this man looked different... Today father was "out at another important meeting" as mother kept saying... Was it said to her son or the stranger?

Mother walks to the door and turns around to look at her son, she smiles and closes the door. The son looks down at the white Lego block in his hand, and looks up towards the closed door being sure he had seen the same scene more than once before – a sense of de ja vu. Mother would leave him in the room to play, and she would walk towards the door, turns to him and smile... Then a little while later there would be a banging coming from the wall, with sounds coming from the room next door... "Go and play, this is not for your ears" that daunting sentence said to him by his mother always made him sit in the corner of the play room and cover his ears with his hands while the sound from the next room got louder...

This time he was determined to see what it was that caused all the noise. Mother must be decorating, or putting up some pictures on the wall... He waited for the sound to begin, this time he was not going to sit and endure the mental pain. This time he was to know...

The banging begins, and the Lego blocks fall out of the Childs hand. There's a male voice coming from the room next door along with heavy panting and loud groans and moans… He walks up to the door, struggling to get to the door handle, but he fights and fights and eventually reaches and opens the door… He looks towards the stairs looking down to see nothing. He turns towards the direction from where the sound is coming from... The door is slightly open and he hears his mother's voice, sounding a little loud… He walks towards the door and sees his mother naked, along with the stranger, who who seemed to be doing something strange to her - he had no idea at his age… A sound comes from downstairs yet the child nor the two naked bodies in the room fail to hear anything… The man is now seen kissing the female up her body towards her face…

There's a loud running sound coming from the stairs as the Childs father comes running past the child and into the room, he has something in his hand, and three loud banging sounds are heard, followed by a number of screams by the woman. She cry's as father turns the black object towards her and presses the button… Two loud bangs come from the gun again and mother has a lot of blood on her chest, with two holes in her body… Father now crying, takes his belt off and ties it to the ceiling joist, he sets his head in the belt and jumps off the bed but not reaching the floor… Within seconds, father is motionless, swinging off the belt attached to the ceiling… The child claps at the show, slowly turning away to walk back into his play room and played peacefully.

The Younger Years

After many rejections and more negative experiences, he found out about underground fighting – bare knuckle fighting. It was tough to understand exactly what single aspect interested him to this choice of living. One would have pointed out the obvious – that being the money involved in winning. But another factor that may have interested Zachriel would probably have been the amount of pain he could inflict, and the pain he could endure.

A First Hand Account

You wanna ask me about Zachriel 'Darkside Donahue..? Well let me tell ya that he was one of the biggest motherfackin psycho's I've ever come across, and trust me, there have been many in my time doing what I do in the east end.''

The male voice was old and croaky, and the wrinkled hand matched the face of this elderly man. It was an English accent, a little slang unlike the queens English which many people stereotype the country for. The man was smartly dressed, although the rough uneven strands of hair had much to answer for. His wrinkly old smile introduced the black and grey teeth which had been tanned by the inhaling of the cigarette he had fixed between his fingers.

"Of course the bastard didn't come to me as Zachriel Donahue. Oh no he came to me when he was just a lad, in his late teens to tell you the truth. He was tall, but not as built as what he in now. I tell you he achieved that with shit lotta guidance and hard work. That’s what the son of a bitch was prepared to do – work hard.

I remember when he first spoke to me, and never will I forget that stuttering mumble, telling me he wanted to fight, asking me how much he could earn. Now I know a fighter when I see one, and he looked pretty wise, those eyes were focused in a world of his own. I don’t think the bastard knows how to hold a civil conversation, neither did I so we fackin got on like a house on fire!

Heh well to be honest he never really did much talking, but my god could he fight. Never once did I see the man step back from anything. The son of a bitch made me money many a time." a slight pause came from the seated man as he inhaled the cigarette before exhaling the smoke from out of his nose. "He never told me his true name, so I gave him one. Billy Cadan. Heh that soon changed after a couple of fights, because that fackin kid had balls, and he knew how to hurt someone - who doesn't? But he toyed with his opponents, mentally draining the poor bastards, taking every shot they had to offer. That’s something that caught my eye about the kid - he had a high pain threshold, he'd been through a tough time and seemed as though he couldn't feel a thing.

Motherfucking psycho.

I had him fighting pit bulls and Rottweiler’s for a laugh. He was dark and ominous, and that's when I scrapped his name and labelled him as Darkside. He got bigger, and partly because of the supplements he was taking, and partly because the beast didn’t know when to stop. You see he didn’t know how to relax, to chill out or when to get tired. Oh no the sick motherfacker was at the gym, or in the garage pumping iron – before a match, after a match, whenever he got the chance really. He started looking pretty tough, and a number of tattoo’s always helped with that. Filling his arms up whenever he came across the parlour.

Quite unfortunate he's not around anymore, he was a money maker and I made enough money with him, but that's the problem with this industry, the law don’t like our little clubs, and this barstad country thinks we’re creating dangerous men, committing crimes. I never made him dangerous, oh nah I didn’t… That was the way his mind was before he even came to me. His past history, I don’t know.

The motherfucker was caught and sent down for two years, bootlegging n all tha. The law catches up with ya only when you have a name. Now. If there's a weakness in the bastard, it's that he don't know when to fackin lie does he. Going in and admitting it all, the fighting, the intent, the drugs… He makes more sense with his fists then what he does with his words.

Focus and behave I told him. Did he listen? No! No he fackin didn't listen. I told the bastard 'you focus and you behave and you'll be out in 18 months or less'. I know how the fackin law works in this country; it costs them more to keep them in then what it does out. Like a fackin shitty hotel running itself into the ground. The systems flawed, and whether Darkside knew it or not, he was going to challenge it to its fackin limits!

See, this I never understood about him. It’s like he had an alternative agenda focused entirely on himself. Okay so you prove yourself once, make your reputation, get the fackin warning, then you focus on getting yourself out the fackin place. You gotta prove yourself to show you can improve, just so that you could be free once again. But… If there's ever a man who didn't care if he was free or locked up, it was Darkside. Fackin turned a two year sentence into four, with 10 months in solitary. And that’s the fucking bitch, locked up in a fucking cage with no space no nothing. The bastard endured that, and still made something of himself. I’m surprised they let him out to be fackin honest with ya!

He weren't all there upstairs, so thought it wouldn't be long until he's banged up again, but this time my judgment was wrong. I turn the fackin TV on and there he is, marking his debut in some shitty fackin wrestling federation!

Never before have I watched that bullshit - never wanted to waste my time on something that is as fake as my bastad wife. But I was intrigued to watch what Darkside had to say, and I was astonished at the way he carried himself in the promo's he does. The fackin psycho learned how to talk!

More then that it was how he fought in the ring - absolute dynamite to watch fist crack skull! He hasn't lost it at all, and him now being the intimidating size he is makes him a real force as he's one that punches from his waist and not his wrist, which means there will be so much force behind each accurate punch of his!

Arriving in America

Learning the Biker Trade

Experiencing Love

Wrestling Career

National Championship Wrestling

Darkside was given the push by his former trainer to enter the wrestling world. There was no other way for him to inflict pain upon others without getting arrested. His first destination was the NCW where he had began as a rookie, learning different styles of wrestling, understanding his strengths and weaknesses. He slowly made his way up the ranks and began to headline each show with his actions and abilities. Zachriel Donahue began to prove that his gimmick of a dark gravedigger was not just a gimmick. He entered the first and only NCW pay per view named Legendary in which he was scheduled to wrestle in the main event, which was a graveyard match. He came out victorious, after which he decided to move onto something more challenging in the name of Intercontinental Championship Wrestling.

Intercontinental Championship Wrestling

Intercontinental Championship Wrestling (ICW) was a federation in which Zachriel Donahue learnt how to develop himself. The roster included a number of well known characters including Dante, Maverick Von Pfrender, David Carter and Lestat. Zachriel was carded to face another new entry in the name of Chad Blackwell. Their feud didn't last for too long as the ICW came to a dramatic end. However it was here that Zachriel learnt how to manipulate and create a feud in which he or others around him were involved.

Extreme Wrestling Association

The end of ICW instigated the beginning of the Extreme Wrestling Association. The former ICW UK Champion Big Dave Carter had been looking into creating his own federation for a while. The payout from ICW insured enough funds for Dave Carter to go ahead and recruit many of those released from the ICW. It was the EWA, where Zachriel Donahue tasted his first championship success winning the EWA UK Championship Belt. He also began wrecking many peoples careers in the federation, taking Maverick Von Pfrender out before the main event of the second EWA show. An encounter which ended MVP's time in the EWA.

Zachriel's most notable feud was one between himself and Rob Faith. This feud ran for a number of weeks but the two never faced each other until the EWA Pay Per View. It had started when Rob Faith stole Zachriel Donahue's UK Championship Belt, attempting to play mind games with the Dark man. The reason behind his actions were that Zachriel had made his way to the final of the EWA World Championship Tournament, Rob Faith had his semi-final coming up and felt confident on reaching the final - if he did then he believed he would have the psychological edge by keeping Darkside's championship. However, it was not to be, as the two faught in the EWA's Pay Per View in a Triple Cage Match, with Zachriel defeating Rob Faith to become the EWA World Champion.

Explosive Wrestling Action

The Extreme Wrestling Association's existence was short lived, but Zachriel was going to keep hold of old memories. He befriended David Carter, deciding it was time he took the next step with some assistance. Big Dave Carter was a well known business man with a number of contacts and a bottomless pit full of money - something that would help aid Darkside's events and goals to become dangerous and successful. The Explosive Wrestling Action at the time was owned and managed by a controversial figure by the name of Adam Price. The champion at the time was Ric Thunder. Zachriel Donahue entered the federation with a huge impact - taking out Ric Thunder and taking over the main event in order to cut his own introductory promo. Zachriel manipulated each and every opponent in the EWA, quickly becoming the undeafeated EWA Mighty Lion Champion. He introduced an old compatriot and his promoter from Zachriel's bare knuckle fighting matches, The Guardian. The Guardian was revealed to the EWA as the new General Manager of the company's new brand 'Warfare'.


Originally created by Darkside, BigDave Carter, and Robert Faith. The Alliance ran riot from the first moment it stepped foot in the Explosive Wrestling Action. Soon there came Dick Hanson to make it four members. But after a couple of weeks Darkside had seen that Robert Faith and Dick Hanson had become more liabilities to the stable and so they were kicked out and in came The Guardian and also the EWA Women's Champion at the time Krissy Delight. This was the most dominant stable anyone could have imagined. There was Darkside the EWA Mighty Lion Champion. There was BigDave Carter the EWA World Champion, Krissy Delight the EWA Women's Champion and The Guardian who was the General Manager of the EWA. The group ran riot and took out every opponent in sight. That until the sad and unfortunate death of The Guardian. This split the group up and BigDave and Darkside parted ways from Krissy Delight who went on to achieve great things in the EWA.


The original tag team of BigDave and Darkside. It was regarded as the best ever tag team to grace the Roleplaying world. BigDave and Darkside returned to the Explosive Wrestling Action with a bang, with Darkside winning his Mighty Lion Championship back within two weeks of returning. Zachriel kept his unbeaten streak and began intimidating the owner Adam Price constantly, until the man gave up his company to Ric Thunder and Krissy Delight. Even then the Board of Directors tried to end Zachriel's winning streak but as each obstacle was placed in the way, Zachriel took out and destroyed. BigDave and Darkside unleashed hell before BigDave suffered a long term injury and so he introduced the third member of Equilibrium. That being the blood thirsty Christian Black.

Superior Pro Wrestling

The EWA had fallen with the help of a conflict between Clint Bone and Evan Jacobs. The members of the EWA moved to a new federation - one started by Clint Bone and Aurora Snow, the SPW. There were mixed emotions when coming into this new federation. Evan Jacobs and Rob Faith refused to enter the SPW, but Precious - Evans girlfriend at the time, entered the federation. Her first match was against Zachriel Donahue, in which she lost severely, and Zachriel qualified for a place in a four way dance for the Undisputed Championship Title.

Zachriel received a heavy pay cut from the EWA for being one of the longest serving athletes in the federation. He put most of the money into his own business - a shop which sold motor cycle parts, and which repaired motor cycles. A passion of his that he only revealed when entering the SPW. He had alot of knowledge about Harley Davidsons, and he now had the opportunity to exploit such knowledge and make some money out of it.

Zachriel also came across Heather Phoenix for the first time in SPW, but nothing was made of it - she used to come to his shop in order to make changes and modifications to her Harley Davidson. This was to be the start of something big in their life, but they just didn't know it.

Zachriel for the very first time faced his first defeat in his wrestling career. The four way dance between Zachriel Donahue, Krissy Delight, Star Lithegos & Alex Furiya. The odds were against Zachriel Donahue as there was a lot of conflict between Zachriel and the owners. However Zachriel eliminated both Krissy Delight and Alex Furiya in the match but when he was to hit his finisher on Star Lithegos, the owners Clint Bone and Aurora Snow came rushing out to take on Darkside. The result was brutal, as Star Lithegos choked Darkside with a metal wire. Darkside was left unconscious and Star was named the first SPW Undisputed Champion. Darkside was out for a notable months due to his neck injuries - His scar is visible till this day and the scar is something he always refers to.

All-Star Wrestling Entertainment

Darkside returned with a huge impact with a new stable. It still had BigDave and Darkside, but this time BigDave introduced a new superstar, the quick and agile Jason Homegrown. The stable took the Roleplaying world by storm and Darkside's return had not gone missed as there were many many people wanting to join this group of exciting individuals.

The AWE had a huge range of top class individuals - none which he had come up against before. The likes of Jaiden James, Ryan Ford, Glacier and Anthony Arrowood all were part of the AWE Roster. Zachriel was placed in the Rising Star Championship tournament, with his opponent being the well known and respected Ryan Ford. The two fought well and it was a close contest, but Ryan Ford let Zachriel know that he came back from injury too soon. Zachriel remained at the AWE for a little while longer, taking part in house shows and building momentum and experience before he left the AWE alone, as he had parted ways from his stable - He wanted to move on independently.

Project X

After the short existence of the BWF the Project moved to the notorious All-Star Wrestling Entertainment where Darkside teamed up with the well respected Krissy Delight and the four of them built a formidable team which was difficult to overcome. Their most notable moment was their introduction, which hospitalised Jaiden James - a favourite for the Rising Star Championship.

After a number of conflicts between Zachriel Donahue, Jason Homegrown and Krissy Delight, Zachriel decided to end the project and take his stance to walk alone - leaving BigDave behind aswell. It has never been sure how these conflicts were created, but sources show that it may have something to do with the performances of the other members of the Project which frustrated the Dark One.

Xtreme Pro Wrestling Alliance

Whilst not actively looking for a federation, Zachriel was asked to join a federation owned by a woman by the name of Precious. Zachriel had beaten Precious many times in their time at EWA. Zachriel joined the federation and was thrown straight into the main event of the following show. After a succesful debut, Zachriel's next match was to fight for the XPWA World Championship, which he won by beating another EWA rival Mike Battise. After holding off competition for the title, and running successful Zachriel decided to leave the XPWA in order to find new challenges. It was later pointed out by Zachriel that the lack of quality in the roster and the biased nature of the owner were two of many aspects for his departure.

World Wide Wrestling

It was not long before Darkside was approached by another ex roster member in Heather Phoenix. She had researched the Dark Warrior considerably and located him with a offer of joining her federation W3. Zachriel respected Heather's judgement as she was a great wrestler herself, very talented and very successful. Her ability to locate talent and develop their careers was second to none. Zachriel hit the ground running in the federation, winning the Suicidal Championship before having to forfeit the title in order to receive treatment on his neck, as his neck had been cut considerably when defending the belt.

On his return Zachriel retained the Suicidal Championship and became an important and very successful figure in the federation. W3 closed down soon after as there were financial problems between the board.

Platinum Dynasty Wrestling

Zachriel Donahue made his only misjudgement ever, when he joined the PDW, thinking there will be nothing biased about the federation, overturning the fact that the federation was owned by bitter rival Starr Lithegos - the woman that nearly killed the Dark man. She nearly slit the mans throat and as a result had to be out of action for a considerable amount of time to treat the wound. The scar is very noticable across the throat of the Dark rider.

He was thrown at the deep end, facing off against strong opponents such as Steve Jason and Hannah St John. Zachriel was in control in both matches however the biased nature of the manager came through in the end, interupting each of his matches and costing him a win every time. He was told he needed to learn a new lesson by Starr, and when he finally got his hands on the woman, there was no where to go, and he was dismissed as a result.

World Wrestling Headquarters

Darkside had two stints at the World Wrestling Headquarters. Recruited by Adrian Phoenix, Zachriel took the federation by storm. His personal feud with Adrian had more to do with his abuse of power, and Adrian placed many obstacles in his way to deter Zachriel away. 

Having achieved alot in his career Zachriel was to meet some of the toughest opponents he'd ever come across. His rivalry with the boss resulted in a match against the fiery in form Christian Carnage. A match Zachriel won impressively. Carnage, a proud title contender at the time admitted in having underestimated the Dark one, demanding a rematch - to which Zachriel accepted in a bid to show it was no fluke. The rematch proved to be one of the bloodiest encounters ever witnessed. Zachriel came out victorious once again. 

Darkside went into Wrestlemania's money in the bank match undefeated and inevitably won the match. He defeated Ryan Payne, the champion at the time to become the WWH World Champion. Not long after his feat, Zachriel had to hand the championship over in order for him to undergo surgery on his knee ligaments.

Zachriel's return was one of the most unexpected in wrestling history. Zachriel had returned to the WWH introducing his new bike, Lucifer - a black and chrome, loud powerful Harley Davidson. He had been learning the mechanics of the machines and how they opperate, he had now given it a place in his work life too. The thought of the sick sadistic dark man was now assisted by a machine almost as intimidating as him. A truly dangerous combination.

Zachriel took on many champions and retained his unbeaten streak until he was contraversially robbed of the WWH Underground Championship against Jason Krow who had been assisted in the match by the WWH owner Adrian Phoenix. The week later Zachriel recieved a rematch which he took with both hands, defeating Jason Krow to become Champion, and beat him again to retain the championship belt.

The Age of the Fall

A defeated Jason Krow decided to create stable which would include himself, Darkside, and Jason Cleveland. They were called The Age of the Fall, but Zachriel's participation in the group  came to an end when Zachriel realised that both Krow and Cleveland were plotting to screw Zachriel for the Underground Championship. As a result Zachriel turned on both his stable members, nearly running over Jason Krow with his bike.

Zachriel parted ways with the WWH when he decided he wanted to start his own business making and selling Harley Davidsons. It was made clear by Adrian Phoenix, that as long as he was the owner, Zachriel would never be offered a new contract as his extreme behaviour and threats were very challenging and could result in a lawsuit at any time due to his schizophrenic nature.

Supreme Championship Wrestling

In Wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Your Deepest Fear
      Darkside's version of an inverted fireman's carry brainbuster. Just thinking of how this move might function sends shivers down your spine. Darkside's finisher is probably the fiercest finishing move in the organisation! He lifts the opponent up in an inverted fireman's carry with one arm across the neck of the opponent and the other around one leg. Darkside then jumps up and crashes the opponent face first into the mat! It's a dangerous move as it can snap someone's neck, but for Darkside it's probably what he is aiming to do.
    • The Inevitable
      Darkside's version of a running shoulder tackle. Unexpected with so much impact that it can leave the opponent lame on the mat for several seconds, easily taking the three count for the win. It can be carried out any time in a match, and anywhere in and out of the ring. As Zachriel Donahue is 312lbs, it's a lot coming powering at you at high speed and then spearing you to the mat. It's inevitable that he will deliver this move, and you see it coming to you, your legs numb and remain stiff and everything is done in a flash as it takes you out! It only takes a matter of seconds and its effective!
    • Lights Out
      Coming from a bare knuckle fighting background, this move is as simple as it says. Zachriel removes his gloves to show his bare fist and takes a powerful yet accurate swing to the face of the opponent. Once there is impact, the lights are out...
  • Signature moves
    • Drop of Fear (Stalling Suplex Powerslam)
    • Dark Dreams (Sleeper Hold)
    • See The Light (STL) (DDT)
    • Riders Touch (Heel Hook)
  • Fighting Style
    • Zachriel's two strengths contribute to his fighting style, he is a powerhouse who loves to go a little dare-devil and hardcore at times. The man is very strong and his psychotic mind set contribute to his fighting style.
  • Entrance Music
    • Darkside of the Tomb - Frankenstein Drag Queens of P
    • Since returning from injury, Zachriel's entrance music has changed to one of the most popular orchestrations today, Clint Mansell - "Lux Aeterna"
  • Managers / Tag Partners / Associates
    • Managers
      • BigDave Carter
      • Guardian
      • Heather Phoenix
    • Tag Partners
      • BigDave Carter
      • Guardian
      • Christian Black
      • Jason Homegrown
      • Heather Phoenix
    • Associates
      • BigDave Carter
      • Robert Faith
      • Dick Hanson
      • Christian Black
      • Krissy Delight
      • Jason Homegrown
      • Heather Phoenix
      • Jason Krow
  • Quotes
    • "What Is Your Deepest Fear"
    • "You Will Face Your Fear."
    • "And That Much... Is Simply Inevitable!"

Championships & Accomplishments

    • National Championship Wrestling Intercontinental Champion (x2)
    • Extreme Wrestling Association Hardcore Champion (x3)
    • Extreme Wrestling Association UK Champion
    • Extreme Wrestling Association World Champion
    • Explosive Wrestling Action Mighty Lion Champion (x2)
    • Xtreme Pro Wrestling Alliance World Champion
    • W3 Suicidal Champion (x2)
    • World Wrestling Headquarters Underground Champion
    • World Wrestling Headquarters World Heavyweight Champion
    • WWH Money in the Bank Winner
    • All-Star Wrestling Entertainment Rising Star Championship Finalist
    • Winner of the EWA World Championship Tournament

The Author

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