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Weight 234 lbs.
Date of birth April 4th, 1983
Place of birth Chicago, Illinois
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Resides Chicago, Illinois
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Trainer Unknown
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Danko Thompson (born April 4, 1983), is a professional wrestler born in Chicago, Illinois, working under the ring name Mephisto. He is currently employed by Xtreme Wrestling Organisation (xWo), wrestling on the Revenge brand as one half of the xWo Revenge Tag Team Champions.

Break Up

The X-Foundation Broke up because Zack saw Nate as a Backstabber after a qualifier for the elimination chamber at the pay per veiw final days. He got assaulted by Umaga and Zack thought that Nate could of helped in some way.

Final Days Fued

Leading upto Final days Zack Riley, Umaga, Nate Ward and Umaga's former partner Kareem Knight had battle after battle with Umaga seen as the Dominant favourite by xWo Magazine.

More Title Gold?

In Early 2007 Zack Riley was given the oppourtunity by White Falcon to face chris masters for the xWo Madness Championship. He Won and then held onto the title for just over a month. He lost the title to David Williams in a triple threat.

Television Championship

Zack Riley pulled off a huge upset at Redemption 2007 when in an all or nothing match against D-Dawg he defeated the phenominal gangsta' after an Urban Twist becoming a double champion for the first time in his career.

Finishing moves -Urban Twist - Rolling Cutter -Man Made Disaster - Top Rope Tigerbomb -Urban Lock - Modified Clover leaf

His Sig

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