Zak Xemlis is a British professional wrestler. He is currently signed to Cyber Extreme Wrestling, where he is a former CEW North American Champion. He is collectively a 13-time World Champion in various federations, including Jim McAfee's Cyber Extreme Wrestling promotion, and MySpace-based promotions including the Non-Stop Wrestling Alliance and United Wrestling Aggression.

Brief history of companies

Zak has taken part in numerous wrestling companies, majorly in the MSW (MySpace wrestling) ring of federations. Below is a list of all companies and federations Zak has been active within as a member of the wrestling roster (bold indicates a federation Zak is currently featured in):

  • California Wrestling Federation
  • Xtreme Wrestling Alliance
  • Extreme Fantasy Wrestling
  • Championship Fantasy Wrestling
  • Non-Stop Wrestling Alliance
  • Un Organised Wrestling
  • Cyber Extreme Wrestling (McAfee)
  • United Wrestling Aggression
  • Dynasty Championship Wrestling
  • Global Revolution Wrestling
  • International Extreme Wrestling
  • National Wrestling Federation
  • Cyber Extreme Wrestling (AC)
  • Controversial Wrestling Alliance
  • The Wrestling Game
  • Sacred Crown Headquarters

Match types

During his career, Zak has been known to be an innovator in match types. The Gambler's Dice match is but one of many match types that Zak has thought up of.

Gambler's Dice Match - A six-sided ring has the ropes replaced by various hardcore elements. One side is replaced with a wooden wall (the thickness identical to a wooden table), and the opposite is replaced with a glass wall. Another side is replaced with barbed-wire roping, while the opposing side is replaced with a brick wall. The remaining two sides have the ropes removed only. Weapons such as chairs, tables, the ring bell, a sledgehammer, a ladder, and a trolley surround the outside of the ring. A victory is secured by pinfall or submission unless otherwise stated.

  • In its first use, Zak competed against Milksop in CFW to unify the North American title and Milksop's Light Heavyweight title. The match took place in a parking lot "due to its complexity," as stated by CFW owner Juggernaut. Zak dominated in the match, becoming the first and only CFW North West Champion.
  • In its second use, Zak used his title opportunity to challenge Tank for the XWA No Holds Barred World Championship. The match was once again modified, with tables occupying the ring ropes wrapped in barbed wire, and the number of pinfalls &/or submissions needed decided by a throw of the dice. In this occurance, Tank rolled a 2, while Zak rolled a 1. Tank managed to secure two pinfalls to defend the title.

Steel Globe Match - The competitors enter the ring, locked inside a steel structure in the form of a semi-globe. On the inside and outside of the walls, various steel weapons are connected by barbed wire: chairs, ladders, pipes, trays, and other random steel-based items. A victory is concluded by a pinfall or submission, where falls count anywhere.

  • Its first use was at Un Organised Wrestling's Caged Up PPV, where Midian would defend the SC Heavyweight Championship against The Spear and Headstrong. After Cowboy Ron Harris' interference, the officials would rule a disqualification in this blatantly non-disqualification match. As a result of this controversial decision, Midian defended the title.

Smash Cell Match - A steel structure fitted with glass squares on every side encases the ring. 3 by 2 squares of glass occupy the sides, while the top side, accessable via four rope ladders, occupies 4 by 4 squares. Unless otherwise stated, the aim is to send your opponent through as many glass squares as possible within the provided time, usually 30 minutes. In the event of a tie, the match continues until an opponent is sent through one last glass square.

  • Its first use was originally intended for Zak's UoW return at the Envy PPV. Zak would face Travis Nelson Ticks for the vacant UoW Reckless Gold Championship, but the match never took place after UoW 'dissapeared' once again.

Mystery Tables Match (not yet implemented) - Walls the size of tables are covered in a black cloth, where each wall, provided in a stack at the end of the ramp, is a different material. They could be glass, wood, steel, or any harsh materials that may induce pain to whomever is put through the wall. In some cases, some walls may be stupidly kind, such as polystyrene. Victory may be claimed by either putting your opponent through a particular kind of table or through a certain number of tables, whichever is selected, unless stated otherwise.

Wrestling facts


  • Switch (Total Knock Out)
  • The Unloading (Super Electric Chair Driver)
  • X-Bomb (Sit-Down Tigerbomb)
  • Click (Guillotine Leg Drop)
  • HighLow (Flying Lariat Spear)
  • Rocky Takedown (The Rock Bottom)
  • SuperSwitch (Total Knock Out from top of turnbuckle) (rare)
  • Rocky Elbow (The People's Elbow) (rare)
  • Xtra-Bomb (Super Sit-Down Tigerbomb) (rare)
  • Lockdown (Full Nelson with takedown)
  • U-Kay Combo (Running Dominator to headlock submission)
  • FrogBody (Frog Splash Cross Body)
  • Spinebuster
  • Magnum Driver
  • Sharpshooter
  • Belly-To-Belly Suplex
  • Powerslam

Theme music

  • "Beyond Right Now" (Ronald Jenkees Remix) by STS9 feat. Ronald Jenkees


Cyber Extreme Wrestling (AC)

  • CEW North American Championship (1 time)
  • CEW Face of the Year (2012)

California Wrestling Federation

  • NWA-CWF Undisputed World Championship (1 time, unified title)
  • NWA-CWF World Championship (2 times, unified)
  • NWA-CWF Championship (1 time, unified)

Championship Fantasy Wrestling

  • CFW North West Championship (1 time, unified title)
  • CFW North American Championship (1 time, unified)
  • CFW Light-Heavyweight Championship (1 time, unified)

Controversial Wrestling Alliance (previously known as the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance)

  • CWA/XWA No Holds Barred World Championship (2 times, 1 time XWA title in NWA)
  • XWA Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Curt B. Coole
  • Best Rivalry of the Summer (2009) – with Tank
  • Best Match of the Summer (2009) – with Tank
  • XWA No Holds Barred World Championship Tournament Finalist (2006)
  • XWA Match Of The Year (2006) – with Tank

Cyber Extreme Wrestling (McAfee)

  • CEW World Championship (1 time)
  • CEW Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
  • King Of Extreme tournament winner (2007)
  • Mr. Money In The Bank

Dynasty Championship Wrestling

  • DCW Heavyweight Championship (2 times)

International Extreme Wrestling

  • IEW Undisputed Championship (1 time)
  • IEW DeathMatch Championship (1 time)

Non-Stop Wrestling Alliance

  • NWA Global Championship (1 time)
  • NWA Iron-Man Championship (1 time)
  • NWA Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Tank
  • NWA United States Championship (1 time)
  • Hall of Fame inductee (2008)
  • King Of Violence tournament 2nd rounder (2007)
  • Wrestler Of The Year (2007)
  • Feud Of The Year (2007) – with Mister X
  • Most Popular Wrestler Of The Year (2007)

Sacred Crown

  • SC Chronic Championship (2 times, rechristened title)

Un Organised Wrestling

  • UoW Global Gold Championship (1 time)
  • UoW TeamWork Gold Championship (1 time) – with Headstrong
  • UoW Xtreme Gold Championship (1 time)

United Wrestling Aggression

  • UWA World Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
  • UWA International Championship (1 time)
  • UWA Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with Matt Storm (1), and Jasper Indiana (1)
  • UWA Fuck The World Championship (1 time, rechristened)

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