Zarek Lyle
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Height 6'
Weight 220 lbs.
Date of birth November 12th, 1985 (age 24)
Place of birth Crete, Greece Flag of Greece
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Resides New York, New York Flag of the United States
Billed from Crete, Greece Flag of Greece
Trainer Backyard, spent little time in PLW, and Dante Cross
Professional Wrestling Today
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Debut February 9th, 2006
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Zarek Lyle (born March 22, 1985) is an American Professional Wrestler. Lyle has worked for mainstream company Bytches Ultimate Domain, and independent companies Deathcore Wrestling, Hazardous Pro Wrestling, and International Championship Wrestling Alliance. He is currently under contract with Professional Wrestling Today.

Early Life

Independent Circuit

Deathcore Wrestling

Lyle first broke out onto the wrestling scene in a small indepdent company called Deathcore Wrestling. The company was based in New York, and through a hardcore theme, was designed to give upcoming talents a launch point. Everyone signed had under a year in the business. Lyle burst onto tapings a few weeks after the company's start, and in a losing effort, took on Shaun Andrews and Orrin Stranger. He may not have gotten the win, but people were already talking about his evident ability within the ring. His second match had him pitted against Stranger again, this time for the Deathcore Pit Championship, the second most prestigious championship in the company. In the end, he shoved Stranger through a nearby table, gaining the win. The next week, it was Lyle against champion Ralph O. Morris for the Pit Championship in a thumbtack turnbuckle match. Lyle pinned R.O.M. to the mat, gaining his first championship. He'd go on to lose a fatal four way match to Ryan York, followed by a loss to White Viper that put Zarek out of action for a week. While Zarek was recovering, Nathan Hale would close Deathcore, and file for bankrupcy.

Hazardous Pro Wrestling

In the wake of Deathcore's close, multiple extreme-based independent companies began to sprout up across New York. One, in particular was HPW, which Zarek was contracted too immediatly. Lyle defeated former Deathcore inmate, Tyler Jacobs, in his first match, and was launched into a fued over who should fight for the World Heavyweight Champion. There were two others, as well as Jacobs and Lyle, that believed they had the right, King Flip and Michael Challenger. Every week, there would be some combination of the four, in various matches, including singles and tag matches. It was soon announced that these four would meet to crown a champion. Leading up to HPW's first pay-per-view, Final Four, Lyle gained the backing of HPW's co-owner, Alex Roth. Alex began to give Zarek pointers, as the other co-owner chose Challenger as his favorite. At Final Four, Lyle won his first ever World Heavyweight Championship, pinning Challenger, though the pay-per-view never got a chance to air, due to HPW going bankrupt, as well.


After his stint in the independent scene, Lyle was accepted into ICWA's training program. There, he learned some tricks of the mainstream, and how to develop his stage presence. Although he was only there a month, he was able to gain more in-ring insight, other than just that of a hardcore nature. There were no notable fueds or events during his training.

Bytches Ultimate Domain


Straight out of ICWA's training facility, Lyle was approached by bud interum-owner, Stephanie McMahon-Margera and asked to come sign a contract. Lyle, never being in a mainstream company before, jumped at the chance. His first match was at a pay-per-view, and he picked up the victory against Corey Vega and Evan Pierce. It was here that everyone began to notice he was a force. He lost his second match, against Manic on his first televised showing. However, it was at this time that Bobby Johnson vacated the BUDvision Championship, the second most prestigious championship belt, and so a battle royal on the next Hangover was announced. Seeing an opportunity, Lyle joined and won, causing everyone to listen up. The runner-up, was known as Jade, real name Christna Gellar. At the time, she was managing Dark Child, and it was obvious that he had feelings for her. Though, during the next few weeks, she began to develop feelings for Lyle, instead. During this time, Lyle and Gellar also began dating off-screen. For several weeks, Dark Child became increasingly more angry, watching his blond beauty fall into the arms of Zarek. A shot of Gellar watching as Lyle retained his title against Manic is what set him off. He demanded that because Gellar was his manager, she had to look out for his best interest, not Lyle's. Melanie Thomas, an ally of Zarek's, warned him that it wasn't within his best interest to be making such great enemies this early in his career. This lead to a heated tag match at BUD's pay-per-view, Ultimate War VII, pitting Gellar and Dark Child against Lyle and Thomas. In a turn of events, Gellar turned on Dark Child, slapping him in the middle of the ring. The shock gave Lyle enough time to hit DC with his signature move, and pick up the victory. From this moment on, Gellar and Lyle were known as a power couple in BUD.

Fighting Champion

After the fued with Dark Child over Jade, Lyle and Gellar began dating on-camera, as well. Though, with the BUDvision Championship on his shoulder, there were many hardships upon the horizon. Evan Pierce was one of Lyle's top challengers at the time, though Lyle was always able to retain against him. The fued between Lyle and Pierce stemmed over to Lyle's manager at the time, Abram McCallister, who fought Pierce himself in a losing effort at BUD's 420 in a buried alive match. McCallister disappeared from camera after this. Another contender was Leaky Format and his band of Leak Guards. They continuously played the numbers game on Lyle, making sure to attack him after every match. Format and Lyle met at BUD's BUDmania VII in a flaming cage ladder match, where Lyle would walk away with the victory, catching Format on fire in the process. During the match, the third runner-up in the battle royal where Lyle won the very title, Emerald, showed up, and stopped the Leak Guards from interferring in the match. Though, Lyle would soon find out that she was no friend of his. From several weeks, Emerald would make clear her intentions of taking Lyle's BUDvision title. The two met at BUD's 420 in a ladder match where Lyle would lose his title to her. The two would continue fighting through May, and meet in a falls count anywhere match at BUD's Vendetta, where once again, Emerald would defeat him. After the loss, Lyle was approached by Dante Cross a seasoned vet, and one of the most known names on the circuit. Dante took Lyle under his wing, as Lyle transformed from lucky independent wrestler to a mainstram commodity. The battle quickly became Dante and Lyle, versus Emerald and, her boyfriend as well as Heavyweight champion, Novacaine. A week before the showdown, both Nova and Emerald had disputes with their contracts, ending in their release. At Rage & Retribution VII Lyle met fellow contenders Pierce, Format, and Hank for the now vacated BUDvision title in a four-way backstage brawl to become a two time BUDvision champion.

Accident/The Greatest Burden

A few weeks after winning the BUDvision title for the second time, Zarek was involved in a car accident that would sideline him for three weeks. Stephanie McMahon-Margera thought that was too long for a champion to be away, and stripped him. Throughout this time, Christina Gellar and Lyle had been made to be the dominate couple. However, when he returned to television, a segment was featured with Lyle walking in on Gellar in the lap of her "childhood friend" , Chris Burden. She claimed it was innocent, though Lyle's trust was shot. The weeks of tension between the three saw Lyle and Burden sign a hardcore match for BUD's September pay-per-view, Moment Of Silence. It was later revealed that Gellar would be the special referee for the match. The ending saw Burden go through a table via a super hurricanrana from Lyle, though Gellar refused to make the count. She seemed to be to concerned with the health of Burden. Gellar was in tears, as Lyle tried to reason with her, which took much too long, long enough for Burden to recover and hit Lyle with a weedwhacker. Although Gellar refused to count again, a second referee ran down, making the count against Lyle. The following weeks saw Burden exit the company, and Christina continously apologizing for her mistake. The couple began dating again about a month later. During the storyline, the two remained a couple off-camera.

A Sharp Rise

It's here in BUD that Lyle began to be booked against them big players, including Bobby Johnson and resident top female, Dannica. For the first time, Lyle showed management that he could wrestle with the big boys. He entered a battle royal to crown the number one contender to the Heavyweight title. Though he failed to win, he did come in as the second runner-up, which solidified his name as a contender. He was shown on television every week, and began to cut a series of promotions, showing what life would be like if the fan favorite, Lyle, held the title. Following Bobby Johnson's exit in December, a tournament for the contendership was put into play, which saw Lyle as the winner. A week before BUD's Krystmas Kaos, the world saw the return of Foxy Roxy, the real owner of BUD, and Stephanie McMahon-Margera was kicked from her position. With Roxy, came the man who would become Lyle's biggest enemy, Drew Stevenson. The new Krystmas Kaos card saw Lyle and Stevenson going head-to-head in a cage match for the Heavyweight title, Lyle's first title shot. It came at a time where general interest in the company was fading. Krystmas Kaos 2007, Lyle versus Stevenson for the title, will go down in history as the match that saved the company. Although Stevenson walked away with the title, Lyle gained just as much recognition. From there, members began to pour back into the company, new and old, while Lyle and Stevenson continued their fued. As fate would have it, Lyle's girlfriend, Christina Gellar, won a contendership match at Krystmas Kaos, and the month of January saw the fall of BUD's power couple over the Heavyweight title. The storyline came to a close at 2008 Wayz 2 Die, when Stevenson, Lyle and Gellar clashed in a triple threat extreme match, dubbed The Immortalizer. Stevenson retained, marking Lyle's second failed title shot. Though, now, he was a top player in the company

Also around this time where Lyle was building credibility through October and November, he first began to appear with facepaint. Misery, was a mystery to the rest of the roster, though he went undefeated. He was a small time wrestler, seeing as how Lyle often had to appear as himself and Misery on Hangover, but his partner, Tragedy, won the BUDvision Championship. The team began appearing with a manager, Lady Andromeda, which only boosted their popularity, despite being heels. Because Misery didn't have a title, and Lyle was trying to focus more on portraying himself, Misery began to fall into the background of the team. Late October saw Tragedy and Lady Andromeda unmask as the returning Brian Juneau and Dannica. Lyle, however, chose not to unmask Misery just yet, and instead, fell off of television as Misery.

The New Generation

When Roxy returned back to power in December, she brought back a bunch of legends with her. The next few months saw several people come up out of the wood work, including a veterans stable dubbed "Gods of BUD" consisting of Jake Frost, Akasha, and Justin Black. The GoB blamed the current roster for BUD almost closing it's doors, and in response Zarek joined forces with Scott Addams, and his ex-girlfriend Christina Gellar. They called themselves The New Generation, and throughout the weeks, the old and new collided. At Ultimate War, Zarek fought against Jake Frost, both of them putting titles from their past on the line. Frost put up his ECW World Championship, and Zarek put up his Deathcore Pit Championship. The match took place inside a hell in a cell, and Zarek was named the victor. Leading up to BUDmania the following month, the tension between the six only increased, not only for each time, but it's members, as well. The six would meet in an elimination style hardcore match at BUDmania for the BUDvision title, which Christina would pin Akasha to retain. During the match Justin Black turned and superkicked his partner, Jake Frost, to eliminate him. The next week, a New Gen star, Zarek, and a GoB star, Jake Frost, met on camera and called a truce between the generations. As a symbol for peace, Zarek also handed back his ECW Championship. The six would win the BUDdy for Fued of the Year at BUD's annual award show.

Something Wicked

After the GoB/New Gen fued, Zarek disappeared from BUD television...supposedly. The BUD universe saw the return of Misery, nobody knowing Zarek was under the mask. He quickly became a fan favorite, with his crazy antics and full facepaint, even capturing the number one contendership to the Franchise Championship. In April, the Tag Team Turmoil tournament was created that saw the entire company be picked partners at random to decide the new Ultimate Tag Team Champions. Misery was paired with Gypsy a hot brunette veteran within the company. Each week the world saw them tear through every competitor, winning match after match. The BUD universe also saw a love blossom between the hot stripper and the odd man with facepaint. The duo would go on to face Drew Stevenson and Jake Frost in the finals, defeating them at Vendetta for the titles.

Zarek, as Misery, then set his sights on his arch-nemesis, Drew Stevenson, even further. He challenged Stevenson for the Franchise Championship a few weeks later, defeating him, beginning Zarek's first and only reign as Franchise Champion. However, that wasn't enough. Stevenson went on to win the Heavyweight title back from Kevin Sane at Rage & Retribution, and Misery began a title shot campaign instantly. He argued that he may have a guarenteed title shot due to winning the Chambers of War, but he shouldn't have to cash it in, because he had already beaten Stevenson. With the backing from Taylor McCallister himself, management gave in to his demands, much to the dismay of Stevenson. Drew had been avoiding a title shot situation from Misery, seeing as how Drew had lost the tag titles, and then the Franchise title to him. The two met at Beyond Redemption for the Heavyweight championship, in which Zarek, as Misery would begin his first reign as BUD Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Zarek unmasked, showing the world that he had gotten his revenge after losing to Stevenson at Krystmas Kaos. He would then hit Stevenson with the title, signaling Drew's exit from the company. Gypsy was shocked to find that her beloved Misery was actually Zarek Lyle, but after a heartfelt discussion, the two decided to continue their relationship. The pair would lean on each other into a golden age where they would become household names.

The Golden Couple

While Lyle (Misery) was making his assault on the Heavyweight title, the MOD tournament had gotten under way. Lyle won the title right in the middle of the tournament, and continued on under Misery because of rules. The controversy was that he had entered previously under his real name and taken an elimination, while moving forward as Misery. He made it all the way to the finals, where he came face-to-face with BUD legend, [[Sparrow]. Zarek was the Heavyweight Champion, in the finals of the Master of the Domain tournament, where Gypsy competed for the now vacant Franchise title. While Zarek lost the match to Sparrow, he kept ahold of his Heavyweight title, and Gypsy walked away with the title, herself. Holding two prestigious singles titles, as well as the Ultimate Tag Team titles, put targets on their back, and they fended them off at every turn. Lyle entered a program with Da Sweet Lunatic in September, a well known main event competitor across the world. The Heavyweight title had alluded her, and she wanted it from Zarek. The fued was one of tricks and laughter, as the two proved to respect one another and stay on good terms throughout the fued. However, they met at Moment of Silence for the Heavyweight title in the most brutal match of the year, Lyle walking away with his first retention. Gypsy was also able to defend her Franchise title, cementing their dominance.

Right after the match, Lyle was attacked by former friend Jimmy Stryker, who Lyle disposed of the following week. It was then that his mentor, Dante Cross made his intentions known, laying a proposition on the table. He urged Lyle to remember what Dante did for him, leave Gypsy, and hand the Heavyweight title over. Lyle refused, staying with Gypsy, and Dante brought in his buddy, Cross. The four entered into a program involving Lyle and Gypsy versus Dante and Cross, involving the Heavyweight, Franchise, and Ultimate Tag Team titles. Within the weeks leading up to the pay-per-view, Dante and Cross bested The Golden Couple at every turn, making sure they were always left unconscious by the end of the night. At Devil's Night, Lyle defended his title against Dante Cross, White Trash, Korey Karnage, and Leaky Format in a Pentagram Brawl, where Dante walked away with the title. Gypsy also lost her Franchise title to her nemesis, Kit Black. Directly after Devil's Night went off the air, Roxy put BUD on a hiatus. Gypsy and Lyle moved in together, and continued dating off-screen.

Union Worker

BUD returned to action in December, their first event being Krystmas Kaos. Dante decided not to re-sign, leaving the Heavyweight title vacant. A battle royal was placed on the card, letting anyone and everyone enter for a chance to become the new champion. Surprisingly, Lyle chose not to enter, stating that he wasn't going to succumb to the evils of upper management. Instead, Lyle went up against his all time nemesis, Drew Stevenson. It had been a whole year since the original Lyle versus Stevenson for the Heavyweight title. Lyle beat Stevenson, showing how much he had grown, but the title was placed on the winner of the battle royal, the legend, Seifer - who had made his return. After Krystmas Kaos, he began to cut promos cutting down management and one person especially, the boss, Foxy Roxy.

Roxy would fire back with words of her own, followed by the two hiring reporters and taking the fight to the media. Lyle claimed that Roxy had pushed the BUD stars down for years, forcing them into slavery for BUD management. Lyle through his backing behind dirt reporter Mikey Svarro and Roxy hired Perez Hilton. The war inside and outside BUD lead to a match between Svarro and Hilton, Svarro taking the win. It's here that Roxy and Lyle agree to a hardcore hell match, an extreme grudge match with a scaffold and light tubes. In the end, Lyle hit the Sweet Misery from the scaffold to the tables below for the pin, leaving the two unconscious. The week after, Lyle, who now had the support of the fans and the roster, challenged Seifer for the title with the briefcase he had won the year previously through the Chambers of War. BUD was on a two week schedule at this time, so the next pay-per-view, Ultimate War came fast. Lyle and Seifer battled in the annual Ultimate Warfare match, but Seifer walked away with the win.

Misery Part Duex

After the GoB/New Gen fued

International Championship Wrestling Alliance

Professional Wrestling Today

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