Zircon Jonathan Warmburn, also known as "Mr. Psycho" was born the only son of Jonathan & Geraldine Warmburn on the 1st of January 1974 in Entropy City USA. He is best known for his contributions to the wrestling business most famously with the Insane Wrestling Federation, Mace Steel’s Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation and is currently employed by Baker’s Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation.


Zircon's Parents

  • Zircon like many other children was not born into a rich family, he spend much of his childhood on the streets of Entropy City USA, when his mother (Geraldine Warmburn) first fell pregnant she was homeless it was only thanks to a charitable foundation ran and supported by Jack & Joanne Stephens that the newly wed couple were able to find a home and prepare for their child. Jonathan Warmburn has a part-time job with Stephens Industries and although the pay was small it was enough to support their family. During the mid 70's Entropy City was very much an industrial city and although it had become known as a 'Boomtown' due its high population the crime within the city was second to none nationwide. Their home suburb of Vulture's Cradle certainly no exception, it just so happened that when Geraldine went into labor the hospital was having 'security issues'. And so their son Zircon Jonathan Warmburn was born in their own home at 3:00am.


  • Zircon's parents were strict, they had to be in a neighborhood as dangerous as Vultures Cradle but they were loving and caring parents.

The Adoption of Thorton

  • Zircon Warmburn & Thorton had been friends more or less since birth, as their parents were all very close so when Thorton's parents died in a car accident Zircon's parents adopted the younger child. Thorton was 5 years old when his parents passed away, Zircon however was 8.

Teenage Years

  • Like many teenagers Zircon rebelled against his mother during his high school years, causing her a great deal of stress, when he was expelled from his high school in senior year she kicked him out of home.

Vultures Cradle & Gang Warfare

  • Zircon first became involved with gangs during his late senior high school year and as a result was expelled from the school, Zircon was involved in several small robberies and other 'pretty' crimes. It was during these years that Zircon would become involved with a man called Rick Denvor and another known only as "The Omen".

His Father Passes Away

  • Jonathan Warmburn passed away, an innocent victim of a gang shooting inside an entropy City church. To this day there is a pond in Entropy City Park dedicated to his memory due to the large amounts of community work he was responsible.


Initial Training

  • The identity of Zircon's trainer is actually unknown to this day as are many details of his training, some have suggested that his training came from the streets during his time with the Predators, others have suggested that it was part of a scholarship he received from Stephens Incorporated, only Zircon Warmburn knows for sure.

Early Wrestling Years

  • Zircon's early years in the wrestling industry were spent on the road, including with companies across the US, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom and Australia.

Australia Bound

  • Zircon made the decision to permanently move to Australia in early 1998 in an effort to escape Entropy City's gang scene once and for all. He wanted to start from a clean slate and make a new life for himself.


The Insane Wrestling Federation (1999 - 2001)

  • Zircon found his first big break within the IWF's two runs between the years 1999 & the year 2001, he got his first big attention here and this would be where he would meet his future employer Mace Steel, sadly Zircon did not find any Championship success within this company, although he did hold its Hardcore Championship but only for a matter of 30 seconds. The second shortest reign in the companies history.

Mace Steel's Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation

  • Zircon came to the Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation in search of a new start he wanted to make a name for himself but truth be told he already had quite an impressive following of loyal fans, The EHWF would become the building blocks for Zircon's career and it would be through this company that he would rise to fame. He became very close personal friends with the companies owner become one of the best European Champion's in the companies history, also Undisputed Champion at one time and was responsible for pushing some of the companies most recognizable talents.


  • The feud between Zircon & Voorhees became quite infamous during their time in Mace Steel's Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation but its a little known fact that the feud actually starting in the IWF, Voorhees was an extremely violent and unmerciful individual, Zircon took exception to him, likewise Voorhees was enraged by Zircon's good nature, the feud only intensified through the EHWF as they competed for the top spots, their Hardcore Cage Match for the EHWF European Championship became a classic. It would be 5 years later until they would finally gain respect for each other.

Early Retirement

  • Zircon's fame in the EHWF came not from championship success but from his constant good character, and so after 2 years with the EHWF and being satisfied as a two time EHWF European Champion Zircon's decided to retire from the ring and concentrate on other endeavor's, despite losing his 'retirement match' there was a grand celebration. Zircon left the ring and moved into a staff position as EHWF Chief Talent Coordinator. There have been many assumptions made as to why Zircon chose to 'retire' at the time, the fact that his mother passed away shortly before this time may have been a factor.

The 'Psych Ward'

  • Six months after his retirement Zircon felt the urge to give back to the industry that had been so good to him, it so happened that Mace Steel's EHWF was looking for some development territory at the time and so in a join venture EHWF and Zircon Warmburn created a wrestling school, opening at first in the streets of Melbourne it became known as the "Psych Ward". It was actually Mace Steel that named gave the school its name of "The Psych Ward" the intention was of course to give it a threatening name that would be remembered, much like other notorious schools of the past. the reason for the name "Psych Ward" was of course no accident, it was so that it would always be linked to Zircon. Zircon in time would buy out the full rights to the school and move it to Entropy City, USA but even many years later Mace Steel would continue to be an integral past of it especially after the closure of Mace's wrestling federation. Some professional wrestler's known to have been trained by Zircon are Thorton, Scott Fern, RJ "JVX" Hackman, Adam Jones & of course the very successful Jeremiah.


  • Jason (Jeremiah's real name) was one of many students that trained at 'The Psych Ward' whilst the company was still on the streets of Melbourne, when Zircon began to have problems with his alcohol addiction he ceased the companies operation for a short time, leaving Jason's training incomplete. It was not known at the time but Jason had a mental condition, when Jason was left without complete training he felt betrayed, this only intensified his mental problems and became one of a number of moments that led to his split personality & schizophrenia. It would not be until 2 years later that Zircon and Jason would actually meet again face to face, where Jason completed his training is unknown but in those two years he had become known as Venom and had build quite a notorious reputation through several companies including the Wrestling-Titans and the Internet Wrestling Federation. Zircon and Venom would have a fight in a wrestling company called Purely Hardcore Wrestling but it would really make much of an impact on the industry, Zircon returned to mace Steel's EHWF and Venom continued his career. Jason (aka Venom) was forced to change his in ring name due to legal reasons which is how he became known as Jeremiah. When Zircon came out of retirement and captured the EHWF Undisputed Championship Jeremiah invaded the company and cost his former mentor the Championship. Their feud has continued ever since, Jeremiah even making a return recently with a short stint with the Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation.


  • Its not clear when the problem began but at some period during his early retirement Zircon developed a bad problem with alcohol, its during this time that he began to be the center of several controversial moments, on several occasions he done some very out of character things and became somewhat a heel as a result, most of it was causing trouble for Voorhees (who had become the biggest star in the company at the time.) It wasn't until mid 2005 that the alcoholism began to come into light, he turned up for a show drunk, a show that he was actually booked to be part of. This problem is also wide believed to be one of the causes for Jeremiah hating him. He has had the problem ever since.

Retired No More

  • Now Zircon did infact have several matched while he was 'retired' but that was of no significance. Many believe that it was Jeremiah that brought Zircon out of retirement but the truth is he did not actually come out of retirement until after completing his Alcoholics anonymous courses that he returned to the ring.

Zircon Becomes Champion

  • Upon his return Zircon felt as though he had let his fans down, he knew that he had retired too early and regretted doing so, likewise the Jeremiah ordeal had left him feeling equally as guilty, within the company there was a lot of push for Zircon to get a shot at the Champion however Zircon did not feel worthy of a shot but Mace Steel insisted. So Zircon became part of a four way matchup.. Zircon vs. Alex Braun vs. James Jackson vs. Thir13en. Zircon won the match becoming #1 Contender, a championship match against the Champion (Chris Jericho) soon followed. The match earned itself its own Pay Per View Armageddon January 2005, literally it was the only match on the card, a unique matchup called the King of The World match, Zircon came out victorious in arguable the best match of his career.

The Injury & Forced Retirement

  • Zircon was in the ring doing a promo around 3 weeks after Jeremiah cost him the Championship, its believed that he had planned to challenge the new champion to a rematch but sadly it would never happen. Venom along with 5 other men flooded into the ring and what followed was one of the most brutal beat downs in the companies history. Zircon spent the next week in intensive care and another 3 weeks in hospital from that beating alone, there had been serious injury to his back which he kept to himself. The doctor had ordered Zircon not to return to the ring but Zircon his all of this information from the other staff and used his staff position to set up a match against Venom in hope to get revenge. Zircon's behavior was strange and many of his friends suspected there was something wrong, none more so than company VP Adam Hardy but Zircon insisted everything was okay. Adam found the documents and ran to the ring in attempt to get the match canceled but sadly was too late. Venom purposely attacked Zircon's back cauysing extremely had back injury, at the time it was believed that Zircon would never walk again.


The Surgery

  • Zircon's injured back was operated on in the mid-late months of 2005 in a new and experimental operation by "Doctor Ian". Thankfully the operation was a complete success and allowed Zircon to return to 100% health which is extremely rare with back injuries.

"One Night Only"

  • When Mace Steel announced a dedication show in memory of the late Adam Stevens (best known as Manslaugher, Adam Hardy & "Dr. Love" Adam Marks). Zircon was hesitant to return to the ring but in the end it was Zircon who challenged James Jackson to one match, all rules to be enforced so that they could finally bury the hatchet. They stole the show with their spectacular match in which Zircon came out the victor.

David Jax

  • Zircon was not actually looking to continue in the wrestling business when he first began his discussions with David Jax (of IWF fame), David Jax was going through some major personal issues and Zircon dedicated his time to helping him get back on his feet, through his experience with David a strong friendship grew and with their new found motivation they joined together, Zircon had been told of a company by James Jackson called undisputed Hardcore Wrestling and so the two men entered the company with high hopes.

Undisputed Hardcore Wrestling

  • So Zircon and David Jax came into the UHW together with high hopes, Zircon had been led to the company by James Jackson who had been an employee with the company for over 12 months already. The Board of Directors wanted Zircon to become heel which he agreed to it would be the first time that Zircon was to be booked as a heel officially and it certainly raised some eyebrows with his fans, Zircon settled into the role comfortably, he and David Jax forming a tag team they called "Unleashed Devastation" they were set for big things.. Due to what Zircon has come to call "backstage politics" Zircon promptly left the company, while he is still in good relations with many of the companies high profile players including members of its board his opinions on the company have been far from complimentary due to the bitter taste the company left in his mouth. It was suggested that the superstar Kill Crazy was the cause for him leaving but Zircon has never public ally agreed to this accusation.


Joining Baker's EHWF

  • Despite the controversy surrounding the UHW Zircon was determined not to let that bad experience be his last moment in the wrestling industry, he began a search for a new company where he could leave his final mark on the business that he had loved so much and continue what he was calling his "final run". When an old colleague Whiplash (known from Mace Steels EHWF) introduced him to the Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation he saw the potential instantly. He signed the contract without hesitation and began his pursuit all over. Zircon would have to start from the bottom and do the hard yards all over again, exactly the challenge he had been looking for.

Over Obsessing

  • Many things changed for Zircon when he first came to the Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation, as he began to face new challenges Zircon felt stronger urges to fight the demons of his past and to find a way to make up for his mistakes. But as he began to work harder and harder he slipped further and further into his struggle and completely lost track of what he was hoping to achieve, in his attempt to perfect his craft and use it to make up for the past he became obsessed, barely sleeping and training on an almost 24/7 basis.

Mr Psycho No More

  • When Zircon finally stopped and took a look back at the last 6 months in the company he came to the realization that not only did things have to change in his life but also in his career. He decided that it was time that he took things to a new level, he wanted to separate himself from his past, and from the previous companies he used to work for and so as a sign of moving on he made a public statement that he was dropping his "Mr. Psycho" alias.

Meeting Amy Jameson

  • Thorton and a few of his friends set Zircon up on a blind date, the intension was to help Zircon expand his life beyond the ring, help Zircon find someone to share his life with, Zircon agreed to meet with the mysterious young lady, Zircon and Amy hit it off straight away but things moved much faster than either of them had expected and it wasn't long until they found themselves in a sexual 'no strings attached' relationship. At first they both were happy with the arrangement but as time progressed they both found that they felt a lot more about each other than they were admitting but out of fear that they would be rejected for the first few months they kept their true feelings away from each other.

Thorton killed in hit and run

  • Only a day before Zircon was due to compete in the biggest match of his life his brother Thorton was killed in a hit and run accident, the death completely tire Zircon apart and as a result he has been much angrier than normal. It's caused tention's in the little remaining friendship's he has had and he assaulted an EHWF interviewer and if he doesnt get his act together he could lose the only friends he has left. One positive thing that has come out of it however is that he has finally admitted to Amy how he feels about her.

Dating Amy Jameson

  • Zircon and Amy began to officially date after the death of Thorton, despite Zircon struggling with the death of his brother the relationship has been a strong one, Amy has been helping Zircon deal with his anger and now accompanies Zircon to the ring for each of his matches.

His Friendship with Barren T. Bolt

  • During his time with Baker's EHWF Zircon had begun to become closer friends with Barren T. Bolt (BTB), sharing a mutual friend in Whiplash. It would be this friendship that led Zircon to joining the "New Revolution" stable. Barren and Zircon grew to become the closest of friends, there was a time where Zircon began to push all of his friends away after Thorton was killed but Barren helped him through that and it was not after that they they captured the Ground Zero Tag Team Championship's together.

Training Amy Jameson

  • Amy had been accompanying him to the ring as his valet for some time before being trained but as Zircon began to rise through the company it he realised that his girlfriend could become a target for those who want to harm him. Zircon organised to begin training her on her birthday but due to his obsession with the business he wanted to be sure she got the best training, he found that he could train her alone due to their personal connection and so he sought assistance in his old friends David Jax and Sara Steel. The training itself started well but was stopped after Sara Steel deliberately attempted to injure Amy.

Picking Up The Bottle Again

  • It would be two months later after Thorton's death when the police due to a absence of any leads and lack of manpower would be forced to abandoned the case and leave it unsolved. Zircon did not take the news well and as a result of David Jax's peer pressure returned to the drink. He managed to hide it for some time until his girlfriend Amy Jameson caught discovered the truth, Amy Jameson helped him through the problems but during the process hid some secrets of her own, we would not find out till many months later but whilst Zircon was drinking David Jax seduced Amy Jameson and slept with her, all of this David Jax did all with the intention of hurting Zircon.

Tag Team Championship Unification

  • As a member of the New Revolution he had been part of a rivalry against Greed and Wrath (a rival stable) for some time, as luck would have it while the company was in a split roster, he and Barren had captured one version of the Tag Team Championship (Ground Zero) and their enemies Bad Boy Benjamin & Boca Del Inferno (from GnW) had captured the FullHouse Tag Team Championship's. When the roster was amalgamated back into one single show once again there was call from the fans that the representatives from their stables should meet in a Tag Team Championship Unification Match, the match would evidently be booked for a Fullhouse show on January the 21st, 2008. Only a few weeks after Zircon had become EHWF Champion. Zircon has continued to hold his half of the EHWF World Tag Team Championship right up to the current day, when BTB left Ed Sands won the right to be the other half, Zircon student Theo Tyler later defeated Sands for the other half of the belt, they remain the Champions to this day.

The Quest for the World Championship

  • Eventually Zircon's career began to reach a point where he was being considered a serious contender for the EHWF World Championship, after capturing the Ground Zero Tag Team Championship's and then following up a few weeks later to capture his first singles gold in the company, defeating Mogul for the International Championship. Zircon was given the opportunity to get a shot at the title, the already double champion faced off against his long term rival James Jackson for a place in Doomsday's Main Event, The WEB. Zircon was victorious in a fantastic fight that unfortunately left James Jackson injured. Despite the disappointing injury of his rival James Jackson Zircon continued on to the WEB where he won to become EHWF World Champion, his Championship reign however was cut short when Tuffy pinned Bad Boy Banjamin in a triple threat match at the following Pay Per View, Zircon chose not to invoke his rematch clause immediately when an opportunity presented itself that he could not ignore.

Mark Shaw

  • When "The Icon" Mark Shaw signed a contract with the Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation it didnt take long until people began to ask when he would have the chance to face Zircon Warmburn. Mark Shaw was undefeated when Zircon lost the World Championship to Tuffy and Mark Shaw saw it as his opportunity to force himself into the Main Event scene at Zircon Warmburn's expense. Shaw had been vocal about wanting to face Zircon for sometime and was convinced that Zircon had ignored him and saw him as threat. Mark Shaw made it his personal mission to discredit the former world champ. Mark Shaw vandalised Zircon's personal gym and trophy rooms and attacked Amy Jameson on two separate occasions. When the two met for the first time Mark Shaw deliberately cheated to win robbing Zircon of his EHWF IN Championship, it would oinly be a few weeks later when they met for the second time, a great deal was done to build up the pay per view match where the winner would gain Contendership for the World Title, Zircon walked away the victor on this occasion. Many fans are waiting to see if the two will meet again, keen to watch another classic match.


The real reason

  • For months The 13th had been putting up with OOC insults from certain people. Finally he'd had enough and chose to defend himself, after board administration failed to uphold their own rules or discipline the guilty parties actions The 13th chose to leave the company offended at how he had been treated and equally how it was handled. He chose to vacate the Heavyweight Championship, never having lost it and retired his character. Usually getting along with all people The 13th was greatly disappointed with how things were left but refused to return whilst the guilty party was allowed to continue with his attitude without discipline

The In-Character Explanation

  • Zircon needed to sort his life out, he was losing his passion for he business, he saw his relationship with his Girlfriend as more important and so chose to give up the business for her, he proposed only a few months after retirement.


Finishing Moves

  • The Wulf (The Jackhammer).
  • The Psych-Out (Two Handed Sit-out Chokeslam).

Trademark Moves

  • Vulture’s Cradle (Knee driven into lower back while has opponent locked into dragon sleeper.)
  • The Assassin's Crank (Pull right up up, left arm wrapped under the arm forcing the elbow into the back of the neck. In Eskrima this move is known as "Baliog Pomali")
  • Three Hit Assassination (COMBINATION: Brainbuster followed by Reverse Suplex follwed by Chokeslam)
  • Spinning Backdrop.
  • Tilt-O-Whirl Driver
  • Gorilla Press ¾ Neckbreaker
  • Half Nelson Suplex
  • Thrust Spinebuster
  • Clinching Slam
  • Bicycle Kick.
  • Spinebuster
  • Gorilla Press Slam

Signature Moves

  • Death Valley Driver
  • Half nelson Suplex
  • Jumping Knee Attack
  • Kitchen Sink (Charging knee to midsection)
  • Charging Knee Attack
  • Crescent Kick
  • Armbar (of all kinds)

Championship History

  • XWWF Intercontinental Champion
  • IWF Hardcore Champion (IWF 1999 - 2001)
  • EHWF Tag Team Champion with Brett Hardy (Mace Steel's EHWF)
  • EHWF European Champion x2 (Mace Steel's EHWF)
  • EHWF Undisputed Champion (Mace Steel's EHWF)
  • *Current* EHWF World Tag Team Champion with Barren T. Bolt/Ed Sands/Theo Tyler (EHWF)
  • EHWF International Champion (EHWF)
  • *Current* EHWF World Champion (EHWF) x2

Student Achievements

  • EHWF Hardcore Championship (Thorton)
  • EHWF Hardcore Championship (Scott Fern)
  • EHWF Cruiserweight Championship (Scott Fern)
  • UWF World Championship (Adam Jones)
  • IWF Tag Team Championship (Jeremiah w/ Mark Shaw)
  • PHW Tag Team Championship (Jeremiah w/ David Jax)
  • PHW World Championship (Jeremiah)
  • IWF Internet Championship (Jeremiah)
  • WTFL World Champion (Jeremiah)
  • IWF Heavyweight Champion (Theo Tyler)
  • EHWF World Tag Team Champion (Theo Tyler w/ Zircon Warmburn)
Wrestler Statistics
Alias: Mr. Psycho
Born January 1st, 1974
Trainer: James Keight & Self
Years Active 1999 - Present
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 370lbs
Hometown Entropy City, USA
Alighment Face
Build Heavyweight
Poser (Picture) Booker T
Current Music "Playing To Win" by John Farnham
Valet Amy Warmburn (Wife)
Relationship Status Married to Amy
Previous Music "Psycho Circus" by KISS, "Psyched" by The 13th, "Uprockin Beats" by Bomfunk MC, "Larger Than Life" by The Backstreet Boys
Major E-fed's Insane Wrestling Federation (1999-2001), Mace Steel's Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation, Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation
Known Students Jeremiah, Scott Fern, Theo Tyler

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