Location Florida
Current Fed SCORE
Previous Feds TWF, IWA, and DCW to name a few
Debut Summer of 1997


~AD~ is an American e-fed handler. He was introduced to the "sport" in 1997 and has been playing on and off for the past 10 years. He is best known for his character "The Iceman" Dylan Jones in the TWF, but has created various other wrestlers during his e-fed career.

The Beginning: Simulated Feds

My love affair with e-fed wrestling began back in the summer of 1997. I was in a sports chat room when one of my "friends" in the room began explaining the whole concept of e-fedding to me. I was intrigued so I checked out the site, got the basic premise of the game, and signed up.

The fed (whose name escapes me now) was based off wrestling simulator softward that you could download. You entered in the characters height, weight, style, moves, etc. and pitted them against other simulated fighters. After messing around with the software a bit, I sent my "wrestler" to the president of the federation via email and was in the league. We roleplayed against each other and created storylines, but the outcome of the matches were determined strictly on the computer results. It didn't matter whether your RP was good, bad, or mediocre...hell, you didn't even have to RP and you still had a chance to win. While I enjoyed creating my first character (who was named after me), I didn't particularly like the fact that I was losing to people whose writing, in my opinion, was inferior to mine. So one day in between classes at college I set out on a mission to look for an e-fed where the quality of your RP's was a factor in determining the outcome of the match.

Needless to say, I didn't have a difficult time finding numerous e-fed's back then. I looked at quite a few but settled on one...the Tennessee Wrestling Federation


I chose the TWF as my debut federation for several different reasons. First was the bright orange background of the webpage that immediately grabbed your attention. The website was simplistic, nothing to brag about, but all of the links on the page worked, which was more than I could say about a lot of the more "sophisticated" e-fed websites I saw.

The second thing that attracted me was the size of the federation, both it's roster and it's scope. There weren't 30 or 40 guys, just 15 or so dedicated handlers who were there for a good time. I also found the whole gimmick of the federation itself to be both original and charming. The TWF didn't claim to be the biggest or best wrestling promotion out fact, it was quite the opposite! Events were held in high school gyms and small city civic centers. Venues were located in places like Murfreesboro, Crossville, Hendersonville, and Union City. One big show a month might be held in Nashville or Tunica, Mississippi. The "owner" of the fed was always looking for ways to cut the budget and trying to keep the federation afloat...which added another fun element to play around with when RPing. There was no "World Title," this was a "regional" fed. I figured there was no better place for a newbie to start out than the TWF...

Another added bonus of the TWF was it's "PG-13 Rating" the owner insisted on. He wanted the fed to be family friendly, so cursing was not tolerated. I enjoyed this, because most of the RP's being written at that time (and perhaps even now) were littered with F-bombs and the like. Don't get me wrong, I use those words in my everyday speech, but the use of profanity was definietly overused. RPing here required a little more wit and creativity than calling someone an SOB...and I liked that.

I had decided on the fed, but now it was time to choose what character to use. I was tired of using a character named after myself, and I was also tired of seeing heel after heel after heel in the e-fed world. Where were all the face characters? They didn't least not that I saw. So I decided that would be my "edge," I would be the good guy, the humble guy who works hard, someone like Dean Malenko...not very flashy, but the guy knew his stuff. In March of 1998, I created "The Iceman" Dylan Jones, made him a Cruiserweight, and set out with the goal to win the TWF Cruiserweight title.

Now the TWF was set up the way an e-fed should be set up. Once you got in, you faced a couple of jobbers the first couple of weeks; characters created by the President so you could get your feet under you and introduce yourself to the federation without getting embarrassed. Once that was done, you had the opportunity to challenge other members on the "Challenge Board."

I started off strong, winning a lot of my matches early on (my first 10-15). These wins were much more satisfying that the wins I experienced in the simulated felt like I actually accomplished something. I thought a title shot would be coming soon, but this fed was different. You actually had to WORK and EARN your title shots...kind of like in professional wrestling. You could complain or insult the champ or pull whatever else you wanted, but it didn't matter. You weren't getting a shot at the title your first month in the fed. Personally, I liked that.

I finally got my chance at the Cruiserweight took me three tries, drawing twice before I finally took the title home.

The Sublime School of Wrestling

The Sublime School of Wrestling (SSOW) was my own little shrine to my e-fed characters. There you could find all the bios, records, title history, etc. of all my characters. Sadly, it was an page and has since been basically deleted. But here is a list of the e-fed characters I created over the years, for better or worse (mostly worse):

"The Iceman" Dylan Jones
Dante "The Inferno" Jones
~Elegant~ Emerson Philips
Mr. Bill Collector
Jerry "The Human Highlight" Henson
John "The God" Springer
Joseph Brasco
Donnie Pistone
"The Swedish Sensation" Sven Samuleson
Steven ~Sky~ Walker
Ass Man

Titles Won

Below you'll find a list of all the titles I've won during my e-fed career, sorted by wrestler. Anything past the first four characters are simmed-fed titles.

"The Iceman" Dylan Jones

Three-time TWF American Cruiserweight Champion
Two-time TWF Tennessee Heavyweight Championship
TWF Six Man Tag Team Championship
TWF Brass Knuckles Championship
TWF Television Championship
Three-time TWF World Heavyweight Champion
PWA World Cruiserweight Championship
PWA World Television Championship
CWA Atlantic Extreme Television Championship
CWA World Heavweight Championship

Dante "The Infero" Jones

TWF American TV Championship
TWF American Heavyweight Championship
TWF Six Man Tag Team Championship

~Elegant~ Emerson Philips

IWA Inter-Continental Tag Team Championship
IWA Internet Championship
IWF World Heavyweight Championship
TWF World Tag Team Championship

Mr. Bill Collector

TCW Toughman Championship
FOWWW World Television Championship
Two-time FOWWW Hardcore Champion


HCW World Cruiserweight Championship


EHW World Heavyweight Championship


BAW World Tag Team Championship
BAW Toughman Championship


BAW World Tag Team Championship


BAW World Heavyweight Championship

Jerry "The Human Highlight" Henson

Shane Robertsons Fed World Heavyweight Championship


Shane Robertsons Fed World Cruiserweight Championship

Joseph Brasco

UWAW World Heavyweight Championship

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